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Captured Innocence

Novel By: Cherie Arlavine

Invited by the head master of a school Delilah thought she would only be lucky to get into, she soon realizes that the school isn't so lucky. In fact, she's sure she's walked straight into hell.
Students are treated like slaves by other students. Treated like dogs. And her welcome is not one she would have ever expected.
Delilah soon finds herself struggling to get out of a place she had so easily walked right into. Even after calling the police, she finds there is little hope of ever leaving.
And her worst fear is not only that she'll be enslaved and treated like a dog for the rest of her life, but that she may not have much of her life left.
The only thing she knows is that Shane Jacobs is to blame. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 8, 2011    Reads: 195    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

Okay, just to keep everything straight, I made this to help you guys out:

Alexander is Shane's Biological Father and Shane was born half "creature". His mother was human. Alexander then turned Shane completely "creature".

Shane changed Ty first, then Baker, then Larson, and lastly Delilah. Though keep in mind, these are only the ones who are still alive. Delilah was married to Shane after being changed.

Ty was married to Janie, then was changed by him some years later (or recently to us). Janie is a Detective and is part of the force that often fines Shane's school.

Clara was seventeen when she fell in love with a rich boy named Marcus. At the time, both were human. Clara became pregnant with Delilah, and after she told Marcus he left her. Clara gave up Delilah to be adopted, and Delilah was by two very caring people, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. Clara was found by Charles some years later, and was his innocence. Charles changed Clara. Clara turned manipulative, and left Charles for Alexander. Alexander believed Clara loved him, but never made a bond.

Clara then returned to collect her daughter, planning to kill Charles. By then Delilah was in the process of being changed.

Delilah was married to Shane Jacobs the next day.

Clara tried to kill Shane (and possibly Delilah too) so Shane retaliated and killed Clara.

Though Alexander loved her, he loved his son more, he is now with Shane.

Charles is heartbroken, even more than when Clara left him, and has declared war. Now Shane's side and Charles' side are both gathering as many people as they can to join them, and there is a war waiting to be fought.

Harold has been killed, and Marcus (who has now been changed, but we do not know by who yet) has joined Charles. Marcus has become known as an asset and Shane is fighting to get them to join their side.

I believe you know the details, this is just to clear things up to this point in the story, or maybe confuse you even more. I hope it helps though. Thanks to all of my readers for their encouragement. I really appreciate the comments. THANK YOU AND I LUVS YOU ALL!!!



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