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Rising of Havandor

Novel By: Christian Orellana

The very beginning of a thrilling adventure for a young man who is yet to discover his own self. With absolutely no idea how he ended up in such a desolate land, he encounters many obstacles to figure out his true purpose. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 10, 2013    Reads: 41    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   



I woke up in a sudden shock. My head was thumping in pain. All I could see was black. Just black. My ears were ringing and my arms and legs were tightly held together, resisting me from movement. The beating of my heart raced faster than wild horses, the vibrations my body was conceiving is dramatically the most uneven feeling and the scent I endured strongly seems likes it's of washed up limestone with a hint of a fish-like odor. As I begin to regain more and more consciousness it becomes evident that I am floating on water, on a platform, something like a boat. Swerving from side to side, I can now hear the flow and crashing of the waves, which is getting louder and closer. Panic is slowly creeping up against my spine, becoming fully awake and aware now, I just can't seem to recall a single thing about how, why or where I am. Struggling and thriving to set myself free, I throw one last blow with my shoulder at full force to the right and I hit what seems like thumping a hollowed wall, sending me straight down into a motion of several spins. I fall at least 10 feet off an edge and land flat on my face, which is now evident I am in an enclosed chest. My nose has taken huge impact and blood starts gushing down to my chest and into my mouth unanimously. Nothing can go wrong, nothing can get worse since it'll be better to die than to live through my current situation, which does get worse in fact, because now the ice cold water I crash in is beginning to slowly slip through this enclosed object and faster each second passes by, immediately sending my body into shock and severe panic attacks.

Nothing is helping me right now; breathing is becoming even more limitless as half my body is under water and aching to escape. My energy is completely drained from trying to loose my tied hands and my mind has long ago accepted the fact of defeat and death to soon come upon me. The salty cold water of the ocean has already over taken my body as I manage to lay on my back with my nose pointing straight up high towards the skies, forcefully swallowing mouthfuls of water. Bursting from within my stomach, I give out one final call before the water has restricted my vocals but it's not a normal call I give out, it's more like the summoning roar of a thousand lions coming out of one human mouth, with such intensity the beastly cry feels like surely someone will hear it. Creeping up on me, I'm getting the frightening feeling that it's too late. My eyes swiftly, due to the stinging of salt water, close and I see myself falling in a deeper and darker state of mind and it feels so good. If this was the feeling of death creeping up on to me, I don't have a problem, I was hopeless and certainly my struggles have vanished. It is like my weak mind is fighting with my fit physical body as two separate entities and my body is winning the battle bound to heaven or hell...


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