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The Worst if sometimes the best. (Twilight fanfiction)

Novel By: dclovesfd

"Oh, ok well lets watch a movie.."She said helping me up...After grabbing all the break up movies and romance movies we sat down, watching them so we could laugh at all the stupid people who threw their love away and know we arent the only ones crying......................

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Submitted:Jan 11, 2010    Reads: 229    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I sighed to my self. As I drove toward Forks daycare to pick up Renesmee and Tommy. My twins. Edward Cullen, had left me pregant, neither of us knowing that was possible. He had backed off his rules on my 18th brithday. The twins , three years old, are wonderful. Renesmee acts like a seven year old, for she is more vampire, Tommy acts like a normal three year old. Both my wonderful angels. I am 21 years old. Staying 21 forever. After Victoria died, when she changed me into a vampire meaning to kill me, that is. I was 19 when she did it. I am like " Them" I am a diffrent breed in vampire. I am a Fire Cold One, confusing I know. I was getting mad. Renesmee had bitten one of the kids, because they called her a name. She knew she was stronger, but sometimes lsot her temper, she was so grounded. I had called the moving place telling them to set up the stuff early. At the moment we were staying in a hotel. But when I heard what Renesmee had done I bought a house and ordered a moving truck in no more then 5 minutes. I also called my mother, Renee, who knows about vampires, don't ask how, because she never told me when she showed up at my house talking about me being a vampire and blah blah! For some odd reason, I felt like crap. I never thought I would see the day when I would not want to leave Forks Washington. I groaned. I walked toward the door and walked inside. Renesmee was in a corner sulking. Tommy was laughing and playing with blocks I walked up to the main desk. " I am so sorry about what happend. I am here to take Renesmee and Tommy, and to tell you we are moving so , they will no longer she coming here" I said smiling. " Well, its no problem, the girl isn's hurt badly, it is Lillys fault she did bite Renesmee first, but, we dont take sides, anyway, we are sad to here that, we will miss them very much" Mrs. Letter said smiling. " Yes, they do like this place" I said signing the sign out sheet and walking over to Tommy, I picked him up and then walked over to Renesmee and grabbed her wrist and pulled her up. " You have some major talking to do younge lady" I said walking with her toward the door. " Have a nice day" I said. I heard, answers but didn't pay attention. " I'm sorry mommy!" Renesmee said as soon as I was on the road. Tommy was already fast alseep like always when in a car. " Why did you do that, you know you should have just ignored her" I said to her trying to stay calm, it wasn't to hard. " She bit me first, but I know I should not have dont that, I'ms sorry" She said crying partly. I sighed. I couldn't stay mad at one of my angels. " I'm not mad at you, its in your blood to fight back, but your grounded for two days and are going to help unpack when we get to the new house" I said to her. " Yes mommy" She said wiping tears away. I smiled at her. I loved them so much. My babies. They looked so much like Edward, all but their eyes, which were mine and Renesmees hair was mine, but Tommys was Edwards soft bronze hair.. Their faces wonderful and cute like Edward, I slapped my brain and told my self I can't keep thinking about that. I forgot easily thinking about our new house. " Were are we going?" Renesmee asked, she was always forgetfull. "Michigan sweetie, thats where ur new house is. I said yawning, i figured out soon after I became a vampire, that my breed was very human, I could do everything a human could along with a vampires every talent. My talent, sheilding, though I didn't need to do it much. I needed little sleep though I could get tired.I hadn't slept in three days, so I was tired. At least we are taking a plane. I thought to my self. " Ok, I love you mommy" Renesmee said yawning. All our stuff was at our new house by now. So when we got to the airtport, we had nothing but, Renesmee Teddy bear, Tommys puffy star fish animal, my purse and sippy cups. I carried Tommy while Renesmee walked along side me, it was 11 at night by now, we had a long wait. Tommy was fast sleep. Renesmee wasn't to tired. I set Tommy down and bucklet him in, Renesmee sat down and did it her self. I sat down and buckled in after her. I handed her the game boy from my purse and she started playing , teddy bear moutain. I sighed and put my head phones in and listened to some music. -Every 99 times, you looked me in the eye, you looked me in the eye and swore you werent lieing- my music playing I sighed again. I was ust about to fall sleep when I heard Renesmees soft snores. I chuckled and fell into a deep deep sleed of awsomeness. (LOL!)


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