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Writing for Writing

Novel By: DragonsSong

Tags: Writing

Subject to random changes, so don't be surprised if you come back and it has all become something radically different, or is missing chapters. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 15, 2009    Reads: 67    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Aisling looked up when Jessie stopped too fast in front of her and they collided. Her immediate laughter vibrated painfully in her ears. She'd always heard things differently. What didn't help was the laughter of everyone else on the street, some of it not even audible. She turned to glare at a rather nasty offender andJessie pulled her into the rave club. It had only been open a few hours, it had taken Jessie weeks to get the passes for them to come.The passes were the only reason she'd come. They meant too much to Jessie.

"Come on Aisling, live it up for once. You're only 21 for a year remember. After that all the drinking gets boring." Jessie was practically prancing as she moved into the already packed club. Aisling was beginning to regret having agreed to this. The overall noise was deafening to her. She gritted her teeth and moved to keep up with her annoying friend.

Jessie had found her was over to a table in the back. She'd been just about to sit down when three males had settled into the seat, one of which had pulled her into his lap. "Hey cutie, want to have some fun?"

"No, she doesn't. So back off and leave her the fuck alone." The male looked up at Aisling as if he would say something, but something of her thoughts must have shown because he and his buddies scrammed.

"Awe, come on Aisling, please don't ruin the fun tonight. You always scare off all the good guys." Aisling didn't give that half-finished thought the benefit of an answer. She'd come to keep an eye on Jessie and that's what she would do. Even if it meant being a total buzz kill. Jessie motioned one of the roaming call-takers over and ordered three sets of double shots. The male nodded with a playful smile and took off towards the bar. When he came back he was lacking the caller belt.

"Hi.I just got off, mind if I join?" Aisling was about to decline when Jessie gave an emphatic yes. Aisling glared at her.Jessie was unrepentant. Her look said plainly not to ruin the vibe.

Aisling had moved to the bar shortly after Jessie and the male had wandered off in the direction of the bathrooms. The bartender gave her a once over before moving down the bar to her. "What do you want?" Aisling pointed to a bottle on the back shelf of the bar. It contained a slightly luminescent liquid. "Pay up first." She handed him two fifties and then took the bottle through a door to a back room that he indicated.

After chasing a pair of minors out she settled on the couch, she wanted nothing to do with the chair the pair had been using. She could still feel the incessant noise off the crowded dance floor. The first shot burned going down and the voices started to fade she downed the second almost immediately after.

Aisling set the half-empty bottle on the floor as her eyes found their way to the door. Someone was pounding on it. "Vierdok!" She snapped, the strange language easily rolled off her tongue. She couldn't be bothered to get up and answer it. The door opened and the bartender came in, shortly followed by Jessie and her newfound friend.

"We ain't leaving, Aisling, so calm it down." The bartender ignored them all and picked up the bottle from the floor. He jerked it out of reach when she made a grab for it.

"Did you drink this by yourself?" She nodded and sweared he growled afterward. "You're lucky you're still concious. You should know better." He reached into a pocket on his jeans and pulled out an onyx bottle. Without asking he forced her jaws open and poured the thick liquid down her throat. It was icy and immediately made her want to throw up.

She darted for the trash can and he followed, holding her up by the waste when she went into dry heaves. She calmed down enough to glare at him through hazy vision. He just raised an eyebrow at her before setting her back on the couch and leaving.

Aisling looked over at Jessie. "What time is it?" she asked.

"I don't know, like 3 a.m. I guess." Aisling groaned.

"We're gonna be late, we gotta go." Jessie's friend gave her a dirty look. Jessie gave her a fake hurt look.

"But we haven't had any fun yet."

"Really, we're already late, let's go." Jessie sighed before getting up and giving her hanger-on akiss goodbye, it was a long kiss.

Aisling stumbled to the door before giving herself a brisk shake. Satisfied by her steadier stance she headed for the front of the club. That was her first mistake. The moment she came out onto the dance floor the whirling motion and flashing lights sent her head spinning.


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