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Treygood: The Animal

Novel By: D0C VEGAS

An origin story revealing the past of my character created for Alisindra's "Wild Moon: The Hails Pack". If you aren't reading that, you should. Then read this; the tale of a monster who wears a mans face, and what he has done. Not all protagonists are heroes, and even those that aren't think they are. Treygood knows what he is... an animal... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 4, 2012    Reads: 16    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

The bar table had become Treygood's bed. He had been laying there for hours, bottles of liquor surrounding him, as his pack-mates all coiled in their own sleeping positions. The gloomy old bar proved a more than suitable home for the blood-thirsty patriarch; no one ever came in, it was secluded, and all the alcohol they could ever want. Paradise. A loud knock awakened the large man, as he struggled to roll off of the stiff table. Slightly stumbling, he arrived at the door and turned the knob. The sunlight made him wince, and he lifted his arm to shield himself from the luminance.
A duo, one male, one female, both dressed in suits greeted him. The man extended his hand to Treygood, showing a small smile.
"Hello, I'm Agent Emerson, and this is Agent-"
"Agent Carnigie." The woman interjected. Treygood shook the man's hand, and nodded slowly.
"Can I help you with something?" Treygood wouldn't admit it, even to himself, but this was unexpected. He hated unexpected.
"We're inspectors. We're here to survey the building, make sure everything is ship-shape." Agent Emerson smiled.
"Of course," Treygood said quietly. Turning back into the bar, he flipped the light switch on. A few of the men stirred. "Wake up!" He barked, a familiar smirk appearing on his face. One of the men recognized the smile, and returned it with a nod. Meal time.
"So," Emerson began, stepping past Treygood's massive frame into the interior of the bar, the girl following, "How long have you owned this place?"
"Oh, about ten years or so…" Treygood fancied.
"And how many customers have you had in that time?" Carnigie spoke this time, sounding more direct, even suspicious.
"We haven't exactly been 'open for business' as one might say…" Treygood took a swig, "It's more of a home, really."
"Mmhmm…" The woman's voice was short. As she spoke, Treygood looked her over; her figure flawless and fit; her hair, clean and fragrant, a gorgeous brunette tone; her face beautiful and in perfect symmetry. One for the ages, this one.
"So, before you two start your little tour," Treygood stepped in front of the both of them, trying to intimidate then slowly, "How about a drink?" He placed the backs of his fingers gingerly along Carnigie's face, caressing her cheek lightly. "I'd be a shame if this was all business…" The woman kept her gaze, furious but calm, fixed on Treygood's; she seemed unafraid. Treygood would fix that.
"No, thank you," Emerson said, trying to ignore what Treygood was doing, "We should really be conducting the investigation. Looking for mold, damages… pests…" Emerson's voice lost its kind, nervous tone and the last word. Dirty rat. Suddenly, Treygood's hand shot for the woman's throat, clasping around it tightly. She reached for his hand, trying desperately to free herself. Emerson grabbed a slender blade from the inside of his shirt, preparing to stab Treygood right through the heart. Treygood would have no part of it; he took Emerson by the collar, and hurled him at the far wall. At this point, the pack was behind Treygood, a few of them breaking off to restrain Emerson's recovering form. Carnigie's face was turning red as she struggled to free herself, but Treygood's grip was impervious to her attempts. Turning his head toward the fallen attacker, Treygood spoke.
"Meal time, boys!" The pack became wild with joy; many of them turning to their hybrid form, clothes tore all around. The sound of claws on the wooded floors and the snarls and yips filled the space in no time. Emerson was surrounded now, and it took little time for his first screams of pain to echo as the beasts tore him to shreds. "Enjoy, fella's," Treygood laughed, "I'll be dining… privately…"


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