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The Orphans War

Novel By: elphabalives17

Ginny thought her life was perfect, until the day a fatal accident landed her in an orphanage with no more familly or extrodinary riches, surrounded by a war between two groups of what Ginny thought to be mythical creatures that divides the orphanage. Now it is up to Ginny to make sure the frail balance between the twon seperated kingdoms isnt ruined, or not only will one of these little kingdoms be destroyed, but the whole world could fall around Ginny's ears, too. View table of contents...


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I desperately stared around me. What had gone wrong? Why was I separated from my body? Why was my family lying mangled around me? I stared around me nervously from my spot hovering over my body. My parents lay intertwined with their heads brutally bashed together, blood and bones pouring from them. My older brother was compacted on the ground with his head at a terrible angle. A large hole in the windshield revealed my two younger sisters, thrown from the car and tangled together like they had been in birth. I could barley stand to look at my own body, saved by the airbag, pressed harshly against the seat. My shoulder length hair was clumped and knotted, my green eyes closed tightly, I was beginning to fear for forever, which, I believed was unjust for a girl as young as me, only 15. But apparently I was fortunate enough to be wrong. My whole body let out a long shudder, and I slipped back into it, only just noticing what looked like a large wolf coming towards me before my unconscious body took control once again.


Ginny sighed forlornly as the long limo pulled up to the gates of the estate, shortly after the funerals of the rest of Ginny's mutilated family. The ancient driver slipped around the side to let her out and hand her 2 small suitcases, all she had left of her family's once vast fortunes. Ginny quickly through a hug around the old drivers neck.

"Thank you for everything, Uncle Rendell." Whispered Ginny, Fighting tears of frustration and fear and sorrow.

"Don't 'orry 'bout it, little one. Just keep your pretty red head clear and safe. Fortune only comes to call once in a lifetime, after all. I wish I was yours true uncle, now, and you weren't bein' sent off to this here orphanage, but there you have it. Don't forget little one, you have destiny on your shoulders. You will remember eventually" The little man replied, the longest speech he had made since he was in the old school room, making a public apology to the class for burning Sue's braids or exploding Johnny's pen onto the evil hag of a teacher.

Ginny smiled slightly, and allowed a single tear to flow down her pale white cheek as the old man pulled away into the vehicle once more, and gunned the motor slightly. "Remember, Ginny-girl, you stay away from the war zones, you here?" And Ginny's last tie to her previous life, her butler, her teacher, her cook, her nanny, her gardener, a part of her family, and most importantly the one last faithful friend, was gone down the road, never to return, as he had gained quite a bit of the deceased family's fortune, unlike totally abandoned Ginny.

Ginny slowly turned to face the area before her; the gates were closed now so she couldn't run away. There was a large brick building in the middle of a large area of land, flanked on the right by a slightly smaller brick building and flanked on the left by a slightly bigger white shingled house Ginny guessed it was better than your average orphanage, but it was what it was, and it was despicable to Ginny, especially in its currently seemingly abandoned state. Ginny closed her eyes and focused on breathing. The pain she had felt before the crash, the only thing she remembered, was back.

Ginny had not known anything by the time the accident scene was finally discovered. She had been awake, trapped under a peace of the caved in roof, on the verge of unconsciousness all over again. The pain killed, not the glowing 'I am here!' way her head hurt before the accident, but the torn up beaten down sort of pain that taunts you un til you are sick and begging the blackness to come in and take you away from the terror you are living. They had fought to keep the blackness away though, and when they succeeded they begged her to explain to them why blackness had taken her family, the car, and the old mans wife who was driving before it tried to take her, too. But Ginny didn't know. She only remembered the announcement making pain before and then again when it woke her to make her listen as a deep soothing voice whispered directly into her head that help would come soon, she wasn't allowed to give up, and she would start better off soon.

That voice made Ginny keep fighting, occasionally when she was about to give up in the hospital, the window slipped open quietly and she felt a soothing breeze, the familiar welcoming pain, and then the voice, begging with her, pleading that she not give up yet, not to make him loose this war, and not to try to kill him like this, for he was a part of her now, in some way.

But the voice didn't come in her head this time. Instead, a breeze passed her, and then a different, richer voice came from slightly above and behind her. Ginny whirled around hurriedly, knowing no one had been there a second ago, when she closed her eyes to restrain them.

"Hello, Ginny Williams. I am Jacob, King of the estate. Don't confuse me for the forest ruler, of course." A low growl settled in the boy's throat on the words forest ruler. Ginny barley noticed. "How do you know my name, why are you the king of the estate, what is a forest ruler, and why is this place deserted?"

Of course, she said this BEFORE she got a good look at the estate king, or whatever the oddball was calling himself. He was amazing looking, with dark slightly curly hair that hung just over his ears and deep intense black eyes, framed by long lashes on pale skin. Not to mention his perfect body, rippling with muscles as he wore no shirt to cover his bared chest with its perfect six pack, only a pair athletic shorts. He was holding his tee-shirt though, a light blue one, which looked drenched. He already looked a tad ruffled, but Ginny's sudden and unexpected interrogation not only caught him off guard but angered him.

"You dare to question me constantly? Me who is in charge of a whole legion and court? Me, a King?... Why are you staring at me like I just fell out of the sky?" His tone changed completely on that last question, he seemed innocently smug and amused with a hint of confusion.

"lets seeā€¦. Firstly, I don't get the kingdom and court thing, you can explain that one. Secondly, I don't care who you are, I am a person not to be challenged. And thirdly, you are very cute, for a giant at what I am guessing to be 5'7', compared to my wonderfully short 5'2' frame."

Jacob stared at her, still shocked to death. But now he had a witty reply on his tongue, and tapping the girls two suitcases out of the way without an ounce of effort, he turned her physical taunt against her, stepping as close as he could without standing on her, chest to chest. Ginny involuntarily leaned towards him.

He smirked to see her react, however slightly, to him, desperately trying to put a leash on his own movements and wants for and of this girl. "Height has its advantages." He said sweetly, and suddenly picked her up off her feet by the waist.

A low growl came from the shadows of the forest, and another set of growls came continuously from the shadows until a laughing Jacob set Ginny down gently.

"you see now?" he asked all to innocently, as he grabbed back up her bags and led her to the door of the brick building in the front. "you. Just. Picked. Me. Up." Growled Ginny slowly, annoyed. "And now you have more questions to answer, so there, my lord."

"don't push me, Ginny. You may be saved from somethings because you are so damned pretty and petite, but I stand for no oddities from any soul. Well, considering some eavesdropping company, from any body, at the least."

They were going down a long hallway now, dark and warm and mysterious. Jacob stopped at the end of the hallway, between a decorated red and gold door and a light little door with a cresent moon painted on it.

"Is this one mine?" Ginny asked quickly, glancing at the red and gold door.

Jacob grinned. "Nope, this is my room. But you can sleep with me if you like."

A long growl came from outside as he said it, and Ginny mentally thanked the beast, whatever it was. "You fucking idiot, why would I sleep with you? How dare you imply that I would sleep with anyone, god damn it?!?!?"

A short bark sounded from outside and Ginny thought it was laughing at Jacob's punishment for his annoying impudence. She liked this form of backup against the rude 'king' as he called himself, though a boy who pouted when a girl turned his charming offer down was surely a weakling.

"Fine, this is your room. I hope you like it." Jacob grumbled, throwing the door open to reveal a beautiful room done up in a pale on pale color scheme. Jacob tossed the bags on the bed and sunk into a white armchair beside small bookcase.

"okay, more questions. Why is the orphanage so extravagant, and what is out there backing me up?"

Jacob sighed, giving in for good this time. "all right, sit down. I suppose you have earned your answers." Ginny quickly curled up Indian style on the bed. "Go on, start talking" she demanded. Jacob sighed, annoyed, and began.


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