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Illumi: Purity

Novel By: DracoWyrm

The story of a girl from a remote tribe, with ancient secrets. Morgan LaShay lives in a remote town called Cibola. Her life will be radically changed by her experiences, and the forces that her ansestors once fought against. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 29, 2012    Reads: 47    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Illumi: Purity

A novel by Blake D. Price, AKA, DracoWyrm


My people, the Sergi Tribe are located not where you would expect a people like mine to exist. We are slightly nomadic, being that we occasionally move to a different village every other week. Located on one of the very tips of Arizona, our territory lies in a perfect circle, like it always has. Because we were so far out of the way of other people, we were not given a reservation, because we never leave that tight area. Why you haven't heard of us? Because there's no way to really get there. No roads, no nothing. The United States government found us after an event, called the World War ll.

Our people have this one legend that our elders and even my parents firmly believe. It's a tale about vampires and werewolves. It kinda goes like this. Notice that I'm saying it in a way that can be understood plainly, not how it's usually spoken. 'Long ago, there was a realm separate yet joined to Earth. Illumi, it was called. This was the home of the vampires, and the werewolves. They lived in strained peace with one another, until the deaths of their two kings, both on the same second, minute, hour, and day. Both sides blamed one another, and began to fight. Where does the real world come in?

A portal was found, capable of sending whole armies of werewolves and vampires through into a world of both sunlight and moonlight. Both sought to conquer this world on the other side. When they arrived here, Rome had fallen. The Dark Ages had begun. The peoples however, DID notice the powers of these two types of humanoid, the bloodsuckers, and the shape changing men. They began attempting to kill any vampire and werewolf seen. However, they could not halt the terrors of the night. After centuries of terror, a priestess appeared, of no known origin, appeared, and destroyed the portal to Illumi. Werewolves and Vampires alike, were trapped. The generals of the two in a terrible rage, attempted to kill her, but after the first blow, and her blood spilt, the blood that fell on any vampire and werewolf burned them as if it was acid. This was how just pure this priestess was.

After this, great massacres and hunts for witches, vampires, and werewolves took place. They all but vanished from earth. Our people are said to be descended from this priestess. She was said to bear an amulet, which made her blood so pure. Whatever happened to her, happened to the amulet. This is the one thing that we don't have any knowledge of, where the amulet is. So my parents tell me.

A month ago, my parents took me away from home, to a place called Cibola. The only thing they told me was, 'So we can get away from it all.' I wondered for a long while what that meant. Tomorrow would be my first day at school. I was not looking forward to this. Oh, my name is Morgan LaShay.


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