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Can a Beast Love

Novel By: cuteblondangel88

A modern version of beauty and the beast.
After finding out that her father owes a rich powerfull man a lot of money Bell agrees to live in his mansion with him to help tutor his cooks young boy to help with her fathers debt.
A cold and harsh man will sweet Bell be able to melt his cold heart and teach him kindness and how to love?
and what is the secret that keeps her locked in her room at night unable to leave or see any of the household members??? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 8, 2010    Reads: 513    Comments: 21    Likes: 24   

Chapter one
What a gorgeous day I think to myself. The sun is out and shining brightly, the mountains are only wreathed in the smallest amount of fog and the forest feels alive with happiness for the new day. Looking up to the trees that surround our house I can hear the cockatoos singing and just smile. A great day for university for sure. Getting into my little xl I back out of my driveway and start making my way to uni, well not exactly uni because there's none close enough to home and my father didn't want me going into the city by myself it's more of a community college just in town but it has the course I want to do so I'm happy.
I make it to school an hour early like normal and lay down on the grass in the nearby park and pull out my notebook, before too long I'm working on my latest story a romance my favourite type, I never notice that someone is standing over me until he speaks.
"Bell Bell Bell. Must you always have your head in a book? Try doing something worthwhile for once like having a coffee with me."
I just ignore them I know who it is already without having to look. Guss. His father owns half of the town so he thinks he owns whoever he wants and lately he's set his sights on me.
"What are you writing to day." I keep ignoring him because I know he's not actually interested he just wants me to look at him so I move my head letting my long curly brown hair fall over my shoulder hiding my face from his view.
Seeing that im going to ignore him he snatches my notebook out from under me, causing a dark blue line to appear across the page because I was in the middle of writing a sentence, and holds it up in the air.
"Oooh his lips brushed hers softy causing her to melt inside."
Hearing him readout what I'm writing makes me start to see red and I reach to snatch my book back from him. All to no avail though he is at least a foot taller than I am.
"Give it back Guss right now."
"If I had of known that this is the sort of thing you wanted I would have done this a long time ago." Waving the notebook in my face with one hand he grabs me with the other and pulls me close crushing his lips to mine.
I push him away with all my might and slap him across the face leaving a red mark on his cheek that is almost as red as my face.
"Go away Guss how many times do I have to tell you that I don't give a dam who your father is I don't want to date you." With that I snatch my notebook back and put it in my bag as I head into school.
"You will regret this bell I could have anyone I want and I will have you."
I stop and look back at him. With his black hair brushing his deep blue eyes he really is the most handsome guy in town but none of that matters to me. I smile a small smile and call back to him.
"Thanks for the offer Guss but I don't date dogs only people." And with that parting comment I wave and go inside leaving him there fuming on the grass.
My day passes quickly all of my work got done and the teacher couldn't stop gushing about how good my latest story is, she wants me to try to get it published but I decide there's still a few kinks I need to work out before I try that. I decide to go home straight after school even though we finished at twelve and the house will be empty what with dad at work and all.
Surprise filled me when I saw not only my dad's car in the driveway but a sleek black limousine. I wonder why dad is home so early and who the visitor is. We don't know anyone rich we might live in a nice house in Gisborne but that's only because my grandparents left it to dad when they died.
I park my car and walk inside wondering what on earth is going on. When I reach the front door I can hear my father and someone else yelling at each other but can't make out the words. My father yelling I have never heard him yell at me ever in my life. This can't be good. I'm tempted to turn away and go back into town but if my father is in trouble I want to help.
Gathering my courage I open the door and walk into the lounge room. The sudden silence shocks me but nowhere near as much as the man I see standing over my father. His eyes are a light blue framed by his long blonde hair but the thing that I notice the most is his full lips they look like they should be kissing some supermodel. Instead they are looking over at me with a sneer.
"Bell your home early." My dad looks flustered and shoots a quick look at the man standing above him before he finishes. "Sweetie would you mind going out for a little while I'm pretty busy at the moment."
"No she shall stay." At his words I look at him sharply. Who does he think he is commanding my father and me like this. He must have seen the defiance in my eyes because his next words were silky smooth. "Your father and I have some business that concerns you so you might want to know what's going on."
"Fine." I walk across the room and sit next to my father. "who are you and what do you think gives you the right to yell at my father." Seeing his face harden I lift my chin in defiance and give a sweet smile.
"Why I am the man that your father owes fifty thousand dollars too that's who. And it's way past time that he should have paid me back"
"What." I look at dad and he nods his head agreeing with this man
"Look I can't pay it back yet can we come to a new arrangement please."
"Dad why on earth did you burrow that much money?"
"Bell I needed it to repair the house it was falling apart last summer so I borrowed from Adam here because no bank would give me a loan."
I'm distracted from what my father's telling me when the stranger, Adam he has a name now, comes over and cups his hand on my face turning me to look at him.
"Belle isn't it? I think we can come up with an agreement." He looks at my father as he says the last part. "I heard your father mention that you are doing a course in literature and want to be an author right."
I just nod my head numbly not comprehending where he was going with this and feeling slightly distracted by his smooth hand resting against my cheek.
"I will give you another year to pay off what's remaining on your debt if ell here comes to live at my place." Hearing my shocked gasp he turns to me. "My cook has a six year old son who could use some extra tutoring in English you shall help him." Looking back at my father he adds in a low voice. "And it's also extra insurance for you to pay it off faster."
At his words my father glares at him. "What happens if I refuse?"
"Then I shall ruin your company and send you broke, you will no longer be able to afford here and will have to shut down your entire business." His face is so serious that I believe every word he says.
Dads carpentry business is all that he has left in the world except for me after mum died when I was young. He worked so hard to get it as successful as it is now all those years and hours.
Knowing there is no other option I take a deep breath. "Ok ill live with you and help tutor this little boy."
A smile of triumph flashes across his face. "Good it's settled then pack what you will need and a car will be here for you at 6pm. And his name is chuck in case you were wondering. The boy that you will be tutoring." With that he walks out of our house.
"Belle you don't have to do this."
"It's ok dad if it helps you out I can tutor this kid I'll be fine."
"Ok then if you're sure?"
"I am dad don't worry." With that I go upstairs and start packing
this story is for a contest and will be judged on the number of likes it has so please if you like the story press that awesome little button and let people know tanks heaps =D
much love cuteblondangel88 xoxo


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