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Trying To Break An Oath

Novel By: Diary Of A Musical

Struggling to be the leader of the new vampire-slayers routine, Tanya found herself locked in a terrible nightmare by being followed by the shadow of vampires wherever she went. In the mean time she was trying hard not to fall in love and befriending with Jarl as well as taming a pack of werewolves. After speaking and being locked under a basement with him, her passion and love for Jarl grew stronger and she couldn't bare watching him burned with "the oath" whenever he felt the love for her. Deciding that they couldn't fall in love with each other like this, Jarl decided to break the oath. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: A vampire bite

I just wished that Jarl could stop following me around like a dog. I knew that he couldn't disobey Isadora's command since she was his fraternized-sister. For once couldn't she just leave me alone for a friend? The gang would need him anyway and I knew that he never had the slightest idea of being near me.

Jarl had always hated me, and that's the reason that I hated him to be around. He hated me since the first time, he ever laid eyes on me when I was about nine years old and he was perfectly immortalize in his nineteen-years-old age when he was actually centuries old. I hated it whenever he followed me around like some type of "bodyguard" every single hour with a sword behind his back ready to slice someone up. The reason he was guarding me was because of the reason my "destiny" was to become a vampire-slayer and there were vampires who attempted to kill me ten times this week.

They called me a "pre-vampire slayer" in the team but for others they call me "Gladiamor" for that's exactly the name for whoever-was-chosen-to-slay the king of vampires. Jarl had never called me either of these names for he gave me a rather nonsense-vampire-slayer name: "Lacker". I could've yelled at him-like Isadora and Loreena- if only he hadn't given me the flash of evil in his dark brown eyes. It was those eyes that had haunted me and set fear on me on the whole entire time. There was also another reason that I hated Jarl and I had to blame myself for that one.

"Okay, Jarl, I know you're there. You can set yourself free now", I hissed, very annoyed. He hadn't gone anywhere and I could hear him behind me. I tried to ignore him and kept on walking around like he wasn't there. The light turned green and I crossed the road, hoping he would disappear. Damn! He was too fast! I wished there were policemen nearby arresting him away for carrying a sword around. "It's a dangerous toy, kid. Hand it over now", I pictured the men saying to him and Jarl was quarrelling. I was supposed to meet Loxie today and how could I even explain to her about this teenage boy following me around. I had tried thousands of tricks to get him lost, but it never tended to work. Walking passed the crowd of people, I headed toward the café and I swung the door open. I could smell the warm coffee and milk with freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

There were rows of tables arranged squarely, and people chattered away sipping their coffees. Loxie was sitting at the corner of the room, beside the window, and she waved her hand for me to join her. I glance the right seeing Jarl crossed his hands over his chest, leaning against the wall looking like a hot male model. His orange T-shirt was crumpled and I was glad he wore an outer brown jacket. His jeans were rumpled and I could see his red sneakers looking glum after miles of walk. I tried not to look at the shining ruby on top of the sword. "Aren't you going to go inside?" I motioned my head inside the café, holding onto the door's handlebar. I could see him looking tired. He sighed, and opened the door for me instead and I just gave him a stare reproachfully and walked inside sitting opposite to Loxie who had eventually noticed him. He chose an empty table faraway from us but pretty clear to see where I was.

"Your boyfriend, Tanya?" Loxie asked still glancing at him."Of course not", I told her looking rather embarrassed. "Two coffee please and two warm cinnamon rolls", I added to the waitress and she listed it down."He's hot", Loxie whispered watching Jarl ordering something from the waitress who flushed incredibly pink. "Even the waitress is blushing"."Hot but mean", I clarified adding a sigh to the end. There never was a day with Jarl that I never added any sigh. I looked at Loxie who looked very attracted, seeing from the corner of her dark black lashes looking at him, her perfect legs on top of the other shaking uncomfortably to walk up and talk, and she looked rather attractive in her new purple Channel dress and black high-heels. She ran her fingers through her black curled ponytail, a sign of nervousness. I could see her face betraying her by adding an extra pink to her cheeks.

"Sadly", she groaned. "I already have a boyfriend and I don't think that it's wise if I dump Max".

"You shouldn't", I admitted knowing how Max loved Loxie very much. "And I don't think that Jarl is interested at all". And he never will, I added into my head. One because he's just a hot-tempered guy who never cared anything at all except for his job and "family" and the other reason was the oath. The first rule to become a vampire slayer was to accept the oath and I just wished I wasn't born to be one, but who told me to be vampire-catastrophically when I was little. If he broke it just for some girl he would be very stupid…and romantic. Isadora had warned me that if I wanted to experience "love" I should do it now before I turned into a full vampire slayer. I had asked her why "love" was banned but she just said that it was a big distraction and could ruin the whole entire "slaying" job.

"He's hotter than Max, but I've got to accept Max", she added dryly. "Holy crap, is that a real sword?!"

"He takes drama lessons", I quickly lied. I know that he heard all the conversations that I made and he should be thankful. I could see him drinking coffee but one of his eyes was looking at me with warnings.

"You take drama lessons?" she asked knowing that I had never mentioned it looking directly at me. "What's he to you anyway? Your cousin?"

I gulped not knowing how to answer. Jarl had told me that even if I was in the team, he would never accept me to become a "member" of the family (gang). And he would dare to kill me (without the exception of being a Gladiamor) if I ever told her that we were related as the queue.

"He's…uh…just a friend". He looked like he didn't hear anything and I was glad he didn't give me the "flashing-glare" as he normally did. My fingers were shaking, and I found them clattering impatiently on the table. The waitress came back with some warm cup of cappuccino and two cinnamon rolls which she apologized for the waiting.

"You seriously need a haircut", Loxie cut through the snail-shaped pastry with a knife.

"Wish I had black hair, blonde is freaking-ly annoying", I pulled a strand of my straight blond hair and show it to her.

"You can dye it", she suggested. "Anyway, I like your hair-it just needed a little trimming".

"You like it, but I envy hair like yours", I retorted.

"Jarl's hair is nice too", she murmured. "Boy, I wish Max had the exact brown curls instead of his regular blond hair".

"Are you trying to say that blond is bad?" I gave her a look of disapproval for her boyfriend. I didn't want to say, "Are you trying to say that your boyfriend needs development?" or otherwise she would be extremely mad at me and especially the guy who didn't like me saying something about him at all to any girl. Jarl, you're distracting her. I'll tell him later but he wouldn't get it. What did he know except being a cow?

"You said it yourself, but it's just that he's so cute!" she whispered crooning at the end. "I mean, look at those wide brown eyes, and cute face. His brown curls, even made him look handsomer".

"Snap out of it princess, you already got a perfect Prince Charming". I saw his face betrayed him by giving a sly smile, but he was trying to control it by looking rather disappointed.

"Shut up", she commanded in a rather playful way. "And you better start enjoying you youth by getting a boyfriend. I saw Kyle asked you out".

"I'm not interested in him, so better a no and I'm way too cute to do so", I gave her a sad-kitty-look by bashing my eyelashes and trying to look really sad by looking up with my green eyes wide open and turning my lips upside down and leaning my head a little sideway. I used to be famous for being a class clown and whenever my brother Gabriel seemed to be sad, I always did this face and he couldn't help himself laughing. "The please" looked I called it and I should start using this on Isadora begging her to stop letting Jarl following me. I could hear a short-muffle laugh from the other table. I glanced at Jarl and he acted as if he was staring at the wall.

"Don't be so immature! Why is he following you here anyway? Are you going to drama class together?"

"Lemme think…I was supposed to go to the mall and he was…" I tried to think of what the possibilities were. If I said the drama school was near the mall Loxie would know that I lied. So I decided to go on with a small story that might made me ended up to a chat with Jarl afterward. "He's got a secret that he didn't want me to tell, so he's following me here just to make sure that I didn't tell anyone about it", I whispered grinning and Loxie tried hard not to laugh. I could hear someone coughing but I just ignored it completely. At least I didn't' say: "I found out he liked somebody, and he's following me just to make sure I didn't have any update for that girl lately". If I did said that; Jarl would be blushing the next few weeks and I would love to see how he would scold me.

"Tanya, you're the most rebellious person I've ever met".

"Gossips, daring, and of course rebellion all descript me". There wasn't a thing that I dared to do-without Jarl around anyway. "I remembered the time that I got a pet goldfish, call Lorry. My parents left me with Nancy and she was a really bad babysitter who just loves chatting on phones. She just turned on the cooking show and they were demonstrating how to prepare a type of fish fry. So when she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone, I actually sneaked inside the kitchen and I watched them chopped the trout's head off. It was very curious for two years old and I had never in my life used a knife before. I tried to open the fridge and trying to grab a fish out but it was too high for me to reach. Poor Lorry got sacrificed for my experiment and when Nancy came back I quickly tossed beheaded-Lorry into the batter and I accused the neighbor's cat the next day for eating Lorry. I still felt ashamed for doing that still".

"Who ate Lorry then?" Her face was turning a little green but she enjoyed the joke.

"Nobody knows, and if I found out I would definitely chuck flower into that person's mouth in honor for my beloved-and-only dead goldfish".

"I see why you hate fish fries now", Loxie examined. "And I don't think that after hearing your story about Lorry, I would enjoy fish fries any longer". I finished my cinnamon roll and coffee inhaling the smell of cream and raising rye bred.

"Be a vegetarian then. I sure could use the help of some rye-bread salad sandwiches", I sighed wondering how the bread would taste like. Jarl was sighing also, tapping the table quietly with his fingers annoyed by our 'girly' talk and I know that he wanted to just-get-the-hell-out-of-here and end this stupid day.

"Okay, I think I should go now", I watched him did the "thank god! I'm saved" relief breathing and he watched me rose from my seat. "He needs to go to drama class", I whispered to Loxie grinning.

"Hey, promise to introduce me to him sometimes", she whispered back and I winked at her. "Bye".

Jarl followed me out the door and I glanced at the huge time-square clock. It was twelve o'clock. Time to try and get rid of him, I thought. I crossed my arms, and waited for the bus to come.

"Jarl", I said looking directly at him. "You look tired; you should get back to the team".

He didn't speak but from the look on his face, he had already disagreed.

"Please", I begged. "I really want to go alone and you…kind of distracted most of friends".

He shook his head no and I watched the curls bounced from left to right. If he wasn't then I should just do things the hard way. I stamped my feet and I growled.

"Ugh! For once, can't you guys just leave me alone?" I forced the word out of my wits.

"You know why", he said softly in a low grave voice. He looked almost motionless, but watching me trying to make sure I hadn't gone anywhere else. I expected something more than that from him: "Lackers can't defend themselves".

"Look, I never planned to be a vampire slayer, okay. I didn't even want you to suffer by watching me like this, and I hated it anyway watching you rather than you watching me. Go and practice and have fun with the other guys. Collin might want to do some word-fighting practices with you".

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Look, I-".

"I need a little personal space, and you're already taking it. You really need a break, and you worried me so much! Why not just let Phillip takes a turn at watching over me?" I suggested. And I was worried about him these days after all the following while the other Night Slayers rest during the day when Jarl would follow me everywhere and even guard me when I was sleeping inside my room (he tried to make sure I didn't know but I eventually found out how can I sleep each night thinking about my future). Jarl need to take care of himself too! He's part of the human world after all.

"Tanya", he spoke my name softly for the first time ever. "It's not Isadora that I'm looking after you". I saw him clutched his wrists, and he looked like someone had stabbed him behind his back.

"What's wrong?" I asked him staring at his hand. "Let me have a look".

"No", he said clutching his wrist harder. "It's just…normal. For me anyway".

"It's not normal", I persisted. "Jarl let me look at your hand". I tried to grab his wrist but he already pulled away from me. He gave me a stare for a long time, and then he looked down the ground.

"You should go back", I insisted with concern for the boy. "You're worrying me, Jarl".

He shook his head. "Why are you so stubborn? I mean-" I couldn't even bare to look at him right now. I was speechless. "Fine, you're going back to the Night Slayers", I told him.

"No", he disagreed. "I'm-".

"Don't say you're fine", I snapped. "And I'm coming with you so that you don't have to worry". I was sure I couldn't help myself to regret missing the last day of watching The Twilight Saga: Eclipse at the cinema. Oh well, I told myself. Guess I'll have to buy the discs when it's out. And there's a guy here who needs rest, and he wanted to go home very badly after seeing my boring adventures!

"Are you sure you want to miss Eclipse?" I didn't have to ask how he knew I wouldn't want to miss it. According to the decorations of Twilight posters in my bedroom he should already found out. He didn't approve of me watching vampires very much and said that I seriously need to get real in life. I hope he didn't read my diary or otherwise I would be in deep trouble with him. He looked really red. "Isadora told me you like it".

"There's always a time that I can watch it on the discs", I muttered. "Common the bus is here. Let's get back to Isadora".

He didn't dare to refuse my requests. Even if it was just a short time waiting for this bus here, I already felt like we were friends. Without being waited for him to gesture for me to get onto the bus like a gentleman, I quickly ditched him on the spot and walked inside finding a seat which I could have a little separation from him. There weren't so much people on this bus and I was glad. Without being invited I sat next to an old woman who had a grouchy-looking white pussy cat that seated perfectly on her lap. The cat purred at me and she stroke its head. "Vluffy", she murmured, "'eep steel". Jarl didn't look comfortable at all and he glanced at me trying to make sure I was fine from where he was standing beside the woman. I could hear the bus's door slamming together as the last passenger got on. Then slowly I felt the wheels moving forward. I watched the roads moving forward as the bus rode down the streets before turning my gaze to Jarl. He didn't look comfortable at all, and he sometimes dropped his hand and rubbed his wrist before catching onto the bars. There was something he didn't tell me, and I could see a few people standing next to him looking with wide eyes at the sword-or perhaps just the gigantic red ruby. There was a man next to him who tried to touch the ruby but eventually Jarl caught him in time. He scowled at the man who apologized and addresses himself as a gems collector and said that the ruby on the sword was a very rare ruby to be found only in volcanoes. Jarl got into conversations throughout the bus ride, but still he never kept his eyes away from me. I was rather annoyed that nobody talked to me, and I wanted very much to throw the fluffy-cat out the window since it kept on scratching me with its paws. Or maybe throw the scratching kitty at him!

I was glad we made it to the old abandoned school. It wasn't a big place, but it was quiet enough for a group of vampire-slaying routines to practice their skills every Sunday and call it "home". I could see the cracks through the walls and vines climbing up the burning parts of the wall. The trees had already forested the building and I could see the dark black bell ringing and I knew I was just in time for lunch. Jarl breathed in the smell of the rich soil and air around him. "Welcome home", I told him and to my delight he actually half-smiled. From the walkway under the shading canopy of trees, I could see Isadora yelling at Peter who was holding something like a burned baking pan. Isadora's red-hair was always noticeable and she always put both hands on her hips whenever she was cross. She was older than me in looks and age-somewhere in her thirties. Peter was laughing his ass off, and I could hear him teasing something which Isadora returned with a sharp, "It's not funny!"

"Practicing cooking, Peter?" Jarl teased smiling at them. "Something smells burned as the school". Peter gave him a childish nod and he scratched his chin. He's always the center of fun for me.

"Don't blame me. It's just the recipe-"

"Which clearly stated turn the oven to a hundred and eighty degrees not three-hundred-and-sixty", Isadora snapped and she took me by her hands and hugged me. She still has the strawberry scent on her jacket. "Good to see you alive, Tanya".

"I couldn't escape from Jarl's eagle eyes", I said trying to be a little descriptive. "He followed me everywhere around like a shadow!"

"That's good", she murmured and I glare at her.

"Even the ladies bathroom?" Peter taunted and Jarl kicked him in the shin. I just gave him a punch and I could see Isadora glaring at him.

"Shut up, Peter, you're wasting my time and I'll owe you a kick in the gut", Jarl impulsive tone threaten. "What are these? Oh-a Walter recipe? Let's see…burnt apple cake? Boy, I'm sure that the trash would have to buy it again".

"I'll thrash you later", Peter said and Jarl winced rubbing his wrist again. "What's wrong, Jarl?"

"I'm sure there's something he isn't telling me. He kept on rubbing his wrist since we arrived at the bus stop", I reported looking at Isadora who seemed to know what's going on. Even Peter…

"Did it happen again?" Peter asked and Jarl nodded his head.

"Go to your room, and I'll get the cure". Peter ran off to the medicine room and I watched Isadora helped Jarl walk to his room. I followed them, hearing Jarl groaned, and I found myself panicking along.

"What happen to him? Is he hurt?" I asked Isadora along the way. Her look was frightened with fear, and I could see her green eyes almost crying for her "brother". We went into one of the empty classrooms and Isadora laid him on his bed. I had never seen Jarl's room before, but accordingly it looked half as bad as a prison. There was a cot and he lay on the bed, looking rather sick burning with fever. A pile of books laid beside the floor and a huge empty space enough for him to practice with his sword.

"What happen?" I demanded looking at Isadora's soft eyes. I was determined to know, and first of all he looked okay and now he looked so sick!

"Don't tell her", Jarl almost shouted. "It'll scare her".

"Scare me?" I picked it up. He always hated me so why should he care. "What will scare me?"

"Stay out of my business, Lacker", he growled sharply and I froze. "Just get out of my room!"

"Don't be so rude, Jarl", Isadora chastised. "She deserved to know why else we're protecting her and I'm sure she won't protest with this reason. Tanya the reason we're protecting you is because we're scared you'll be like Jarl-he got bitten by a vampire before he became a full slayer and it's been killing him all these years like any mortalities. We didn't want it to happen to you sweetie".

Jarl grunted, but he waited for my reaction. I stood there, calm as a statue, and I looked at him. "If you think I'm scared you're very wrong Jarl", I said smoothly. "I'm not scared of death at all, and I shouldn't be especially when I was born to be a vampire-slayer. I am scared right now. Scared because you guys are worried about me and I cannot refuse about the protection". Instead I was angry at him for that. I hated "excuses". I should be scared because they were scared and cared about my protections. Jarl grunted, and Peter came back with the cure. Isadora didn't seem like she could go well with forcing Jarl to use the cure. I grabbed the cure from Peter and I sat near Jarl, unrolling his sleeves and I could see the vampire bite bleeding with silver venoms.

"How do we use this stuff?" I asked Peter who gave me what's-going-on look.

"Rub this on his wrist and let him drink this vial", he handed me a small shiny purple bottle with some lavender smelling substance. I grabbed Jarl's wrist, and I could feel him trying to break the bond between by grasped. "Stop moving", I told him scarcely and I put all my force to my right hand as I tried to pull the lid with my mouth by using my hand to hold the other bottle. Then spilling little drops of yellow liquid, I watched the venoms recede and then Jarl stopped withering and he closed his eyes breathing fast.

"Here, drink this", I said and he pulled his head away. "Don't be such a hot-head", I hissed and then I could hear him groaning something like, "Go away".

"I'll go away and give you privacy when you finish this", I told him. "Don't make me force you to drink it, the way I did it to my brother, Jarl". I watched his mouth opened to say something, and then without warning him (like I shouldn't) I poured the vial it into his mouth which sent him desperately tired into sleepy slumber.

"There", I said getting the towel which was soaked in ice water and I rubbed the beads of sweats from his forehead. I cleaned my hand with some hot water that Dora brought. "All done, and is he going to be sleeping like this the whole entire day?"

"Depends", Dora sighed. "Last time he spent a whole entire week sleeping after take the vial".

"I couldn't even bear those snores last time. I thought that there was even an earthquake!" Peter laughed. I didn't find his humor funny. Jarl looked so calm now and I touched his curls. I had never touched anything so smooth, soft and bouncy.

Something growled, and we glanced at Peter who was laughing and rubbing his belly.

"You thought that Jarl's snore was like an earthquake, and I thought that your stomach rumbling was like an angry mother bear threatening humans for her baby", I giggled glancing at Jarl for a second time.

"Since when did you two get so touchy?" Peter asked looking astounded and questionable. I didn't know how to answer that so I treated it as a rhetorical question. But the truth was I am intending to find an answer for that question: why defend the man who hated me? Was it because I wanted him to treat me like the others?

"Shall we eat?" Isadora asked with a weary look on her face.

"Sure", I smiled. The cinnamon rolls were hours ago and I could smell Loreena's bolognaise spaghetti cooking. "As long as there's no burned caramel cake", I added to Peter and he moaned.

"Fine then young Gladiamor", he said using my second non-favorite-nickname. "Why don't we two just declare peace, shut up, and then eat? Or at least I am because I need to get some rests and then get up for some games. Isadora, common", he began walking but Isadora hadn't moved. "Isadora? Aren't you coming?"

"Later, I need to talk to talk to Tanya", she explained and I stare at her.

"Fine, then, I'll leave you some privacy, but make sure the old Jar gets some sleep", he murmured and he walked out of the room patting his blond hair and looking like a cool James Bone. Jarl was snoring loudly, and I laughed never seeing him this sleepy.

"Let's go outside. Peter is right, Jarl needs some sleep", Isadora said never turning her gaze away from me. "Guess I forced him to watch over you too much and he sure is one tired lad". I followed her outside the room, taking one more glance at the sleeping man on the cot before I go. Instead Isadora pulled my arms to her room and she locked the doors. Her room was the neat and best one, with wooden floors, a nice bed, and an air-conditioned on the wall, curtains, and lamps shining like a torch, with a canopy of painted angels. She even installed an old sofa near the bed. On both sides of the room were some pictures of her childhood and her vampire-slaying team. I couldn't help looking at her pretty golden fire arrow that was glowing with fire. She gestured toward the sofa.

"Have a seat", she told me and I did looking around her room.

She sat besides me looking well-mannered and beautiful at the same time. She handed me a photo album and I watched her. "Open it", she told me and I did. There were photos of her in her childhood with her younger brother Collin. I watched them pass until college, and then I saw a picture with Isadora and a brown hair curled boy who was suddenly staring at the people around him like he didn't know. Inside his hand was a shining sword that has a gigantic ruby. Jarl looked way younger than I was in the photo. He didn't smile, but he just stared at the sword inside his hand. Then she pointed to another picture below the photo and there was two brothers looking almost identical. I couldn't tell which one was Jarl, but I could see that one was taller than he was with the same curls. It was taken in the olden days in black and white. They were both smiling sweetly and the looked so brotherly. Both of them were wearing charming cuffs, and fantastic black shirt.

"I stole that picture from him", she clarified. "It's taken when he was fifteen. That's Jarl", she pointed to the smaller boy who was holding a wooden sword. "And that's Remus", she pointed to the older brother who looked well-educated. "Jarl was two years younger than Remus, and his brother brought him a good life. They loved playing with each other, and they would often written novels together. Poor Jarl, his father and mother died and he was left alone with Remus. Remus left his college dreams and he used all the money to raise Jarl. Of course they ended up stealing foods and sleeping on the street, but Remus had always tried and paid the school rent for Jarl's education. He knew that he can't get his dream, but he hoped that his brother could. Later onward, Jarl got his first letter on his arms-like you Tanya", she rolled my sleeves up and there showed a tattoo like letters which was suppose to spell "SLAYER" but there was only "SLAY" so far. "I was one of Remus's friends, and when I first met Jarl he actually told me about the letters. I knew that I had found another vampire-slayer in the team, but I didn't dare to tell Remus. He looked so confident and…" she paused. "Lovable".

"You like Remus didn't you?" I asked her. "You fell for him?"

She nodded her head. "Exactly, and that's the reason I got this". She showed raised her arms and I could see burns of word in golden writing flickering that read: "Remember the Oath". "It only hurts when you're thinking about that person", she was crying and I watched the writing flickering. "And it does burn. Perhaps I was wrong about letting you feel passionate feelings and I don't think you could abandon it when you feel the feelings".

"I haven't loved anyone yet", I laughed.

"No", she shook her head. "You do love him".

"Who do I love?" I gasped. I could feel myself betraying me.

"The way you look at him, the way you cope things when he's hurt; tells me already", she whispered. "You love Jarl, honey. I know it".

"No, I didn't", I lied. I could feel myself blushing and I know that my body already betrayed me. "Perhaps you've been thinking too much Isadora".

"Don't feel that way, it'll only give you pain-look it's not that I said no but it's just painful when you finally become a slayer", she sniffed. "It's up to you to decide but I'll rather say that. You love Jarl, honey but loving with one side is bad and it would be bad if Jarl loved you also".

"What happen if we break the oath?" I asked.

"Don't try it", she whispered. "It's the other reason I wanted you to forget. To break the oath, you have to give up half your soul as it was the power in us to become a slayer. Half our soul is like death, you can't live long being half soul".

I frowned, unsure of what she was talking about. "Look, it's exactly like being half-dead and half-alive-like freaks and being half-human", she explained. I like the way she called vampire: "freaks".

"What happen to Remus then?" I asked deciding to change the subject. "Didn't he live?"

She shook her head. "No. He was bitten by Gorge and he became one of them".

"What!" I gasped. Jarl became a slayer and Remus as somewhat a brotherly enemy.

"The night I found out that he was a vampire was exactly the day that Jarl had the vampire mark. Remus told me to kill him at first, after being bitten but I didn't believe him. I was selfish to do so, and that's exactly what I regret".

"You shouldn't regret not killing him", I told her. "You just did what you should do".

"It was a very bit mistake", she continued. "He became one of them, and when Tristan told me to kill Remus, I just couldn't shoot the arrow at him".

"Who's Tristan? Is he still here?"

"No he's dead. I just watched Remus and Tristan fought each other. Remus; a very strong vampire, bit Tristan and Tristan was gone. That's when I realized that Remus was not the kindhearted, lovely person I had once fallen in love with. He is a beast!" she wailed.

I patted her back, trying to comfort her. "And I couldn't believe he did this to Jarl", she maintained. "He couldn't watch his brother become his enemy and so he bit Jarl a day before he became a vampire. Fortunately, I helped Jarl to go through the steps of becoming a vampire-slayer and he was entirely changed. Jarl was at least happy to see his brother, but when he realized it wasn't the same Remus, Jarl's heart and love grew weak. I had seen Jarl sitting alone inside his room, looking at the scar every single night before he went out. He had never felt happiness since, and it was even worst that he couldn't feel love after taking the oath. Remus had never come back, and Jarl practiced every day and night hoping that he could be the one to kill Remus".

"He would kill his own brother? But why…I thought that Jarl loved Remus", I whispered thinking it was insane for Jarl to do so.

"To others, it seemed insane but to me I think that Jarl reached the right decision. If killing Remus could stop him from turning other people into vampires, then Jarl would risk it. When Remus was human, he had told Jarl that he wanted the world to be right without having any wrong doings in the world and seeing people suffer under the cloud of darkness. Kill Remus is like freeing him from wrongdoings and getting him out of the cloud of darkness. It would hurt Jarl, but Remus should be proud of him to free him under the venoms". She sighed. "And don't tell anyone about Remus and Jarl's relationship. Loreena and Peter hated Remus. If they found out the relationship between them, Jarl would definitely be in big trouble. Do you promise?"

"I swear upon the oath that I shall not speak about their relationship", I vowed using the most powerful vow which cannot be broken.

"Good", she smiled. "I'm glad to have you as a sister soon, Tanya. Did you tell your parents yet?"

"No", I said glumly. Telling my parents that I was going away from them, ditching high-school and college was the worst thing I could've done. Especially Gabriel! What would he do when he found out that I was not his real sister? I had always been adopted until I was found out to be the daughter of Radix and Atria Voles the head leader of the team. My (real) parents were killed by Dracula fortunately, and their last wish was for them to search for me; and her I am, looking incredibly stupid, and preparing to take over Peter's job just because of my parents.

"You only have two letters left only, and its better if you inform your family who you are now", Isadora told me. "It's almost the Red Moon, and I think that it's best if you do it today".

"Not today please", I begged. I couldn't believe that my next letter (a vowel: E) would appear at the Red Moon and by the time the time it appear I would be preparing to become the next Night Slayer leader and I would be meeting the werewolf pack that Isadora was talking about. Peter had said often that he would miss his job pretty badly when "young Gladiamor" took over his job but rather than that he didn't know that I was going to use him as my second in command. Neither could I refuse the traditional ways of being leader even if I did want to.

Isadora took my hand and I could feel the smooth texture on her skin. "Not going to watch Eclipse today?"

"I was rather trying to get Jarl lost so that I could sneak into the cinema-he thinks its lame but rather in fact I loved it! It would be sad…but I think that I should just wait for the DVDs and then watch it a hundred times till I get bored".

She sighed. "I can't harm you to watch it, but it would take the fun out of you…"

She handed me something flat wrapped in aluminum foils and I quickly unwrap it.

"Really? I get to go?!" I exclaimed over the precious movie tickets. I scowled when I saw that there were two extra tickets.

"Maybe bring Collin with you if you don't mind for protection… and a friend?"

"Aww…!" I groaned. "Not Collin, please". Collin was rather distractive and he hated Twilight than Jarl does. Though he was a nice "buddy" and was very talkative, he was the greatest distraction for complaining throughout the movie about fictional characters.

I couldn't believe that Isadora wanted me to take her younger brother to the movie!

"That's the deal, my mistress", Dora snapped. "Or otherwise I'm taking that back".

"Deal is on", I grumbled and I heard Peter laughing from far away.

"Thank you then, Tanya", she said and I just gave her a sour-lemon face. "I know that Collin might be annoying but the kid should get some practicing".

"Fine, if you insist Dora but in exchange you must answer a question", I decided.

"Alright then".

"What's my real Voles name?" I asked.

"Nina Voles".

"Nina? I like that name. Thanks for telling me anyway. I had been curious".

"You're welcome, Tanya, and I think that you should be eating and getting ready for the movie", Isadora suggested helping me stand up on both feet. "Thank you so much for bringing Jarl home. He is dearly a brother to me".


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