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Princessa controls the moon??????

Novel By: coolbadgirl

Princessa is 13 and she is arranged to marry Blake who is 18. She has a crush but on who, she has to be a princess when she only wants to be normal. The hunter keeps stalking her, he knows a secret that she doesn't.
Will she find out?
What is the secret?
Who else knows?
Will she get the guy she loves?

Princessa – 13, main girl
Samantha – 18, older sister
Tristan – 18, older brother
Blake – 18, arranged prince
Damien – 15
Nate – 17 View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 7, 2010    Reads: 234    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

It was such a beautiful sight. The moon was up and it was a full moon. I could see it really close. It was my only and last chance of freedom. I am arranged to marry a prince who is 5 years older than me. My parents chose Blake an 18 year old to marry me their youngest daughter at age 13. I have 1 older brother and 1 older sister. Samantha is 18 and so is Tristan. I am the youngest of the family; I don't like it, because I get all the attention from the media. "Princessa, come in darling. Blake is here, waiting for you" That was my mother. She acts like she is the queen of the world, oh wait, she is. She is the Queen and my father is the King. My brother is the Prince and my sister is the Princess, but I do not have a title till I turn 16. I am just a young royal getting married at age 13.
"Princessa, my baby girl, come inside. Your brother and sister want to see you" My father. How come everyone wanted to see me? I was nothing special, I was just a royal without a title. I walked to the palace with poise, my head held high, like a true princess. "Heya, lil sis, you excited about getting married to such a hottie like Blake." My sister didn't actually know how I truly felt about Blake. He was a hottie I have to admit that, but he was a boy who wanted more than just a woman. I have seen many boys like him, wanting a woman who will listen to everything he says, be there when she is asked for. A girl who doesn't have a personality to show. Well I am not that girl, I have a personality and I show it with pride. I love to dance, sing and act. I am always dancing around my room except now that I am expected to marry I am no longer allowed to do what I want, dress how I want, and act how I want. I must do what I am told, dress like a princess and act like a princess. I am not a princess, can't anyone see that.
"Baby, you look so beautiful and grown up, I can't wait to marry you!" Blake was such an idiot. My brother didn't look too pleased about the whole arranged marriage at my age. He was always over protective when it came to me. "I see you with her, the feeling of rejection" I had started to sing, I could see Damien laughing with his girlfriend. Damien is only 2 years older than me and I love him. He isn't just a little girls crush to me, he is a man who I love and want to be with forever. I felt a sting in my cheek; Blake had slapped me for singing. "You are not to sing, I do not like you singing." I could tell my siblings were angry that he had hit me but I was his for now.
"I would advise you not to slap Princessa, you may be her fiancé but she is not married to you yet, she is a royal, no-one can lay a hand on her without her consent" Damien had once again come to my rescue. Blake didn't look shocked, he looked offended. Damien bows to my sister and brother. He takes me hand and kisses my knuckles. He strides back over to his girlfriend. He laughs with her and walks hand in hand out into the garden. I dash out the room not showing my tears. I slam my door shut and secure the locks. I pressed play on my laptop, Undeclared love melody starts to play.
"Every day I see you through my eyes,
my heart is beating in time,
with your strides,
the way you are to me,
makes me melt.
The feeling of rejection,
I see you with her,
the pain in my heart.
Can't you see it,
everyone else can,
and they see I love you so."
My singing was tuning out reality. Reality, days which I wish were only dreams. My mind snapped back to reality. My glass in my balcony door just broke. A pebble had been thrown in, I crawled over to the doors. Nate, the hunter. Nate is only 17 and he is hunting all the royal families, I am the royal member he wants to hunt the most. I don't know why but I guess soon enough I will find out. I saw a note on the pebble. 'Come down, use your powers and fight me' What powers? What does Nate mean?


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