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ANCIENT LETTERS: The Golden Pelican- Chapter One

Novel By: CritsonTies

Madison connects through her great-grandmother's cherished letters. Enjoy! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 17, 2008    Reads: 79    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

Madison sobbed. The "Big Boy Bullies" was doing their job. Although she was only six at the time, she still memorized the scene. It exactly went like this:

Madison was struggling to carry her most heavy books, when one of the bullies called out.

"Oh, poor Madison! She can't even carry a one ounce book! She's so little-at least that's what everybody thought, you brat!"

Madison stopped and balled her hands in a tight fist. She burned red and just to not get into any of their business, she ran. Sure her books were heavy but she managed. Anything to get away from the big boys, as she thought.

"Oh, Madison is running home-crying to your mommy eh?", a big boy called Dane called.

Madison imagined so hard that Calvin, her only friend, was there. Madison and Calvin were friends since kindergarten. Madison pushed it out of her thoughts. Tears started to form and every time she ran just a bit faster, the tears would trail behind. She finally got to her house. And yes, she did cry to her mommy.

adison sat on the doorstep of her soon-to-be old house. She loved this house. They were moving away all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah. Far, far away from the Big Boy Bullies. She sighed. Oh yes, she smelled city before but this old house made her feel cozy then ever. Madison was in sixth grade so she was sure she would be teased.

"Maddi! Pack your bags! Your dad's waiting to try out that new car!", Josie, Madison's mother, called out.

Actually that new house was her father's grandmother's house. The Tilson's were sort of an adventurous type. David Tilson had a lot of it. David Tilson is Madison's dad-unfortunately. Her dad wanted to travel everywhere, his lame excuse "We need to get out of this house more!" did not work on either her mom, her, her little brother,Alec, or her big sister, Claire. They also did not agree with the wretched car of his. It was honking huge! Oh yes, of course. He had another reason for this "surprise gift". Here it comes: "I need a new view of life!" Whatever. Madison got up from the porch steps, went upstairs, packed her bags, and got downstairs just in time for this "new life" of hers.

Madison woke up. Her head felt dizzy and was sure she was going to barf when this sign went up:

"Oh, dad,", Madison's hoarse voice spoke.

And then, right out came all the food she ate in a mushy liquid thing came pouring out on the floor.

"What was that? Wh-w-what was that?", her dad spoke fearing that her daughter just puked on his fresh, new car floor.

Josie turned around.
"Oh my-"

"Ha, ha Madison! Madison puked on Daddy's floor!", Alec chimed in.

"Shut up, Alec!"

Her dad shouted,"Madison! What did you do? Goodness gracious."

There they were. Madison standing in barf and them in Ohio. Just what I planned, thought Madison.


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