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Dying Alibi: Angels War

Novel By: Deathstix

Excerpt: "Well? What is it?" The captain walked around his desk and over to the clear window of his headquarters, bright light reflecting on his face, "We are entering a war." Angel immediately sat up, her heart faltering a bit as the words echoed back and forth in her mind, "What...why?!"
"You remember the spies you got yesterday?"

"Their master, whom they call 'Vius', has claimed over a large portion of the West side of the world. He's planning to take over the East side which means us and all other organizations will be under his command." Something in Angel's chest tightened, "But, why? What does he want?" The captain turned to his neice with worried eyes, not answering her for a long time, then "Vius...wants to kill everyone and recreate the world in his own way with his own people." Angel looked at the rugged floor in utter disbelief, "It can't be..."
"It is." A voice from behind caused both her and her uncle to turn and watch as Rein entered the quarters, his grey eyes stern and unmoved by the news, "The dragon from yesterday is a creation from that doctor we captured. It had just come back from detsroying EaGle City, just like Vius ordered. It would have destroyed W.T.P building, but luckily, I scared it off." The 20 year old woman tightened her jaw, turning to her uncle with a determined face, "We have to stop this man. We have to think of something." Rein nodded in agreement, his dark hair glistening blue from the sun's rays, "Our mission right now is to head over to the organizations closest to us. We have to communicate with them and arrange a meeting for tonight here at W.T.P" The girl in fron of him nodded as well,placing a gloved hand on her hip" Uncle, you and father stay safe while Rein and I are gone, allright?" The captain smiled gently, his eyes shining with amusement, "Of course we'll be. Now go and hurry up, time is at stake here." Angel saluted with a grin, both her and Rein leaving the office in a rush.
"My little neice, "the captain mumbled with a sad smile as he sat back on his seat, observing the picture of a small child on the corner of his desk, "Just like your mothers. The perfect set of angels."
____Ok, so this is the first part of Angel's war- sorry if I sort of left it off half way, but i'll wrote more!! :o____
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A girl with a thin, pale face and reddish brown hair tied up with a blue bell in a ponytail sat quietly, observing the scenery around her. She was outside in the cold, sitting amongst wet grass close to a forest. With a small grin and closed eyes, she tilted her head back, enjoying the rain from above slide down her face and neck…

"Angel!" a voice behind her caused the girl to quickly open her blue eyes and turn to see a tall man with a long white cloak wave to her from afar. With a grin on her smooth face, Angel got up and hurried over to the person who had called her, "Angel at your service, sir!" The aging man chuckled to himself at how immature and childish the girl in front of him appeared as she tried to act serious when she saluted, "What are you doing out here all alone?" Angel shrugged with a hidden grin, "Looking out for any spies like I'm supposed to. I wasn't goofing off or anything." The man, upon hearing this, ruffled her hair and rolled his blue eyes, "Sure you weren't. Listen, the captain wants to see you. He says it's about a job down at a city far from here." Angel nodded and saluted once again, trying to stand tall, "Well then, co-captain. I'll see you later."

"Go on, daughter. And don't act foolish, all right?" The girl chuckled in response and ran off, her boots stomping on the wet ground as she hurried over to a tall, looming building up ahead. Officers stood around the entrance, holding big guns over their chests and looking around cautiously behind dark helmets.

As Angel passed them and entered the building, it always fascinated her to see how huge and beautiful the inside really was: 550 feet of steel carrying a maximum of at least 1,000,500 people.

Angel walked by some individuals and entered into an open elevator, watching the doors close in front of her with strange excitement. As the room started to move, her thoughts ran loose, anticipating her next great 'adventure'. What mission would the captain have for me next? Whatever it is, it's bound to be fun!

A 45 year old man looked up from the papers on his desk to see a young, tall, pretty woman walk into his office, a smirk of excitement painted on her lips. The woman wore dark boots and semi-tight badge shorts above her mid thigh. Her shirt was a tight, black tank top and a silver necklace adorned her neck. "Angel? I'm guessing your father sent you here."

"Yes, sir." The man, who was the head captain and owner of the entire building they were in, got up. He walked over to Angel, eyeing the faint freckles across her nose that only appeared when closely examined. "As you may have heard, there are spies lose, killing innocent civilians at different cities around here. I'm a bit concerned that they may-"

"I'll go!" Angel rose up her hand fast with a determined look that other would think childish. The captain laughed at this and sat back in his seat, trying to stifle the chuckles, "You don't even know what your doing, yet." The girl shrugged, tapping a large black gun strapped to her thigh, "Well, I just shoot a few guys and our worries are over."

"Heh, Angel…I don't want you to kill them. I want you to bring them alive, at least, so we can question them."
"Oh…ok." Angel sighed and sat on a nearby leather coach with a huff, "So, do you want me to leave right now or do I wait a bit."

"Now will be best. Oh, ah, I forgot to mention…" The captain called for someone to enter his quarters and a tall, handsome 21 year old man walked in. He wore a black shirt with dark pants and a big sword strapped to his back. With gray eyes, he examined Angel, then the captain and bowed, "At your service." Angel crossed her arms over her chest with a frown, "Uh, who exactly are you?" The older man behind his desk turned to the girl with a sorry grin, "This is Rein. He's going to assist you in your mission today. I'm sure you've seen him around the halls before."

"I don't really need help, though. I can do this myself."

"I just thought it would be nice if he would be put in this mission with you." Angel sighed and turned to Rein with a serious look of discontent, "Don't expect me to lag behind, newbie. I've done a total of 5, 679 missions ever since joining here. Therefore, I'm more skilled than you." Rein returned her glare with a disinterested shrug, "Really? I've done 8, 298." Angel's jaw dropped to the floor and she fumed in jealousy, "Bastard!"

"All right, you two. I want you to behave and work together." The captain smiled sadly as he watched Angel roll her eyes as he spoke of harmony and peace. Rein, however, nodded with a serious look, "I believe in your philosophy, captain. I'll try my best to put up with this woman whose name contradicts her personality." Angel spat her tongue out at him and stamped her foot on the rug floor, "Ok! Let's just go all ready."


"How old are you exactly?" Rein asked Angel as the both of them walked down a wet road far away from the building they had left behind. Angel shrugged, "20. Why?" Rein nodded to himself and kicked a stone with his black boot, "You act like your 10. That's all." The 20 year old woman stopped dead on her tracks and pointed a finger at Rein who didn't seem to care, "Listen, you. I demand respect."


"Because I'm a woman."

"That's not a good reason." Angels eye twitched and she rose up her fists, "Want me to give you a good reason to respect me?" Rein sighed, then looked past her, suddenly throwing her on the floor. "Hey!! What-?!"

"Shh. There's someone coming." Angel rolled her blue eyes, but took out her silver crossbow behind her back, "Well of course theres people here


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