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The Assassin- Blood Runs Cold

Novel By: Darklily

Part of my Shape Shifter's Curse series I write. The first chapter takes place in the same town as the Zarah story only a year after her first journal entry. The main character is an immortal in case you can't tell. View table of contents...


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"So, why are you two here?" I ask.

"Yeah, why are we here grandma?" Zarah echos.

Rain motions for us to move in closer. "Lycans." She whispers quietly, very quietly.

Zarah looks like she just saw a ghost. Obviously Rain hasn't mentioned lycans to her yet. "You have to be joking, they aren't real."

"Hmm, they aren't are they?" I smirk. "Well let me tell you something schoolgirl, you're surrounded by lycans."

"Ha, you're just trying to scare me. I know that..." Zarah pauses and lowers her voice, "lycans don't exist."

"Zarah, they do and Blackriver's right, this pub is full of them, so keep quiet." Rain tells her.

"How do you expect me to believe this? Just last year I was in school believing that wolves were just something my mind imagined, then I looked them up and found out they were real, but then I find out that my own grandmother is a two thousand year-old wolf or former wolf, and that I am a wolflord, which I still don't understand what that means. Now, you expect me to believe that lycans are real. Seriously, I don't know how much more I can take." Zarah rants.

"Rain, why are you here if there are lycans?" I ask.

Rain smiles. "Blackriver, you and my brother need to learn the same lesson, I always have a plan." Then I see the dagger she has up her sleeve, literally. It's blade is obviously silver.

"Are you..." I start to shout, but then I remember the lycans, "are you crazy? Rain there's two of you and who knows how many of them. How do expect to defeat all of them? And, no offence Zarah, but how do you expect her to even survive this, she's just a girl?"

"Hey! You're a girl too." Zarah almost screams.

"I'm over two thousand years old and I don't exactly look like a teenager, now do I? So, I'm not a girl." I growl.

"I'm stopping both of you right now, before this gets out of hand." Rain scolds both of us. "Now, as for there being only two of us, Blackriver, you're wrong. There's five of us." She motions towards the two figures sitting at the front. "But we'll need your help to get them to help."

"No, no, no." I tell her. "There is no way that I'm going to ask them. My mother won't help, she's too obsessed with this whole second chance crap. You know there's a reason why my father went into the west instead of the mountains with the rest of us."

"Maybe not." Rain states. This catches my attention. "If you help, I'll tell you where your father went."

"Fine." I sigh.

"Okay good, now all you have to do is give this to her or Dawn." Rain says as she hands me a piece of paper.

On it is says: Des, want to have some fun? Yeah, my mother will never say no to that.

I get up and walk up to the bar, then I sit down, putting one seat between myself and Dawn. She looks over at me and smiles. "I never would've expected you here, Bree." She greets. She motions to me to sit in the seat next to her, so I do.

"I suppose I'd never expect you here either, but then again, I would never expect that your niece would let her trainees come here alone too, so now I don't know what to expect." I tell her.

"What, Day's pups are here?" Dawn questions.

"Yeah, and Ocean's two pups, there looking for Rose right now. I told them to meet me here once they find her." I reply. "Look I need you to give this to my mother. Your aunt wanted me to give it to you, it's about "your brother's mistakes"." I whisper.

"You know, you could just hand it to me yourself." Des states as she turns in her seat. "Or do you still hate me?"

"Maybe I do." I growl. "Just read the stupid note and give me your answer."

"Don't need to." She says. "I think I already know what it's about. The, as you said, Dusk's mistakes, right?"

"Yep, but I swear, it was not my idea. It's all Rain." I tell her.

"Well, tell her yes, considering that it was our idea first." Des sneers.

"Fine, I will." I sass as I get up to walk away.

I walk back to Rain and Zarah and sit down.

"What did they say?" Zarah asks eagerly. I look at her for a second. If only she knew what she was getting into, she wouldn't be so excited to do this.

I take a deep breath, do I tell them the truth and help, or do I lie, knowing that lying will mean Zarah will live to see tomorrow for sure, but the truth will mean she might die tonight, and if she doesn't, this may just scar her for life. Lie, tell the truth. Lie, tell the truth. Yes, I must lie, no lycans are a danger to everyone, I must tell the truth. No, I can't send a young girl to her death, I must lie. Ugh, I can't lie, this is too important. I look at Zarah one more time, she is too happy, so young, I see myself in her. So much potential, so much ahead of her, I can't let her die tonight. I know what I must do.

"They said...


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