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No Lost Love

Novel By: elphabalives17

FINISHED: Ella had been looking for the love of her life longer than any other girl who looked like she was seventeen. But the last place she planned to find it was the little coast side high school her and a few of her very different friends were going to, on the pretense of being exchange students but with a mission that had nothing to do with schooling.
Kaleb knew water the way he knew the back of his own hand. He loved his little coast-side high school, and was more than well known for being the best swimmer on the team, a girl magnet, and a bit of a prankster. And he has a bit of a temper at that.
When these two forces collide, it doesn’t seem that anyone will be able to stop them from practically blowing up the school. But with a piece of magic, many secrets, and a lot of annoying influence from friends (mostly the annoying Brie), who knows what will happen? Because so far it just seems that there’s No Lost Love here! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 30, 2009    Reads: 437    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"I'm not going." snapped the tall figurine with her long waist length dark red hair, brown eyes glinting with anger.

"We've been over this, we don't have a choice. It was a direct order from the council!" returned a small girl whose shoulder length hair and bangs didn't disguise the sparks in her green-brown eyes. She settled her hands on her nicely rounded hips.

"Give it up, Ella. We got picked because of who we are, and the council needs one of each of us to find him. They barely have a location on him!" snapped the tallest girl in the room, whose long brown hair fell to the middle of her narrow back, and whose eyes glinted dangerously in an endlessly deep light blue-green color. Some said her eyes disguised the tortures she'd put people through, but she was known to her friends and family as one who would only fight if it was worth fighting for. Or for someone or something she loved, or anyone in need of help.

"Tell the damned council to find others of our kind then!" Ella said desperately, pulling at her hair with one pale hand. The smallest girl rolled her eyes, and squared her shoulders then.

"You know full well that Nick and I don't have a choice. It's the first major time they've actually sent us out. We've traveled, sure, but this is more important than that! And you know full well you were picked because you are an amazing Finder. Bridget is the only witch the right age at the moment, because both Lizzie and Anna are either too young or too inexperienced. Jasper is a very invaluable werewolf. And I think you know full well that they need us all to be friends that can work with one another."

Ella winced, but still looked annoyed. "They aren't sending a fairy. Or a ground lover, for that matter, and they should be a part of this, obviously. Or even-"

"I know you'd do anything not too see the brilliance of the plan. But Brie was at the council meeting, and we already know that the fairies and grounders- yes, Ella, I am using their correct name- and the tree dwellers, and the vampires are going to pretend to be our parents. And you know that Nick and Jasper are going to pretend to be brothers, with a vampire and a fairy posing as parents when necessary."

"And then Bridget and I will be sisters. We can pass for it if we do a little cosmetic work, hair wise. You are going to pose as Nick and Jasper's adopted sister, giving us a reason to be there on the few holidays we'll be at our temporary home." interrupted Brie, who smiled gratefully at Bridget for mostly reminding Ella of the plan.

Ella still look disgruntled, but suddenly something dawned on her. "What do you mean we'll rarely be at these fake houses?"

Bridget suddenly became very interested in her nails. Brie bit her bottom lip nervously. Finally she said. "It's a boarding school."

Ella looked ready to murder someone. "I told you specifically I would never go to a boarding school! Why would you do this now!?

"It is because we obviously don't have a choice." Brie said quietly.

"What about your kids, Brie? Exavior and Lizzie and Anna moved out ages ago, and the twins are already both married, so Bridget and Jasper are off the hook, but what about you and Nick?"

"Jacon is twenty, Lily is nineteen, James is eighteen, and Jake just turned seventeen. The four of them are married. They'll be taking care of Viola, Eric, Molly and Erin, and Marie. They are all fifteen and younger, Marie is ten. And I… I'm going to be Portaling back and forth most nights with Nick… the council gave us permission."

"brie, you only have nine kids! You're supposed to be having three more according to the prophecy, remember? And the prophecy has never been wrong before!"

"I have a million or more normal lifetimes, Ella. I think that's enough time to bear three more kids. And but out of my love life, if you don't mind." Brie added as an afterthought.

Ella scowled irritably, looking to Bridget for help. But she was clearly staying out of this one. The girl knew how to pick her battles, Ella had to give her that much. And she had raised three adorable runts.

Brie even had traveled the freaking world, had nine kids already, and a title for gods sake. And Ella would willingly admit that she had a good head, for planning if naught else.

But what did Ella have? Sure she was part of the most powerful people in the world- people no one knew about, she might add, but she had no true love, no one to die for…

Well, she did have one thing no one else in her tribe did. She was doomed, cursed by a wish she had stupidly made, to be immortal till she fell in love. Because she had thought love would change everything…. But if love hadn't come yet, would it ever?

She turned on her heel and disappeared from the room.


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