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Dragon Tide: Aladorian Blood War (Series): Noble Team

By: DracoWyrm

Chapter 1, The first Dragon Tide Short Story. Join Noble Team, nine Dragonling soldeirs, along side with Alexander, their captain. Experince the Great War with the fairys in their eyes, and in their great struggle to protect those they loved.

Dragon Tide Chronicles

Noble Team


            It was at a time of great distress for the people of the Dragonling Kingdom, when the Red Hawks were founded. War was raging all around us, and there was little hope. Even with our numbers, we could not defeat the fairies which invaded our homeland. In our desperation, we decided to begin training a select number of soldiers to be Special Forces, rather then all of them being standard soldiers. With this, the ten squads were formed: Noble, Alpha, Delta, Overdrive, Beta, Arctos, Genclos, Theta, and Hygols. Of all of these, the Noble Team by far was the most honorable of any of them. They were famous for their ability to take on whole legions of fairy armies without a scratch. Their adventures, and sacrifices, will never be forgotten.

                                    ~Racla, Supreme Commander of the Chromatic Dragonling Armies after the Fall of Alexandi Hall, Dedication Ceremony

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