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Captured Innocence

Novel By: Cherie Arlavine

Invited by the head master of a school Delilah thought she would only be lucky to get into, she soon realizes that the school isn't so lucky. In fact, she's sure she's walked straight into hell.
Students are treated like slaves by other students. Treated like dogs. And her welcome is not one she would have ever expected.
Delilah soon finds herself struggling to get out of a place she had so easily walked right into. Even after calling the police, she finds there is little hope of ever leaving.
And her worst fear is not only that she'll be enslaved and treated like a dog for the rest of her life, but that she may not have much of her life left.
The only thing she knows is that Shane Jacobs is to blame. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 5, 2011    Reads: 161    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

Delilah lay in Shane's arms, her head resting on his shoulder. "Isn't this rude?" she murmured. "Walking into another room and having sex in someone else's home?"

Shane chuckled. "They understand." he replied. "Delilah, I have been alive for a long time and I have learned to lie with my thoughts, but you should know, Larson isn't the only one I have changed that is still alive."

She sighed. "How many others are there?"

"Two. They are both coming to join us. I thought Charles would not be a threat, but he is collecting people also. He is building his own army. Clara was his innocence, I can only understand. He is going to hurt you though. He has to die."

She snorted. "Fine by me."

"There will be a war." he whispered.

"What about Alexander?" Delilah breathed.

"He knows what I told him is true, that Clara manipulated him. I am his creation, by far his oldest. It would hurt him even more to destroy me or you. He's been waiting for my innocence to come along, much longer than I have."

"So you're like a son to him, like Larson is to you. Who else is coming?"

"Ty will be here soon. You know his wife, Janie. She will be with him."

"Is she-"

"Yes." he whispered. "We need to get dressed."

"We tore up our clothes." she said, then yawned. "I'm too tired to get up anyway."

"I brought some extra clothes. I can't leave you alone Delilah. I doubt Charles will come back here but I can't take that chance. You have to get up, Darling."

She sighed, then sat up. "Fine. As if being in Larson's head wasn't bad enough." she muttered. "At least Ty has a wife."

Shane chuckled and tossed her some clothes from a bag. "You will get used to it."

He pulled Delilah from the room after she was dressed. She glared at Larson as they entered the room all of then men were in.

Larson was smirking. "Don't be mad at me because Shane punished you." he said, teasing.

Delilah cocked an eyebrow. "If that was punishment I'm going to get into trouble more often." she muttered.

Shane sighed. "Thank you Larson for giving her that idea. She'll be dead in no time now."

Delilah frowned as Ty and Janie appeared. Ty was smiling, but Janie had the same look she had the last time she saw her. Despite the fact that she wasn't human anymore.

"Ty, Janie." Shane said, and met Ty with a hug. Delilah was now inside three minds, not including her own. Shane silenced his own for her, and she breathed in relief. Larson was checking out Janie, by habit it seemed. Ty gave him a smirk. He seemed proud that other men found his wife attractive. There was protectiveness edging around the thought though. Delilah held her temples, blinking hard. She was trying to sort out her thoughts from Ty's and Larson's, and it was giving her headache.

Shane caught Delilah as she stumbled from the confusion and stress. Ty was immediately assuring Janie that Shane hadn't done anything to her. Looked like Janie hadn't changed much. Delilah found she was partly in Janie's mind since Ty was in Janie's mind. It just made it worse.

"Alexander," Shane breathed.

He nodded, then scooped up Delilah and took her into another room. He closed the door and everything went silent. She sighed in relief. "Thank you." she moaned.

Alexander set her down gently on the bed. "You're tired, it hardly helps trying to be in different minds when you areonly days old."

"Don't have to tell me." she muttered.

"So you are the one Shane chose." he said, looking her over as if he didn't get it. "You're hardly his type. In that case you must be his innocence. He has more of a connection with you than I did with Clara."

"Shane once said that I would never fully understand why he has to have me. I thought after we were bonded I would, but he controls his thoughts so well-"

"He's had a lot of time to practice."

Delilah looked closely at Alexander. "He also said he's spent his life searching for someone who could have been the beginning of your...our kind. Are you as obsessed as he is?"

"I was once." he replied, lying down next to her. "I searched for over a hundred years in a row for a solution. I believe I was two hundred thirty-six when I found Shane and changed him. I stopped searching as much then."

"Why Shane?" Delilah asked. "What made you want to change him?"

"He was already half way there. I impregnated a woman. Shane is my son."

"He never said-"

"I cannot imagine he would. Shane does not view family as blood, but as commitment and trust. He views me as a father through love and friendship, not because I impregnated his mother."

Delilah was thoughtful. "I was adopted. I don't know who my father is. My real father. Clara-" she regretted saying her name. "I'm sorry. It's too soon."

"His name is Marcus Darien. Clara met him when she was barely seventeen. They became intrigued with forbidden love. You see, Clara was from a poor home and your biological father was a rich heir. He runs the business today. When your mother told him she was pregnant he refused to believe it and left her. It was a very human, heart breaking story."

"So my biological father is a rich bastard. Great. I guess I'm glad I don't know him. How do you know this stuff anyway?"

"You're the daughter of the woman I loved. I made it my business to know about you, until Clara asked that I left the matter alone." He sighed. "You need to sleep, Delilah. You're exhausted."

"Are you going to help with the war?" she asked.

"I cannot leave knowing you or Shane could be hurt. We will talk about this when you awake again." He kissed her hair then stroked it from her face. "I will make sure you are looked after while you sleep."

"Just make sure my stepson Larson isn't the one who looks after me." she muttered as her eyes closed.

He chuckled. "Alright."

Janie Tavak was stronger, faster, better. She felt like she could save the world. Ty was suddenly next to her, his hand on her arm. "Janie, we need to go. Shane needs us."

Janie scowled. "Delilah said she never wanted to see me again. She said she would kill me-"

"Delilah was trying to protect you Janie. She didn't know that Shane wouldn't kill you."

She sighed. "I suppose. So is she really one of us now?"

"Yes. I've heard she's still temperamental though." he smirked. "We really have to go. Did you talk to the Chief?"

She nodded. "Yes, he thinks I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks. I think though, that everyone knows I'm not…human."

"Is that a bad thing?" he murmured.

She shrugged. "I'm not sure. I've been bringing in a lot more criminals, been doing a lot better. But they're all giving me this look. I just…I don't know. I thought they would be happy. I'm still me, aren't I?"

Ty kissed her. "You're still my Janie. They'll get used to it. They'll realize it's for the better."

"I still don't like Shane Jacobs."

Ty grinned. "You have to learn to like someone like Shane Jacobs."



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