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Captured Innocence

Novel By: Cherie Arlavine

Invited by the head master of a school Delilah thought she would only be lucky to get into, she soon realizes that the school isn't so lucky. In fact, she's sure she's walked straight into hell.
Students are treated like slaves by other students. Treated like dogs. And her welcome is not one she would have ever expected.
Delilah soon finds herself struggling to get out of a place she had so easily walked right into. Even after calling the police, she finds there is little hope of ever leaving.
And her worst fear is not only that she'll be enslaved and treated like a dog for the rest of her life, but that she may not have much of her life left.
The only thing she knows is that Shane Jacobs is to blame. View table of contents...


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Delilah had never been so jealous in her life. She'd never thought of Shane changing anyone else, being bonded to another person besides herself. Larson Temple was the only one who was still alive, of those who Shane had changed.

"Larson is a good man, a brilliant fighter. He's going to help us." Shane explained.

Delilah glanced at the tall man across the room. He had dark brown hair with a red tint, and was grinning at her scowl. Since they were both bonded to Shane, Delilah could feel what he was thinking, and it was pissing her off.

Not only was he boasting that he was Shane's favorite, he was also thinking about how much he would like to get Delilah into bed. Shane shot him a look. "You might want to control your thoughts about my wife, Larson." he warned, though his tone was playful too.

Larson grinned. "Can't help it Shane. She's so damn beautiful."

"Go to hell." Delilah hissed.

Shane sighed, then kneeled down in front of her where she sat on Larson's bed. "Delilah darling, you will just have to accept that Larson is like a son to me. That does, however, make you his new mother doesn't it?" he teased.

Delilah looked away. "I wouldn't have married you if I'd known I had to adopt a stepson like him." she mumbled.

Shane laughed then kissed her. "Larson is a good man. We need his help."

"Damn Clara." Delilah sighed. "This is her fault."

Larson was thinking about moving closer to look down Delilah's shirt, and she gritted her teeth and gave him a look that should have blasted him to pieces. He smirked at her.

"Maybe I should ground you." she snapped.

"That sounds hot." he replied, a half grin on his face.

"You skinny prick." she hissed.

"Delilah." Shane warned.

She crossed her arms. "But he-"

"Now is not the time to be rude. This is urgent, Delilah. We're in a crises. You are going to have to be an adult now."

"Now c'mon Shane. Teenagers are just stubborn. Maybe we should spank her." Larson suggested.

Delilah growled at him. Then she was a little stunned that she could. She huffed out a breath and looked at Shane, her thoughts beginning to wonder, and wishing they hadn't been interrupted by Clara. At least Clara wasn't in their way anymore.

Larson began laughing, obviously seeing what she was thinking. She ignored him and huffed out a breath. They could only read each other's minds within a certain area. She couldn't wait to get away from him. She thought about the bonding between her and Shane.

Had Shane and Larson-

"No!" They both yelled aloud.

Delilah jumped. "Sorry." she muttered. "It's just that Shane said-"

"He is like a son to me Delilah, not anywhere near a lover." Shane said quickly.

Larson shuddered. "Don't ever think that again around me." he looked a little pale.

She bit her lip and looked away. Even in this life there were homophobes. She personally didn't have a problem, of course she could definitely see where Shane was coming from. For a very long time that kind of thing wasn't allowed.

Or maybe he just didn't like men that way. That was fine with her. She already hated that he had slept with other women. If there were men in there somewhere, she didn't want to know. It would just make her more jealous.

"We have to continue on." Shane breathed, walking over to Delilah and pulling her up. He titled up her chin and kissed her deeply. Delilah forgot that they weren't alone, and hugged onto him. She wove her fingers through her hair, and Shane had to pull her away. "Not now, Love." he whispered, sounding like he was talking to himself more than her. "We are going to Harold's next."

They disappeared and reappeared in a new home. Delilah wasn't as dizzy as the last two times. Shane was suddenly pulling her behind him, backing away, and Larson was focusing on two people in front of them. She looked into Shane's mind.

One was Harold, and the other was Alexander.

Alexander faced them, his eyes on fire. "You bastard." he breathed. "I'll kill you both." His accent was Jamaican, even though he was definitely Italian. Quite the contradiction.

"She nearly killed me and my Delilah. I would not have killed her if it had only been myself. I had to protect her Alexander. She is my life."

"And Clara was mine!" he growled. "You should have come to me instead of killing her."

"You do not think I tried! Even through our bond I could not find you-"

"Bond?" Delilah questioned. "There's some freaky circle going on here isn't there?"

Alexander's eyes met hers. "She was your mother. Could you not have stopped him?"


"She was afraid." Shane explained. "For her life. I just got her Alexander. I was not about to lose her. Perhaps you should have had Clara under your control."

Alexander growled at that. "She disappeared-"

"She said she was going to Charles. She said she wanted to be with him, and she wanted me to complete their family." Delilah said quickly.

Alexander's face fell. "Charles?" he whispered. "She went back to him? Is that true Shane?"

"Not entirely."

Delilah sighed. Couldn't he have lied?

"She went back to him, to tell him to stay away from Delilah. She said she planned on killing Charles, then taking my Delilah back to live with you. She appeared, and I do not know if she knew the blow she was going to make would have killed us both. From the anger in her eyes I assumed she did know. She was angry because Delilah refused to go back with her."

Alexander gave Delilah a look. "I do not like liars-"

"She is scared, Alexander. She is only days old. She does not know how we work."

He nodded. "Clara was my-"

"Clara was a manipulator. She was not your innocence, trust me Alexander. I have thought other women were, because I was desperate, but you would have realized soon enough that she was not."

"Nevertheless, I loved her." he breathed.

Shane nodded. "I know. I am sorry."

Delilah turned around when she heard the air whirl behind them. "Charles!" she growled, and ran at him. Charles, and two men that he was with, stood, ready to fight her.

Shane soon had her arm and was pulling her back. She struggled to get free. "Let me fight him!" she hissed.

As soon as they appeared, they vanished, and Delilah began to swore. "That damn son of a-"

"That's enough Delilah!" Shane snapped, his grip now vice like.

She jerked away when it finally loosened. "I could have taken him!" she argued.

Alexander observed them, mainly Delilah and her anger. "It seems you got the worse end of the deal with that one." he commented.

Shane chuckled as Delilah shot both him and Alexander a hard look. "Perhaps." he murmured.

"Have you seen how good she is in bed?" Larson commented.

Delilah lunged for him, and Shane managed to grab her while she was in the air. She was slammed to the ground, but it didn't hurt like it would have when she was human. There was some pain, but it was bearable. Shane straddled her and pinned her arms down. "Delilah!" he growled. "Control your temper!"

"Teenagers." Alexander muttered. "She can't be over eighteen."

"Are you going to calm down?" Shane asked her.

Delilah looked away in defiance. Shane huffed out a breath and jerked her to her feet. "I think she needs a nap." he snapped.

Delilah's face went nearly red.

"There's a room that way." Harold said, finally speaking, his expression was amused. Shane pulled Delilah away from the men, down the hallway. Larson was laughing the loudest.

Shane pulled Delilah into the room, slamming the door behind him. "Do you think I enjoy having to control my wife as if she were a child?" Shane snapped in a hushed tone.

Delilah turned to walk away from him, but Shane was suddenly in front of her, and pushing her against a wall. His lips met hers, and Delilah was soon channeling her anger into their kiss, taking him in hungrily. She dug her fingers into the fabric of his shirt, then was ripping it from his shoulders.

Shane pressed her harder against the wall, pulling her legs around his waist.

Delilah spent the next hour working out her frustrations on Shane Jacobs.


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