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PG-13 - For violence, drug and alcahol reference and use, and thematic elements and scenes.

Based on the revolutionizing 2003 RPG game, Morrowind. This fantasy story is taken place in Vvardenfell, an island in the province of Morrowind, which is threatened by an evil Daedric lord, Dagoth Ur, whom wants to take back Vvardenfell. Follow Wan and Jiub on their journey across Vvardenfell to unite four tribal camps and three great houses(governments) to try to stop Dagoth Ur and his Ash creatures. View table of contents...


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In the waning years of the third era of Tamriel, a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents was sent under guard, without explanation, to Morrowind, ignorant of the role he was to play in that nations history…

"They have taken you from the Imperial City's prison, first by carriage and now by boat, fear not for I am watchful. You have been chosen."

Lightning struck in the background and water was rushing past every spot on the planet. Wantobi Hasaki could hear every little drip drop that was recurring. He started getting angrier as the rain drops got louder and louder. Finally he broke and started pounding his fists on the walls and tearing every little thing that exists apart. He simply went mad.

He could hear a slight creaking sound, as if someone had been walking on the floorboards back and forth, pacing until the supports underneath the floor boards got weak and couldn't hold much longer, but that wasn't the problem. He heard a giant SNAP and suddenly went quiet from his mental fit. He waited and waited for the building to come crashing down upon him but that didn't happen. His feet started to feel wet and soggy so looked down in curiosity. The floor was covered in rain water about three inches deep. He could feel it ever so slightly seeping into his hard, leather boots. He hurriedly scanned the area looking for a source the water was coming from, knowing he didn't have much time. There was absolutely no sign of where it was coming from. A panic-stricken look came upon his face as the water became knee-deep. All the organs, cells, veins, and muscles in his body became paralyzed. He went into shock, unable to think of any solution to the problem at hand.

He walked to the door about to open it to escape when he reconsidered the idea because their might be 20 feet of water outside the door. He jolted his hand away before it came to the doorknob. The water had come up to his waist now. Trying not to panic, but not doing a very good job at it, he looked for anything shovel like. There was nothing. He then started clawing at the wet, drowned ground. Doing no good, he started to think there was no way out, but kept telling himself there is always a solution to every problem. He just stood in the water with no hope, nothing to rely on to help him; he knew this was the end.

He stood there waiting for his slow, painful passing. The water had come up to his shoulders. He could see the faint light from the windows glowing in the water and decided that he should embrace it and enjoy being with it. He started to relax and eventually dozed off with no fear of death, but with thoughts of welcoming death in a happy, joyful manner.

He woke up suddenly to hear a humming sound. It started getting louder. He could then hear distinct sounds. It was a person's voice; a male. Wantobi could make out what the voice was saying. "Wake up, we are here." Wantobi came fully awake and to his senses realizing the urgent situation he was in. "Hello!" he yelled, hoping someone was here to rescue him. "Why are you shaking?" the voice asked, not realizing what was going on. "SAVE ME!" Wantobi started bawling knowing death was near as the water creeped up his chin. "SAVE MEEEE!" Gasping in between breaths he was screaming for his life. "Are you okay? Wake up!" The water had come above Wantobi's head and he then closed his eyes and waited.

He waited longer. And longer. He waited so long he thought he was dead, and so he opened his eyes to find that he wasn't in his old home anymore

"Sir, we have obtained something of some importance that you might want to see," said a foul beast that reeked of terror, and made even the noblest of warriors turn and flee. The beast walked through a large room in a cave towards a leaning tower of chairs stacked up on each other. There were eight chairs stacked in such a reckless way it seemed as if they weren't built from any mortal being. On the cave floors was a painting of what looked like a star, or a giant beast, surrounding the tower of chairs. The paintings edges were lined with red dolls, that seemed to glow in the dark and could see into your darkest dreams. The rest of the room was completely bare, but had an ominous feel to it, like you could never feel safe even in the happiest of times.

"Come closer," insisted a deep, booming voice. "Y-Y-Yes sire," The beast staggered closer to the pile of chairs, not knowing what was behind it. It scanned the room cautiously and waited for a response. "Sir, you need to see thes"- SLISH. The beast fell face forward towards the tower making a big smacking noise.

The beast could not move, could not breathe, and could not think of anything that had just happened. Green foam dripped from its mouth and when it hit the floor it sizzled and disappeared. A pair of lengthy fingers gripped the beast's leathery skinned shoulders and turned it on its back. The beast could see a spear tip poking out of its lower torso. The spear was an elven one, decorated with golden engravings of several gods, which the beast could not recognize, and had writing written on the tip in a language far too advanced for the beast. Towering the beast was a tall figure that also had gray-blue skin that looked worn out and tough. The figure had on nothing but a loin cloth, and what looked like ancient carvings all over his body, forming symmetrical shapes far too complex and miniscule for an average eye. The figures head however was in the form of a sun, with long golden flame-like things branching out from its head. The head also had complex carvings and symbols, but what perplexed the beast the most was that the figures head was cylindrical, the flat sides being the front and back of its head. The beast then realized who was standing there.

"Hello Urien, good to see you again," boomed the voice of the figure. Urien swallowed hard, urging to speak. "Hello. Lord. Dagoth," Urien had managed, coughing out more sizzling foam. "Please, call me Dagoth Ur. I figure that you and I should spend our last minutes together as friends, and friends should call each other by their casual names. Don't you agree?" Dagoth Ur's voice was welcoming. He sighed and went on. "I really wanted to get to know you better but when rules are abolished consequences must result. Away from that subject, how is your family? Fine I hope considering the bad news they will be receiving. What's this, a letter?" Dagoth Ur took the letter from the cold hands of the dying beast named Urien. His eyes scanned the paper from left to right, getting faster as they went along. "Ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha," Dagoth Ur's voice shook the room, yet the tower of chairs remained intact. "Why do you look so pale Urien?" he said sarcastically. "Oh well. I have to attend to more important matters, so have a good day Urien." Dagoth Ur removed his spear from Urien's limp body and started off. "Oh wait I seemed to have forgotten to tell you something. This spear that was in you has the ability to keep one being alive no matter what injury. But, to live from any injury you have to pay a price. You will drop dead at any moment in your lifetime no matter what. I suggest you go home to see your family. Go have a fun time, because it could be your last. Happy trails Urien," he turned and walked off out of the cave leaving Urien on the ground, pale and stiff as a rock. Urien stared off in the distance like nothing had ever happened.

Chapter One

The vision started coming back into Wantobi's eyes. He had a throbbing headache, threatening to burst in his head. The hard wooden floors below him felt damp and the air surrounding smelled of rotten fish. "Are you okay? Stand up," Insisted the familiar voice. Wantobi waited a second to take in and process what he had heard. Hardly stable and unable to see farther than his hand in front of his face he started to stand. He was slowly rising until about halfway he shook and collapsed to the floor. It wasn't much of a fall but for some reason his whole body was sore and covered with bruises and scratches. Contracting in pain he lay there unable to think of what to do next. "Are you okay! Here, let me help you up," a hand reached down and grabbed Wantobi under his arms and slowly started to pull him to his feet. The hand let go and Wantobi started to balance. Once he stood up his blood started pumping through him, his vision started coming back to him and he was able to see the person talking to him.

He was a little shorter than Wantobi with dark blue-gray skin that looked tough and dry like his. He was bald and had sharp long ears like that of an elf's and had two Silver rings pierced through his left ear. He looked almost directly similar to Wantobi except for one thing on his face: a scar. There was a scar that ran down his left eye and went from fore-head to chin. Its widest was where it met his eye being eye width. He was wearing a brown ragged shirt and pant with the number 18625 stitched on his left breast pocket. Wantobi looked down and searched for a number on him but could not find one single number, even though their clothes had matched exactly. Once he had a good look at the stranger he sat down at a big wooden box that was like a copy of all the other boxes in the room.

The box was wet but that didn't stop him from sitting any bit because he was so exhausted even though he doesn't recall any strenuous activities. The room he was in was small and isolated from wherever he was at in the world. The air was dense and hazy so Wantobi figured it was the morning. Minutes passed by until finally the stranger had spoken up against the awkward silence.

"You had a rough sleep last night. Are you ok?" Wantobi groaned, but could not utter a word. "You were moaning in your sleep last night. You said something about a, umm, well, a book. I don't know what type of book but I just wanted to run it by you to see if you knew anything about that. Do you?" He seemed so determined in knowing this. Wantobi finally urged a word out. "No," a single word was all he could manage.

"Oh. How rude of me. I didn't even tell you. My name is Jiub. My last name is my business. Might I ask yours?" "Wantobi. Wantobi Hasaki. You can call me Wan if you like. Where are we?" Wan asked invasively. Jiub shifted closer to Wan and Wan did the same. "I overheard the guards talking earlier"-"Guards!" Wan cut in with a shocked expression. "Never mind that! And keep your voice down. As I was saying until I was so rudely interrupted, I overheard the guards. One of 'em said we had just entered the bay. He had asked what bay and then the other responded. The bay of Vvardenfell."

"Quiet, they're coming," Urged Jiub. They could hear footsteps nearing. A panel on the door slid open revealing a pair of eyes. Then as quick as it opened, it was closed. A few seconds of silence, and then locks started clinking and clanking until finally the door opened.

A tall muscular man with a Go-T stood in the doorway. He had short, average hair. He was wearing light armor, it was brown, and had several insignias on the armor that looked like a dragon. "Get up, filthy Dunmer. Get to the deck," he commanded hastily. Wan and Jiub did as they were told.

Wan got up first, followed by Jiub. The boat was rocking back and forth as the pair walked down the crate filled hallway that led to a ladder. "Get up on deck and meet another guard on the dock. He will be waiting for the both of you so try not to get lost, scum. Ha, ha, ha, I make myself laugh,"

The two headed up the ladder. They opened the wooden hatch leading to the deck. The bright sunlight blinded them. Wan covered his eyes quickly but Jiub just stood there. The boat was moderately large, contained several crates, three masts, a steering mechanism, and two doors leading below. The plank led out to the dock. They were in the middle of a swamp. There was a small town on shore with old, regular looking buildings. There was a light house and several buildings had bridges connecting them to each other. There was a hill in the distance and standing beside a cliff in the hill was a giant dust mite looking creature. It was about 80 feet tall and had a person standing atop the magnificent beast. Wan had a hard time taking it all in. It was so beautiful and peaceful. He stood there for a second or two in a sort of trance until his partner interrupted him. "Just do what they say and everything will go smoothly. Ok?" Wan nodded in agreement and they started off towards the dock.

"You there! You need to come with me," commanded the guard. They followed him into the large building at the shore. It was split up into three sections and by the looks of it, was used for government and trade. The guard opened the door into a large cozy room. The walls were covered with banners which had more dragon insignias on them. There were several cupboards and a desk next to a brick fire place with a crackling fire. The room smelled of fresh parchment. There was an official looking secretary writing on parchment at the desk. There was another guard on the other side of the room next to a large chest and another door that was heavily locked. A tall man in red robes with black lining stood next to the fire place. He had a long scraggly beard and a wrinkly old face.

"Talk to Socucius Ergalla to get your release papers and further instructions," the guard ordered them forward. They slowly walked across the room trying to guess what might happen next. "What's up with all the dragon insignias?" Wan whispered close to Jiub. "Well, this whole operation going on here is run by the Empire whose homeland is in Cyrodiil, home of the Imperials. These guards are from the Imperial Legion, the Empires army. Those insignias are the logos for the Empire. Get used to the Empire bein' around here. Now be quiet, I'll tell you more later," the two almost immediately went silent and then the frail old man looked up.

"Ah yes, I've been expecting you two. Let me get your release papers ready for you," Socucius turned to the desk and grabbed some papers off of the desk. "Let's see here… First, I will need your identification Numbers. Let me see, 1, 8, 6, 2, 5," he wrote down the numbers from Jiub's outfit, glancing back and forth as he wrote. He then looked at Wan's outfit and saw no number. He looked dumbstruck as his face turned pale. "Uh, ah, umm, well, it looks like you will be getting a special treatment," he started scribbling as fast as a wild horse and yelled to his secretary, "Arvius, come look!" Arvius the secretary rushed over hurriedly. He leaned over Socucius's shoulder. His face turned pale too. They turned around and started whispering to each other and making quick glances at Wan as they talked. Then they made little notes all over the release papers. Finally, they turned. Socucius spoke. "You there, take these papers immediately to General Gravius in the next building. He will tell you what to do next. And you, follow him. You will be his assistant and will aid him in whatever may lie ahead. Do not question my orders and just follow through with them. You will find out soon enough. Good luck to you both," he bowed good bye.

The guards watched as the pair walked through the open heavily locked door. "What's going on?" Wan asked. "I have no idea but we will find out soon enough. Let's just see this Gravius person and see what's going on," Jiub ended the conversation with a determined look on his face.

They walked through a dimly candlelit hallway with a blood red carpet on the floor. The hall ended with a giant stone door lined with ivy. Jiub pushed ahead and opened the door first. It was heavy and creaked as it opened. It led into an open courtyard about 50 feet by 30 feet. There were three doors one on the far end, and the other two on the sides. There were three people at the end of the stone courtyard. Two were guards and one was big, burly and had on large imperial armor.

"I bet that one's the general," said Jiub. They walked down the courtyard and about halfway there they noticed something. "Look at the walls. There are guards covering the walls and they all have bows. I wonder if they were expecting us," whispered Wan. The General looked at the nearing strangers and laughed hardily.

"Ha, ha, ha, what have we here? Let me see those papers, Dunmer," Gravius commanded. He had a sort of angriness in his tone, like he could at any moment start assaulting everyone near and not feel a grudge. Wan handed the papers to the general hurriedly hoping he would not grab his arm and start choking him to death. His eyes scanned the paper and slowly but surely a smile started forming on his face. "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ergalla will overreact at a spilled cup o' tea! You boys have nutin' te worry about. Although, considering the circumstances, precautions must be made. You boys head on over to Balmora. Find Caius Cosades there. He'll help ya," The general turned from angry to jolly but as soon as he ended his talking the air got bitterly cold.

Jiub, seemingly harmless, sprung his arm out and tightened his fingers around the General's bulky, sweaty neck. The guards next to him pulled out their swords and came into an offensive stance. The bowmen on the walls aimed their weapons. "Do you take us for fools, old man?! Stop your dim-witted chanting and actually take some pride in your work! You will be serious about this because whatever that man in there was talking about is serious and should be handled with care and not incessant laughter about how an old man yells over his tea!" Jiub removed his hand from the drooling General and the guards sheathed their weapons. "And just how do you know it is supposed to be a big deal, hmm?" the general was calm. "Because… Because I know it's what it should be and I will never stray from my answer," answered Jiub. "I respect you for that. I am sorry for my carelessness and will take note. When you meet Caius you will tell him first thing that you are 'the brother of fate.' Got it?" "Yes," said Jiub and Wan harmoniously.

"You will exit through this door behind me and will set off to Balmora. Do not waste any time and make haste immediately. Happy trails, Dunmer," he waved the two goodbye and they opened the door to a new world.


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