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Burning Midnight (excerpt)

Novel By: DragonsSong

just an excerpt(?) letknow what u think View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 30, 2008    Reads: 179    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Gabriel's teeth dug deeper into the back of the human's neck. He felt them meet the human's spine with a slight click. He broke it with a jerk from side to side, killing the kid as painlessly and quickly as possible. He'd been beaten so badly that he had been slowly dying, painfully, from the inside. He carefully set the boy's body in the arms of his mother, she was crying helplessly. She carried him out the door shakily with a nod to him. Gabriel made a mental note to kill whatever Vampire had done this to the boy, not even a pet deserved to be treated like a punching bag.
He tied his long auburn hair back into a bun, the ends still touching his shoulders. Marcus stepped into the room quietly, his smooth voice piercing the dark room easily. He was buffing his nails on his jacket. "Must you have ended his suffering so soon? It was fun watching him squirm around in pain." Gabriel growled, he spun up and around, his fist coming up and locking around the Vampire's neck. He ripped Marcus's head clean off his shoulders. Check. He let Marcus's body fall to the floor, stepping over it to exit the room; he'd let the maids clean up the mess, it wouldn't be the first time they'd cleaned something up and not talked about it.
His eyes adjusted to the darker blackness of the hall, his night vision giving the world around him a reddish tint, he smiled, if he could see heat it would be just like a cat's heat vision. He walked down the hall, stopping in front of the room that served as a sort of hospital for the Vampires and their pets. Jessie answered the door holding an overlarge taper.
"Who are you here to see monsieur?" Her French accent was getting in the way of her speech. "The three that Jekail sent in." She nodded and led him to the back of the room. She moved a tapestry-like curtain aside to reveal three small beds that were little more than mats on tables. These beds were actually better than the mats the rest of the patients were sleeping on.
On two of the beds were young twin boys. They were about seventeen and had been bought by Jekail from a fighting ring. He bought a lot of fighters just to get them out of the ring and back into the real world. He rehabilitated them. An illegal fighting ring that a group of Vampires had put together to amuse themselves, he hated them and stopped all the ones that he could. There were no winning fighters. If you didn't die in the ring you ran the risk of dying at the hands of whoever owned you.
These two had been lucky that they had survived as long as they had. Most died in the first couple of weeks. They'd been in for at least a few months by the scars covering their arms. These two were covered in scars, cuts, and bruises. Luckily they hadn't been broken yet which was amazing by it's self. They both had white blonde hair and blue- gray eyes.
He sighed and turned to the other bed that held the only other occupant of the little alcove. She was one of the few girls in the compound that still had spirit in them, at least as far as he could tell. Jekail had just brought her in. He'd come in from a fire; he'd said that he'd run across the burning house while heading in this direction. There were signs that a Vampire had been in the area but not in the last month or so.
She'd suffered a head injury from falling timber in the fire. As far as anyone could tell the cause of the fire was unknown. Jekail had come across the burning house and checked for survivors. There had been several bodies in the house as well as the girl. There were the bodies of a woman, a man, a young boy, and a babe in a cradle.
The candlelight played havoc with her hair, which was the color of hot flames, a red orange with blue highlights. When he flipped back her eyelids he sucked in a breath at her ice-blue eyes. She had livid burns that ran down her arms, but were strangely nowhere else on her body with the exception of being on the inside of her throat.
Jessie stepped over by him. "She's healing fast, but she won't be singing for a while yet, and definitely not talking." The nurse led him out of the room. "I don't want you waking any of my other patients. Besides, there is something I want to tell you." "What?" "She sleeps fitfully. I'm worried that the damage she received to her head may have affected her permanently. That she may be... off when she wakes." "Are you saying that you think she may be brain damaged?" "Yes." "We'll find out when she wakes won't we?" He walked out of the door, leaving the nurse fretting worriedly. She didn't want to take the chance that the girl would hurt her or the other patients. She sighed and went back to her work.


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