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Don't Smile at a Fairy Tales

Novel By: eludingdarling

You can smile because it is not true, but now a production by Secret Kingdom, directed by Glass, will remind all of us that reality and fantasy can blend, and lead us to the world we live in. In a beautifully done production Don't Smile at a Fairy Tale you will be impacted in such a fashion that you will never...smile at a fairy tale. View table of contents...



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"Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Glass a Fairy Tale!" A middle aged man, dressed in a black tuxedo announced. Smoke seeps through from under the velvet curtains and creeps onto the stage. Purple-ish white spreads throughout the newly waxed floor, but go no further than the stage, not a caress of the barely there smoke on an audience's awaiting face. From the curtains, emerges a beauty dressed in an elegant black dress that pooled around her feet in an eerie fashion. Black hair that reached passed her shoulders blends in with the dark as night dress and could barley made out to stop at her slim wait. Pale skin was emphasized by coal black lipstick and nail polish. This alone left the audience in awe and even more so when she began to speak. "Hello there, I am Glass and I am about to introduce to you my Fairy tale, one of which has never been seen before! Enter my fairy tales and speak your tales of horror and freight!" A silky, haunting voice spoke in a quiet, yet loud, very loud, voice. The quiet spoke volumes.
A new figure emerged from the curtains and with striking confidence strode to the stage and stood beside the first. "I am Sinister! A witch who can never be satisfied, with an unquenchable thirst for destruction and misery!" The new figure proclaimed, voice with a hint of insanity and mischief. The new figure wore a darkness black witch hat, which bent at the top of the hat, with a single black rose perched on the side of the witch hat, she also wore a black dress, but this women's dress was short at the front, stopping at her pale knees, and long in the front, also sprayed on the wooden floor like a black, thin, snake. Cob like sleeves we worn over her pale slim arms, long heels that had strap that twist and turned over her legs, once more like a snake up to no good, and red as blood patches of blood hung from a string attached to the black ribbon that encircled the women's waist and drooped to the side. No one spoke, no one could. If was as if they were put under a sinfully perfect spell.
"Lately I have been bored with killing off nobodies and being forever forgotten by the BLAND humans, so me and my clever has come up with the perfect solution...I'll become a legend by creating a legend! But this legend will be know as reality and I will no longer be 'impossible and improbible to exist'! I have took notice to these humans fairy tales and I have brought it upon myself to...improve them, so to say. So easy to laugh and enjoy stories that are 'fiction' but I made them, 'realistic fiction'? See these cloth hearts? They are the hearts of humans! I have stolen their hearts and told them they can only get them back if they accomplish their task! Of course, I gave them all glass hearts, they have to be alive for this to be fun. Never ending fun is never quite fun either, so the possibility of their death rings in their conscious. Oh, what fun~ Heart number one, or Humpty Dumpty's heart. He must not fall off that wall, but of course I didn't tell him that. That defeats the purpose and steals my delectable fun. Alone in that wall he remain, darkness eating away his sanity and reason to remain there on that lonely wall. Heart two...Oh, my bad. Am I ruining this for you? How about you just watch? Raise the curtain!" The velvet curtain is raised and a blank screen is revealed.
"Enjoy the fairy tale" Both ladies say in perfect unison as they fade into the white wall, created by the thin smoke, and the black screen is the sole object standing on stage. The screen flickers on and a count down appears, one you would see in older movies.
Secret Kingdom Presents



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