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Lyric Iris Mitchell, a werewolf. She's the next Alpha, which makes her life already complicated.

Her wolf is white, unknown of. Whats the true meaning of it? Is there a true meaning? View table of contents...


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Chapter One

Lycanthropy is the ability or power of a human being to undergo transformation into a werewolf, or to gain wolf-like characteristics.

It's passed down by each family that holds the trait, a bloodline. My family, is one of the most powerful Alpha bloodlines, controlling most of the west side of America. My father, is still the Alpha, his best friend, Simon, is his Beta. Normally, the Alpha trait gets passed down to the first born, but what can I say, I got lucky.

My brother may not act pissed that his 17 year old sister, but when I tend to rub it him, I can see the anger flash through his eyes, before he composes himself. They day I turn 18, is the day I can choose to challenge my father. If I choose not to, I can once again at the age of 21. After the age of 21, the chance of me becoming Alpha become slim. I have exactly 9 months and 2 days until I turn 18, and right know... all I want is to enjoy my junior year.

My mother started me early in my school years, causing me to be younger in my high school years. My brother is 19 as of 3 months ago, and I haven't made a decision as to who my Beta is.

"Lyric Iris Mitchells...!" I heard my mom, Bethany; yell up the stairs to me.

"It's Iris!" I yelled back at her, annoyed as she called me by my full name.

I don't understand what was running through their minds when they called me Lyric, I mean do I look like a freaking piece of sheet music, with words to a song written all over my body... NO I don't think so! So I chose to be called by my middle name, Iris.

I had a feeling they made my middle name Iris, due to my odd eye color; a purple blue. My wolf is white, with random strands of Iris running through them, making me the oddest, and only, werewolf looking like this.

Most werewolves where brown, and a few grey. My family was a dark grey, so when I transformed into a huge -- taller than most -- white wolf, they were shocked.

My sensitive ears perked up, as I heard small tip-toeing coming down my hall. I shook my head, letting a small chuckle escape my lips. "He'll never learn," I mumbled to myself, as I made way to my door.

I heard his hand make contact with my doorknob, and then it opened, but before he could shout anything, I had my teeth elongated, my nails grew longer and I let out a loud 'boo'

My brother, Michael -- or Mike, to his liking, jumped back, a girly scream escaping his lips, as his hand shot up to calm his fast beating

A smirk made form on my lips, as a burst of laughter escaped my lips. His eyes were still wide, his breathing still rapid.

"Don't do that!" He rasped out, causing my smirk to grow wider, and a scowl to form on his face as his honey colored eyes narrowed to my iris ones.

"When are you going to learn Mikey, you'll never be able to scare me," I lectured him.

"I can always hope," He growled.

"You can hope, but you'll never succeed" I yelled to him, as I grabbed my cell phone, flipping my wavy blonde hair over my shoulder.

I heard an incoherent mumble from my brother, but ignored it as I bounced down the stairs, my happy mood radiating around the room.

"Morning Sweetheart," My mom said to me, as she kissed my forehead, causing me to scowl at her, and swipe the back of my hand across my forehead. "Aww sweetie, you know you like momma's sugars," She said, using the voice as if she was talking to a baby.

"Mom," My scowl deepened. "Please stop,"

"Sorry sweetie," She continued teasing me.

"Dad! Save me," I wailed, yelling for him.

"You'll survive," I heard him yell back.

My mouth opened agape as I stared at the door he was walking out of. He turned to smile sheepishly at me, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

"B-but, you always protect me," Cue the bambi eyes.

I saw his face soften, as some amusement left his deep brown eyes. I growled as the back of my head was slapped, causing my bambi face to fall, and my father to catch himself, not letting his character fall.

I turned towards the culprit, a hard glare in my eye as a snarl escaped my lips.

"Damn you, Mike...!" I yelled after him as he managed to escape my menacing glare, and revving his engine as he zoomed out of the driveway.

"Language," I heard both my parents say as I made my own way outside, and into my new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

* * * *

Mt. Shasta California, the home for us. The woods around allowed us to transform unseen, and gave a wide environment to run, seeing as we controlled most of it.

And then we have Mt. Shasta High School, the home of the wolves, coincidence, nope. About half our school is human population, and they know nothing of the existence of werewolves, unless a wolf's mate is human, which is rare.

I climbed out of my car, as greetings where thrown my way as I walked into the populated school building.

"Iris!" I heard a favorite voice yell.

I turned around to see her brown curly hair, bouncing up and down as she sprinted down the hall towards me, a smile brightening her face; my best friend, Taylor Hughes.

"Hey Tay," I smiled at her as our arms linked together, as we continued down the hall.

"How was your weekend?" She asked me.

"Uh," I groaned, remembering the dreaded weekend. "I had to go to the once a year, all Alpha's come together meeting, whatever you call them," I mumbled.

"Bloodlines..." She trailed off.

"Yeah, that," I waved off. "Anyway, enough of that crap, how was your weekend? What awesome gossip did I miss that's running around our pack?"

"Uh," She thought, searching her mind for events of the weekend. "Oh!" She suddenly yelled, causing eyes to snap to us. "Nothing to see here," She waved them all off, and they obeyed since I was in the presence of them, except some humans. "I heard Travis McCoy mated with Amber,"

"Amber, the short one, black hair and like green eyes Amber?" I questioned her.

"Yeah, that Amber," She giggled.

"Good for her! I thought she'd be the innocent nerd all her life... no offence to her or anything though," I grinned happily, though lowering my voice at the last minute.

"I wonder when we'll find our mates," She sighed dreamily.

I shrugged at her, although the thought never crossed my mind. I wouldn't mind a mate, but I don't exactly want one at the moment.

An arm found its way around my shoulder, bringing me into a hug. I smiled, realizing who it was.

"Hey Adam," I smiled to my other best friend, Adam Jones.

"How was the Bloodlines meeting?" He asked me.

"Boring as freaking ever!" I exclaimed to him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my brother glaring at Adams arm around my shoulder. I sent him back a glare, daring him. But then a thought struck me, what the hell was my brother doing here?

'What are you doing here?' I mentally asked him.

He walked over to me, with a goofy grin on his face, as he pulled out an object from his pocket, and holding it out to me.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you!" I squealed, grabbing it from him and throwing it in my purse that hung loosely on my shoulder.

"Welcome," He said simply, walking off.

I frowned at him as I yelled out, "Love you to big brotha'!"

Which made him flip me the bird.

* * * *

I sigh, sitting down at the lunch table, sitting in between Taylor and Adam. I poke at my food, but who can blame me? Mystery meat isn't really appealing to my stomach. I'd rather me chowing down on some Orange chicken from the Chinese place in town.

"I hate school lunches," I scowled, while Adam and Taylor nodded in agreement, as the also poked around their food.

"When are your cousins coming?" Taylor asked me.

"Uh," I thought, trying to remember what mom told me yesterday. "I think tomorrow, at like 4-ish,"

"Is Derek going to be there?" She asked referring to my 'hot' cousin.

"Yes, Derek will be there for you to drool over," I sighed at her.

"Hey, how about we go to the mall after school, then go for a run," Taylor suggested.

"Sounds good with me, Adam do you want to join our run later?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I could use a good run," He said, his arms stretching above him head, causing his muscles to flex, and the girls to swoon.

My nose twitched, as an odd scent hit my nose, as it also sent chills down my spine. I also saw Taylor and Adams nose sniffing to, as well as the rest of the pack.

"Do you smell that?" Taylor asked me.

I nodded my head towards her, trying to pick up the scent again. "It's gone, nothing to worry about," I shrugged.

Lunch continued, and the wolves got back to normal as though we didn't sense an unfamiliar smell, as gossip flew around to room. I looked around at each member of my soon to be pack, and smiled at the thought of it. Honestly, I couldn't wait to become Alpha, no matter all the responsibilities

"Iris!" A voice yelled, and a presence was walking towards me.

I turned my head, another smile escaping my lips as I looked at a fellow pack member. "Hey Richard,"

"When's the next pack meet?" He whispered, to low for human ears to notice.

"Uh, actually I'm not sure. I just got back from the Bloodlines meeting, so I'm sure my dad will call one soon. I'll send it out to you all though when I find out," I whispered back, as all other pack members ears listened in.

"Thanks," He smiled, began to walk off, but he stopped mid stride and turned towards me again.

"Bonfire...?" He asked, with a sheepish smile on his face.

"I'll have one this Friday, how's that?" I asked him, although I could hear in my head everyone else's agreements.

I decided to send out a message, using our link we have as a pack. 'Everyone in West Forest, Friday night is a bonfire at the Alpha house, starts at six,'

I could hear shouts and woots as everyone enjoyed the fact of an easy going friday.

* * * *

"How about this one?" Taylor asked me, picking up the fifth dress so far.

This one was a blue floral print dress that hit just above her knees, accentuating her curves perfectly.

"I like it, but I also like the purple one," I informed her.

"You buy the purple one, it's your favorite color and matches those eyes of yours," She said gracefully, her voice soft and full of kindness.

Shopping with Taylor was always a task. She was a dress and skirts kind of person, while I was a shorts and jean person. On days, we would dress each other, and I'd end up in a dress to short, or to low cut. I'm honestly kind of a tom boy, having an older brother, and hanging out with the pack guys since I was younger. I like football, and tackling people to the ground, getting muddy... none of it bothered me.

Taylor was the complete opposite, but what do they say? Opposites attract.

"You know I don't like dresses," I whined.

She looked at me, her eyes filled with the message, 'you are buying this dress Lyric Iris Mitchells, and you don't have a choice'.

I groaned, taking the dress in my hand and walking to the checkout line.

"I'm taking it you got the look coming from my eyes?" She asked me, as she stood behind me.

"Unfortunately," I grumbled.

The lady at the register totaled up my price, coming to 80 dollars and 50 cents. I handed over my ATM card, and she swiped it through her machine. She gave me a kind smile, and I returned it happily, as I rushed out of the store, ready for that run.


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