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The Shadow Catalyst

Novel By: Daragan

Regards World of Warcraft and several of my characters and other characters. You probably won't get the areas, and it's only really to provide some otherwise unknown background information. View table of contents...


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The forests of Ashenvale were covered in snow, Eulia noticed. Usually, the blue and purple leaves coated the landscape and purple, lunar light shone down through, the entire forest seemed enchanted, and despite living there, she had always found it to be wonderful to gaze out of the small hole in the chamber's wall and stare out at its magnificence. Wild animals would roam in the daylight, varying from stag to cats of all sorts of sizes, and sprites, creatures between bird and dragon, and they would sometimes fly up to the hole and try to reach in. Eulia was fond of trying to help them in, but the hole was only big enough to look out of with one eye and rest her small nose just before the bottom of it, so she could breathe easily and spend longer looking outside. She counted the snowflakes as they fell and gave up when they started falling too quickly. Ashenvale was named so because in the autumn, the leaves would fall from the sky endlessly like ash from an ever-erupting volcano. Reneya, her eldest sister, had told her that, but she never told her what a volcano was. The ground was covered in snow, and the treetops and canopies above were covered in snow. Ashenvale, like much of northern Kalimdor, was the sentient home to the Night Elves. Snow was rare even in their lifetimes, except for the ones who maybe lived in snow. But she didn't know any people like that. She didn't know many people at all.

In the summer, it was warm, and humid. Her favourite time of the year was spring, since she hated the cold that came with winter, and she could see the flowers and plants spring to life. This winter was worse though, she had never seen it snow before. That's what Kishim, her elder sister, had called it. Reneya seemed to know everything though.

"And, in..." came Reneya's voice, pointing roughly North, "-that direction, there's Darnassus. It's the capital home of the Night Elves. It's on top of a big tree they called Teldrassil, like Nordrassil in Hyjal. You remember what I told you about Nordrassil?" she continued after, staring at her with her unusual blue eyes. She fell into the trap of losing concentration again. Eulia had silver hair down to her shoulders, and pale pink skin, growing, sharp ears and silver eyes with long growing eyebrows their kind had. Ren, though, had much paler skin, shorter ears - but they were still sharp. She also had red hair. Eulia didn't have those. Kishim didn't have those either. She looked more like a High Elf. She'd told her about those once, but Reneya just said something about grandparents whenever they asked. Eulia asked what that meant, but said it didn't matter. Ren was her eldest sister, Kishim was the second eldest, and Eulia was stuck as the youngest forever, which annoyed her. Suddenly she remembered that she was having one of her lessons. Nordrassil...

"Yes" she said. In truth, she didn't remember much about Nordrassil. She remembered that there was a war at Mount Hyjal long ago though. Ren also told her that Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms were once the same piece of land. Eulia didn't believe her. Land is stuck together.

"Well then, I think you've heard enough for today." Ren said, unfolding her arms and smiling at Eulia, who was sat facing opposite her on the floor. She was wearing a silver silk dress that was too small for her and revealed most of her thighs, because father had not got them any new clothes for a long time. They were also grey with dirt now, since they couldn't be washed often. Father only let them out to clean themselves and their clothes once a week. Ren said he kept all the money he made for himself. Eulia still didn't know what money was.

Eulia was wearing Reneya's hand-me-down night-gown that went down to her knees, for the same reason. She didn't have her own clothes at all. Ren was wearing Eulia's gown because it was smaller, she told her it would be better if you stayed warm during the winter. It didn't stop her feet from freezing though, but wrapping her feet in the blanket usually fixed that.

There was a difference in size, and Reneya was probably freezing too. But that is why she liked Ren. She glanced over at Kishim, who was sleeping under the bed, and grinned, in her sleep.

Ren smirked and shuffled over, poking her cheek. Eulia quietly giggled. Kishim has a secret someone, they d joked. The few times they had gone outside to the river by Astranaar where they washed once a week, there were some boys from the Astranaar village that Kishim had befriended. Indolis took me to the island, she'd said, or I went into the forest with Indolis today on more than one occasion. Eulia and Ren had met him a few times. He was friendly and said he was going to become a druid some day. They stopped pestering Kishim shortly after, realising they shouldn't make too much noise. Ren told Eulia she'd thought of similar things, it was normal. Then she said it wouldn't be long before she would be thinking about it too. She didn't know how to respond to that. Ren just laughed about it.

"You get so worked up!" She'd joke.

Eulia was still young, she knew it. But she had barely ever been outside the Room. They called it the Room because they didn't really know what else to call it. One side of it was flat, where the door was, and the other side was like a circle, round. There was a bed in one corner and two blankets on the floor nearby, but there wasn't much more room than that. But the few times they had gone out of the Room years ago, Eulia had seen someone tied to the bed by her arms and legs. Ren called her mother. She asked what that meant a long time ago, and she just shook her head. 'I'll tell when you're old enough' she said. Father and mother lived outside the Room.

Eulia didn't understand. They were in the Room all the time, but outside the Room, there were other Rooms, full of other things that she didn't know the name of. The times she had been outside--

"What're you thinking of, hmm?" Ren asked inquisitively.

"N-nothing!" Eulia snapped. She felt something itch on her elbow and scatched it went she felt something there, large and hairy. She lifted her arm up and saw the what was probably the largest venomweb spider she'd see. She seemed to trip on her alarm, yelling them much louder than intended, but remained frozen in panic. Ren quickly tried to hush her. She did, and they both remained quiet. The atmosphere suddenly darkened as his footsteps grew louder, Eulia looked to Ren quickly, terrified and paralyzed. Ren grabbed her by one arm roughly and put herstanding behind her quickly. Eulia clutched Ren's gown tightly, panicking. Eulia didn't like father.

The door creaked as it was opened, but it wasn't opened slowly. The handle on the Room's side had long since broken off. His resonant, angry voice sounded the moment the door opened.

"Keep the noise down, you little harlots are disturbing me!" he yelled, advancing towards Ren, who was having to step backwards, forcing Eulia backwards behind her into the bare, plain walls. Eulia was white in the face with fear. Reneya was faring little better, but meeting his gaze rebelliously.

He paused a moment, and a lingering, awkward silence spread over the room. His amber eyes looked around like a searchlight. There was a silent tug on the sheets from under the bed; one of Kishim's secret ways of letting them knows she had woken up. He looked at Ren searchingly still, then raised a hand and extended a single finger.

"This is the level of noise I want from now on-- Where is the other one?" he asked, looking round, then glaring at Ren. Kishim quickly scrambled out from underneath the bed and looked up at him.

"What're you doing under there?" he asked. He turned away and ignored Kishim before she replied. "Do you think I'm jesting? You are not taking this seriously, are you?! You're wenches -- like your mother, lying minxes... You most of all." He stared, unblinking, at Ren. Eulia buried her head in what little she could of Ren's dress, shivering, wanting the ground to open up and swallow her, praying she would go unnoticed, but she didn't.

"And you can look at me when I talk, my little quean, latest disappointment." He muttered, now having closed in on them, forced into the corner. Ren tried talking, stuttering, trying to calm the madly shivering Eulia behind her, squeezing on her arms.

"I'm not talking to you!" he yelled, striking at her. She was hit in the stomach, instantly winded. Eulia began to cry. He grabbed Ren's hair quickly after and pulled her back up - she was gasping for breath and cringing in pain. He threw her off balance, sending her into the wall, dazed. Eulia nearly went with her, but the dress slipped from her grip. She backed up against the wall and stared at him, wide and teary eyed. Her knees shook like an earthquake rattled the house, and the dread sensation of her own heart pounding drowned out all other sounds. He stepped in and separated her from Ren.

"I said shut up! I hate the sound of girls crying! Shut up!" he yelled. His hand swiftly came down to circle around her neck, his huge hands stretching her neck out and forcing her mouth shut. He pushed down, forcing her to the floor.

She stared up at him as her back hit the ground, petrified and paralyzed, unable to do anything, hearing her heartbeat scream incessantly in her ears. Her arms went limp. He ripped her gown by pulling on the dress by her knee.

"You won't need this in a few years time if you're anything like your mother" he said factually. He saw the spider crawling across her arm and frowned. "This is what all the fuss was about?" he asked, seeming disappointed. He grabbed Eulia's arm,and crushed the spider in his hand. Eulia cried louder-

"Stop it!" Kishim yelled. Jisento stopped, after throwing Eulia through the air to land next to Ren, who was now lying on the floor propped up partially against the wall. She caught her as she landed. He turned on his heel and laughed, then walked wordlessly out the Room, slamming the large wooden door behind him.

There was a clicking sound, then the sound of a chain being moved, hitting the door, then bouncing off it and hitting it again a little lighter, and his footsteps faded. Eulia quieted instantly, crawling over a few inches with great effort not to collapse and shake with fear, clutching Ren tightly when she eventually reached her.

Ren tried whispering something, but eventually gave up and put her arms around Eulia completely, stroking each other's hair in a comforting rhythm. Kishim had probably woken up but stayed quiet. No-one dared talk now. They listened to the wind blowing snow outside, the whistling it made when going past the hole Eulia looked through.

Eulia didn't understand any of it. She didn't know. She turned her head and forced her eyes down to her arms, and saw the remains of the spider with it's fangs buried in her skin. The venom that Eulia knew would have her hallucinating or worse for weeks slowly gripped her.


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