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Warning: you will be confused when you begin to read this. The story takes place in Sesrath, a continent inhabited by Elves, through the eyes of Cearing, a fated warrior of the Forest Elves. Cearing is a genius amongst his kind, but, as with all geniuses, something isnt working right... View table of contents...


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In the Elven Forest in the middle of the continent of Sesrath, it was predicted for decades that the perfect warrior would be soon born. Intelligent, fast, strong and able; unprecedented in every way. The day finally came when the boy was born to the elf Alice, with no abnormalities whatsoever. In his early years, his body grew normally, but his mind surpassed all standards. Just after a few years his mind was as mature as an adult elf, and after a few more years, as mature as an elder. He was trained at an advanced level and was shown all the arts known to the Forest Elves. However, when the boy's body reached the age of 15 and started to become more of an adult, things changed in the Forest. The Elven Forest consisted of three main parts, each more different than the other, which mainly didn't cooperate and stayed in their proper borders. Catastrophes started to happen in all three parts of the forest. In one part the houses were constantly robbed and their food was poisoned. In the other properties were destroyed and trees were torn down. In the last part of the forest, where all the royalty lived, the people were attacked and killed at night by demons, as the rumors go. The Forest Elves thought that the young warrior was cursed and exiled him in the mountain that was north of the Elven Forest. That young warrior was me me me me. Ever since I was exiled I've not known what happens down the mountain because I never leave my lonely home I found up here. Just like any Forest Elf, I have purple-blue skin, pointy ears and long black hair. Unlike any Forest Elf, though, I have blue eyes instead of purple eyes. My name is my name is my name is my name is Cearing. I am a master of shock reverse daggers fist to fist morphing. During the last 21 years, I've trained my mind to work with the forces around me to be able to produce shockwaves. This was one of unpracticed arts of the Forest Elves that was taught to me by the elders of the Royal part of the Forest. It was unpracticed because nobody was able to succeed in the old methods that were just scraps of parchments. I was given the parchments at the age of 12 and in a matter of days I was producing small shockwaves. Now my shockwaves are very large and I can bend them at will. Every day every day every day every day I wake up to the snow outside, walk out barefoot with nothing but pants and do basic training for the body taught to me by the generals in the Western part of the Forest, followed by a long period of meditation. After meditation I hunt the mountain animals for food. The two-legged reptiles are actually really good. After eating I go to sleep and wait wait wait wait for morning. This is this is this is this is my life, which will probably last for a very long time.

I opened my eyes in the middle of my meditation. Time to have some fun. I got up, left my home I had found, and started running down the mountain at lightning speed. After a few minutes I got to the edge of the Elven Forest. As usual, I went towards the Eastern part. Who will be my victim this time? As I got close to the populated area I heard something and stopped running. A Forest Elf came running between the trees.
His purple eyes almost didn't believe what he was seeing. He stopped opposite me, his disbelief turning into anger. "Cearing, you cursed snake!" He said angrily. "I'll have my revenge for what you did!"
"What exactly would that be?" I asked. It had completely slipped my mind.
"You retch! Two years ago you brutally violated my mate, Elena. I missed my opportunity last year, but this time I got lucky you passed by during my training."
"Ah yes...she screamed like a child. It was very amusing."
His anger rose even more. "This day you pay!" And he drew out his slim sword and readied himself.
"I see you've not heard the rumors then." I chuckled and pulled out my daggers.
"I've heard them alright; I'm not scared of your reverse dagger art. I'll impale you with my trusted sword." He looked really confident.
I placed myself in the dreaded reverse dagger stance, ready for an attack at any angle. "Let's make this fun, alright?"
"Don't count on it!" He screamed as he lunged towards me with a swift strike to the side.
This was too easy. I parried the strike with my crossed right-hand dagger and shot by him before he could blink and cut his cheek on the way with my left-hand dagger. He was shocked in place as I stood a meter behind him and said: "Oh, I AM counting on it..."
He passed his hand over the red line on his cheek, realizing what had happened. He turned back my way and faced me at the ready again.
Over the next hour the one-sided battle continued and with each minute the state of my new friend worsened with a dozen more cuts. This was what I lived for; seeing people suffer always made me laugh in joy. Now he was barely able to stand up, using his sword as a hold. "Well, you're not bad, still standing after an hour. It's a wonder you haven't bled to death yet. I especially like those cuts I made right below your eyes, makes it look like you're crying blood."
He looked just as angry as when we had started. "I...won't die until...I see your downfall." He tried to lift his sword again but failed with lack of energy.
"The only one falling is you!" I ran so fast to him he didn't have time to react and I cut a deep gash in his right leg, making him fall down. I licked the fresh blood from my dagger, savoring it. I looked at the desperation in his eyes and laughed. Then, I lowered my head to be closer to his and whispered: "I really hope you don't die. It'd be nice if we could do this again next year. Pray that help comes fast." He tried to spit in my face but I dodged it by bending to the right. "Nice try on the spitting. Maybe you should train a bit more in that field. Anyway, thanks to you I didn't have to look far this year. Farewell...for now." And with that I left the poor fellow bleeding in the dirt and made my way back to the mountain for a long rest.


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