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Universal Series

Novel By: Diary Of A Musical

The Sun is running out of gas, and seven Elements from different planet must work together to save the entire universe. View table of contents...



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If it wasn't for the nightmare that woke me up, I would've blasted the whole entire house away like a crazy bomb.

I opened my eyes; screamed before realizing that it was after all a bad dream.

My hands were coiled together forming a ball of electrical current which could shock possibly twenty people. I unfurled my fingers slowly and looked out of the window. The moon was too bright and that was probably the cause of this whole nightmare. I tried to shut the window but somehow part of the dreams crept back inside my head.

I remembered what it was all about. The picture was too realistic that it could've been true: I was standing on the surface of the Sun feeling fire burning me. I saw my skin, dried as ever and I could feel the forces of the sun trying to pass through the protecting-globe in which I had formed. Still, I can feel pain and blisterness across from the heat burning the outside globe. My head was spinning dizzily and my throat was dry as a river bed. Still, I gasped and forced myself moving forward.

There was someone- someone I couldn't see the face at all shouting my name and I was reaching my hand and shouting-his name? Or was it a her?

What? What was I shouting at? That's the weird thing about dreams: you always forget no matter how much you try to remember. But this dream had come too often, and the mysterious dream just bothered my head.

This wasn't the first time I had this vivid dream. This was probably the eleventh or something like that. I always dreamt about it: me standing on the sun and shouting a name which I had always forgotten about.

Whenever I had repeated dreams it was always something that would definitely happen in the future-must happen! There was never a time where my prediction was wrong. Normally, I would understand the prediction but for this one, I was not sure at all about what's happening.

I closed my eyes and hoped that the dream would just come back. I really wanted to know what's happening because this was the matter between life and death.


"Amanda", I heard someone called my name. "Amanda Trizella!"

I opened my eyes slowly, and feeling a little disappointed that the dream had not return back.

The sky was perfectly violet-the usual color of morning when the sun light touched the iron coat around Mercury heating the surface of the hemisphere (the iron coats were only the only thing that fooled humans on Earth as well as aliens living in other planet. On top of the bars were thick dirt and that's how many people claimed that there were no life on this planet. How wrongly they were about this. The only time possibly that this coat would open was perhaps when the eclipse came-last night).

The door opened and there was my guardian, Carliss looking frustrated at me-which I always seemed to be to her mostly.

"Miss. Trizella", Carliss scowled at me with both her hands on her hip.

"Good morning, Carliss", I told her as if I was happy to see her. "How well did you sleep?"

"Not as well", she told me running her fingers through her long white hair. "Now, let's not waste time and get to school…" She yanked the bed sheet away and opened the curtains so that the room was filled with nothing but purple light.

I moaned and began walking to the Audiator. I bathed myself and comb through my long white hair before forcing myself into a ridiculous blue tight: a regular uniform for Santenelle. Last of all, I took my electronic book and began walking down the stair to the Liva Room where Carliss already had the keys in her hand to drive the mini-spaceship.

"Eat up your Vonderbar, and then we'll go". She tossed me a bar of energetic chocolate and began walking outside.

That's what I pitied about her. She has too much self-esteem and I couldn't believe that my parent actually left her in charge of me when they went the expedition-thingy with my brother Duster( I was glad they didn't call me Cleaner at least). Couldn't they leave me with someone like...our neighbor Mrs. Nora or my always-scolding Aunt Prunella? Carliss has nothing to do with the blood line at all and she definitely wasn't a daughter of any of my parent's friends.


"Coming your majesty", I sighed and walked toward the door into the mini-spaceship. She turned on the radio station to Lazy Carloosos's album "Merc You Cry" and began singing "The Lost Heart of Mercury". I wished that I had something fancier than a jet-like spaceship. Still, I sat on the leather seat and began looking out the streets where everybody else was driving like maniacs.

"Your heart of dignity", Carliss's voice was terrible and I hated it every time she screeched in the 'dignity' part of this song.

"You know Carliss, it didn't even make sense in that 'dignity' part", I commented.

"A song is a song, Amanda", she told me looking to the front road and flying down the maniac streets. "Anyway Lazy Carloosos's songs never made sense to me. That's what I like about them".

"Like", I scoffed. "Wouldn't it be better to have songs that have words with endings sounding nearly the same-like the humans? What was that word call again?"

"You're thinking of rhymes, sweetheart", she told me softly. "You should know that by now at school. Which reminds me did you study for your Humanfactorial test?"

"Yes", I lied quickly. "I did it last night".

"What was the name of the Earthian famous American's first president call?" Now, I see why they chose Carliss to be my babysitter: she never missed the details.

"Um, Abraham Lincoln?" I guessed.

"It's George Washington", she rolled her eyes. "I thought you studied last night".

"We're not learning about the president yet", I told her. "We're studying about the mad-scientist person. Who was he? Alvert Einstein?"

"Albert Einstein and he was no mad-scientist. He was just the founder of physic for the humans. And" she added. "You should know about him also because you're psychic yourself, Amanda".

"Freak powers", I told her using the same terms that people called me at school. I was probably the only person alive with the prediction power and everything involving physics.

"No really, it's a gift", she corrected. "Think if how you could use it to help people".

"I don't think they really need my help, Carliss. Since technology had already overcome the world".

"I don't think they had created any robotic figures which could fight super villains", she smiled. "Try using it wisely. Like, help others who get bullied".

"I'll try", I nodded my head. I knew that there never was a need to use these freak powers at all. Help the bullies? How about help myself first because I was the one getting teased by my supernatural power.

"And we're at school", Carliss told me stopping the spaceship in mid-air. "You brought your Iboard right?"

"Of course", I told her and quickly got out of the spaceship. "Just wish me luck, I tend to need some".

"Good luck", she waved and left the spaceship lifted above ground and headed toward a different direction.



"What are you going to use your freak powers for?" someone sneered.

"Here comes Amanda Trizella the evil freak girl", someone snickered.

I was used to this for many years of course but still hearing them was like getting poked by thousands of pins. I just faced the floor and walked straight to the classroom.

There were people laughing at me when I sat down at my seat and try to control my anger.

I could've just blasted them away but this was not the reason that I was in school-at Stanelle.

I didn't want to be a villain at all, but it would be best if these people would treat me like…like I had no-

"Freak power Trizella", Elaide Syner whispered passed my ears. Whenever I heard it from everyone elses mouth I was very comfortable but with her I was definitely uncontrollable.

"What a loser you are, Amada-no freak", she said.

"Shut up", I told her. It was her who started making my life miserable every single day.

"That's right, do something about this. Blast me and then get kick out of this school! You can't harm me…because you're a freak!" she guffawed.

I glared at her and I was already forming a globe of electrical energy.

"You dare Trizella?"

I let it go, but it was then that Elaide started panicking and screaming.

"Help! Help! Help! Crazy Trizella is trying to kill me with her FREAK powers!" Evil stupid brat what exactly was she trying to say?

I could see eyes turning to me and everyone was gasping as they saw me holding the ball of electrical power.

"Miss. Trizella!" Great, now even the school principal saw me doing that. Thanks a lot Elaide!

I was one hundred percent sure that I was going to get kicked out of school.

"Come with me!" Mr. Spider shouted at me. "Directly to MY office and give it a release with that thing!"

Across from the slight corner of my eyes I could see Elaide smiling. You're in big, big, trouble freak…she mouthed.

I just glared at her for a split second before following Mr. Spider to his office for the yelling.

I need to find excuses for Carliss.

"That is not appropriate, miss", Mr. Spider told me along the way. "Did you know that your abnormal power could kill a Mercurian like us?"

"I didn't do it at all, Mr. Spider", I tried to confess but he wasn't paying attention.

"Office", he pointed. "Follow".

Great, what could possibly be the best excuse for Carliss?

As I entered the door I already found someone standing in there. A human!

"Emil Parker, this is Amanda Trazilla", Mr. Spider told him.

According to what the guy-Emil- was wearing I could tell he was a scientist. His lengthen black hair was cropped unevenly and he was wearing a nerdy type of glasses.

"Hello Amanda, I've been expecting you", he said holding out his arms with white skin. The color was just unusual for me because of course Mercurian have luminous blue skin and always white hair.

"Hi", was all I managed to say.

"Amanda, this is Emil Parker the famous scientist of the whole entire universe".

"Why had I never heard of him-"

"It doesn't matter whether you've heard of me or not, Amanda", Emil said quickly. "What's important is that whether you are the rightful person I've been trying to find across the universe or not".

"Should I leave?" Mr. Spider asked and I turned to look at him.

"Leave? Mr. Spider, I thought I was going to call Carliss and then get kicked out of school".

"You didn't harm my student at least, and no there's no need to call your guardian. Emil here has something to tell you, importantly than me kicking you out of Stanelle. I should leave now, and let Emil tell you the 'top secret'. She's all yours, Emil" and I hated the sound of the last sentence.

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