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Hidden in the Darkness

Novel By: Coralie

Hidden in the Darkness, people like me survive. We kill. We hunt. We torture. But you don't see us until it's too late for you. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 9, 2011    Reads: 136    Comments: 5    Likes: 4   

Hidden in the Darkenss, people like me survive. We kill. We hunt. We torture. But you don't see us until it's too late for you.

My foot presses down on the gas pedal. The engine revs, and the tires squeal, but I waste no time.

I zip down the empty road. Dust is flying behind me. The bright orange flames reflect in my rear-view mirror. They destroy what's left of the house, of the evidence. A smirk forms on my face. Once a pyro, always a pyro, in my case. But oh, does handling fire come in handy. Especially in my case.

I roll down the windows and let the wind fly through my hair. By now, even if the cops find the scene already, they'd never be able to catch me. And if they did, they would die. No doubts about it. I have no use for them, no need to keep them alive. They mean nothing to me. All humans do.

We're sworn enemies, by nature, and that's how it will always be. People like me, if that's what we are, are everything humans despise. Humans persecute us. They torture us, starve us, and watch us like animals. They say we deserve to die. That we go against everything that's right.

All in all, we go against the Bible. We are considered Satan's slaves.

Fallen angels.

Anymore, though, there's nothing angelic about us. They drove that out of us long ago, before we resorted to violence. When we were still open for peace and treaties. But the humans swore we'd gone against God and were here to kill them all or make them worship Satan. We were never affiliated with him.

People like me have nothing to do with religion. We have no gods, no heaven or hell, and no devil. We don't worship anyhing, though we partake in magic. Dark and Light magic. But here on Earth, there is nothing but Dark. It was never intended to come out like this, but this was how the humans made it. Now we have turned against our own people. Our people were good, and did everything we could to protect nature. Now we destroy it. We destroy everything.

It's a war that they made.

And now, we must carry it out.


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