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Underneath the moonlight

Novel By: EmeraldClover

Natalia has her whole life ahead of her. She recently graduated from high school, with great grades and a full scholarship to the college of her dreams. She has finally paid her dues and she is ready for her own adventure to start. But, all that changes in the blink of an eye. Natalia’s life turns upside down when she is at the wrong place, at the wrong time. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 25, 2012    Reads: 222    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1
"Sweetheart, you have been packing your things almost all day. Why don't you take a break?" My mother asked with that all-knowing-mom tone. I wiped my dark brown hair out of eyes as I let out a sigh. She is right, I don't leave for college until two days from now. I should probably take a break and cool off, the summer heat was becoming a little too much for me.
"Yeah, that sounds good to me." I finally respond as I turn around to finally face my mother. My hazel eyes meets her own, as she starts to smile. "Good, I will start dinner then." She says while walking out of my soon to be old room. I hear the floorboards of the stairs start to creak as she descends down them. Putting down the cardboard box I was holding onto, on my bed stand, I quickly followed her.
The sun has almost gone down, leaving the clouds looking pink with the tint of orange. Dusk. The best part of the day. When there is the right amount of coolness to the air. "Hey mom! I'm going for a little walk. I will be back shortly." I yell towards the kitchen. I quickly grabbed a light jacket and I was on my way. The dirt beneath me crunches, as I keep a steady pace. It almost had a rhythm, easily something to hum to. In the distance, I could see the forest. I could even hear those notorious bird just chirping away. A little happy song they sang everyday. I smiled to myself and give a little light chuckle as the chirping got even louder, that's when I noticed I was getting closer to the forest. I stopped immediately, letting a dust cloud form around my shoes. Even though the forest we lived next to seemed like your ideal woodland nature scene, I was still afraid of it. Sure it was lush green with pine trees as tall as the eye can see, With a natural odor that it oozed smelled woodsy and very inviting.
But what I was scared of, was what's in the woods. What if I came across a hungry-man-eating bear, or a territorial big bad wolf? Things like that. They probably wouldn't even find my body. I just sat there looking into the woods, with my head in the clouds once again. It seemed like an eternity before I did anything, my body shakes off the fear and brings me back to reality. I let out a huff and started to turn around to head back home. My feet this time picks up the pace. You know, you should probably get our childhood fears since you will becoming a college girl pretty soon here. I thought to myself. For some reason, I slow down my rhythm this time. Wait! Am I actually considering of going into the woods?! I really was contemplating this. You're a big girl now, prove to yourself that you are ready to actually step into the world as your own. That last thought convinced me. I was going to do it! I quickly turned around once again and headed towards the woods once more.


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