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Not Heaven's,Not Hell's,but of the Two in Between

By: DellaCarsen

Chapter 1, The Van Helsing sisters have had only one thing on their minds for the past 7 years;saving all supernaturals that have been hunted by the Science NUI(National,United,Institute).The three sisters aren\'t your normal girls.They live like the supernatural,but they are the unique ones,don\'t let their name fool you,they have no vampire genes what so ever.Their angels,one from each type.Theresa is Heaven\'s,she creates the creatures on the earth.Moranna is Hell\'s,she destroys the creatures.Perilous is a Cross-over,an angel that creates,destroys,and morphs all creatures.Together,they break into the Institute and attemt to free as many supernaturals as they can.Then the girls find their hearts to be captured by a few of the supernaturals: Alen is a werewolf that has a lighter side to him.Nikolaus is a shapeshifter that has no control over his temper;and Damien,a tree spirit that can talk to and use,plants....

Chapter 1-Perilous


     I hate wet weather.I hate the cold,freezy feeling you get when it first hits you,I hate how it messes with my senses,and I hate how  the rain soaks into my feathery wings.But,of course,it had to rain tonight,when I had to go alone.I stared down at the Institute.Oh,how I hated it.How I hated the fact that they treated us like freaks that have the only use of experiments.I angrily wiped the rain from my eyes before I leaned forward,allowing my body the fall off the edge of the building.I loved  the free falling I get when the wind finally finds my wings.I landed silently on the ledge of a window."Crap!"I let out a little growl.A werewolf.I hate werewolves.And yet,I felt sorry for him.He looked so weak.Helpless,in a cage.I ran a finger around the edge of the glass.'Crash!'the glass fell in the room.I cringed as the werewolf looked up at me.I ducked inside as a scientist stepped into the room along with several assistants.He was welcomed by a ferocious teeth-nashing growl from the werewolf."Quiet Allen!"the scientist snapped.I raised an eyebrow."Interesting.But now,I have to do what I do best."I thought.I stepped to the edge of the look-out platform near the window.I let out a giggle so I'd be noticed.Everyone below me looked up."Hello boys."I smiled devilishly.I raised a hand as some of the assistants ran forward.THe ground underneath them formed a cage.I jumped down before I opened the cage door.Allen gave me a look.I waved my hand again and the bars rippled. I looked him over."Look at you,so weak."I mused."Feel free to feast,under two contitions." "What?"He growled."You save HIM for last."I pointed at the scientist."Accepted."He watched me."And you save as much of his skelatal system as you can for me,for my sister."He nodded."I'll be outside when you are done."I walked toward the door."Have fun."

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