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Walking Blood Bags

Novel By: EmptyStarGazer

'Hey, butthead, you done sulking? I need your vamp skills to help me out over here if you want to survive the night.'

Eliza Mason is one of the six humans trapped in a house with six vampires. There's no shortage on food but there is on blood. In order to survive each human is paired with a vampire. The rules are simple, the vampire can only feed once a month, they're not allowed to drain the human and everybody has to get on. Easy enough, right?


It's not just the vampires that Eliza has to worry about, it's also her stubborn, big-headed brother whom seems too stupid to realise what he's doing half the time - and watching his failed attempts at breaking out aren't helping. It's not just her brother, it's the house itself.

It's not... normal. Nobody can get in or out, but somehow they still have food and running water. Eliza has to uncover the mystery behind what makes them so trapped and vulnerable. With all the vamp power, shouldn't someone be able to get out? But the main problem isn't getting out, it's about surviving and making sure nobody dies - even the already dead.

It's time for Eliza to knuckle down and sort out her head, because it's not just the house, her brother or the vamps, it's so, so much more. View table of contents...


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© 2012 EmptyStarGazer

Chapter 1

"Three, two..." Gideon prompted us, "one. Run!"

So I ran, my grip tightening around Yuki's wrist, protecting him like he was my brother. I guess he was in some weird sense, since all the humans in this house were considered family to me. The vamps? Not so much. We were just walking blood bags to them, even if they did even it out and make sure there were rules so nobody would be harmed. But a stupid voice in my head kept asking how long it would be before they lost control, until bloodlust took over and they didn't care about surviving anymore. I kept wondering if it was even possible.

But surely we were all living proof that vamps and humans can live together. We were proof vampires didn't have to kill and could satisfy themselves - and humans - without ruining everything. I had hoped that we were, I had hoped in so much.

I shoved Yuki down the creaking steps towards the basement, as the loud, harsh bang rang throughout the house. Gideon protected us with his body, he was like a big brother to me and Yuki. At first sight Yuki and Gideon were immediately partners for this blood system we had going. Yuki and Gideon connected on so many levels, not just by science but by their pasts - neither of them had had a satisfying childhood. Even if Gideon was a bloodsucking vampire, Yuki admired him and trusted him completely. I trusted Yuki so therefore I had to trust Gideon - and Gid was very trust-worthy, he was the peace maker, the one whom wanted everyone to end up OK.

The loud bang made my ears ring and my body quiver as I cradled Yuki close, treating him like he was a ten year old, when he was actually three years younger then me - fifteen. He was only fifteen, but he was so smart. He was originally from Japan but he told me had been kicked out of his family and adopted by an American family. They had raised him like their own and opened up so many opportunities for him. We had been trapped in this house for exactly a month, and in some sense, it was the worst and best thing that had ever happened to me. Meeting Yuki was an upside, a miracle, and something I was so glad had happened.

Gideon stopped hovering over us, straightening and brushing at his plain, knitted jumper, as he turned his broad back on us to go and investigate the lounge. Gideon must've been in his late twenties when he had been turned, since he had a few laugh lines etched around his eyes and mouth, but he looked too young to be in his thirties.

"Damn," Gideon's respectful, British accent came from the lounge - Gideon and me had that in common, we had originally been from England but came to America for a holiday. "Nothing," he groaned in frustration.

I eventually allowed Yuki to go and see for himself, his skinny frame disappearing up the staircase I had forced him down. His black curls were messed up even more and his glasses had slid down to the bridge of his nose from the running, but he ignored it to peek. With a loud, irritated sigh, I joined the geniuses in the lounge.

"Well," I found myself frowning, "we are-" Gideon gave me a sharp look, reminding me who was in the room. "In trouble," I finished, crossing my arms over my chest.

Gideon and Yuki had been spending hours working on some chemicals, trying to get a strong enough reaction to possibly explode the wall down. It was impossible how the wall was completely fine, but our lounge was wrecked. The books that had been organised in the book case were splattered in various places, the chairs and sofa tipped over the room. A few vases and lamps were smashed on the floor, piles of glass surrounding us. It seemed it had worked, but it had only ruined our lounge - and our TV! Damn it! Yuki seemed as irritated as I did, since he loved watching the Nature Programmes, and I liked sitting with him, eating popcorn and looking at the beauty of the outside world - the world we both longed to see again.

Now the place was wrecked, the red carpet littered with furniture and glass, the pale green walls stricken with holes where various cases and vases had hit against it. Every other wall had been slightly affected, except from the wall that lead to the outside of the freakin' house! This was crazy. This madeno sense, and Gideon must've thought the same, since he banged at the wall furiously.

"Damn it, Devil," Yuki frowned at the house, causing me to slightly smile at the name we had given it.

We named the house The Devil's Fiddle, for short we named it Devil. We had been bored one day and everyone had been cooped in the lounge, so we had decided to play a game of naming the house itself. It was the only entertainment we really had - each other. The windows in the place were tiny and up high, like the place was built to hold people as prisoners. The door was locked - but the main door was located in the living room which was a room rarely used since we all preferred the lounge.

I found myself frowning at the mess, glad I was wearing trainers, "Connor's going to be so mad."

Gideon didn't seem to care, still tapping at the wall and testing it with a mixture of curiosity and anger. How many times had we attempted this? So many times! God, I had lost count somewhere. Every time we tried, we failed. So Connor (the leader of all twelve of us) had set up a plan, he'd divided us in to small groups to each take places of the house to try and break out. Some got the windows, one group the front door, we had the lounge wall and some other group probably had the second floor walls. Someone maybe even the third. The place was built to hold a large amount of people - and we had thought it was a hotel, that's why all of us had ended up here.

There were many ways we had attempted to break out, but the house seemed invincible, and it wasn't normal. Houses were supposed to explode from the strong chemical reaction Gideon and Yuki had used.

"Well," Gideon sighed, "he's the least of our problems. Devil isn't cooperating!" He shot an accusing look at the wall, stopping his furious tapping as he turned to me and Yuki. His sandy blonde hair was just a mop on his head, so messy and unorganised that he hadn't even bothered to try and tame it. His eyes sparkled a light grey, determined to get everyone out as much as the rest of us. He turned his attention to Yuki, "Yuki, my boy, back to the basement. We have some more mixing to do, don't you agree?"

Yuki - the kid genius he was - nodded and gave his partner a mock-salute and me a wide grin of excitement. He was eager and as impatient as I was to get out. "Yes, of course, Gideon!" He hurried away back down the creaking steps, minding pieces of glass as he went, brushing strands of his black hair from his brown eyes.

"Elizabeth," Gideon directed me (he was literally the only one who used my full name, and he did it all the time!). "You'll go upstairs and make Connor aware of the mess down here. We honestly don't need your mind for this part of the test, just to throw it - you have a better arm then I do." Even as a vamp, Gideon wasn't any good with physical tasks. He liked being scientific and observant, he hated throwing, running and the rest of it - unless he had to.

"Sure," I nodded, giving him a small smile as I obeyed his order and headed up the staircase. I held no offence to him saying he didn't need my brain, I wasn't smart enough for the two geniuses. The staircase that lead upstairs was right above the one that lead down. "Be right back!" I called down to Yuki.

He yelled, "don't be too long! We need you, Eli!"

I couldn't help but smile at the comment. It was true, everyone needed each other in this house to survive, but I knew that Yuki had a different meaning then just for me to throw the chemicals - he needed me because I was his rock, and he was mine. And as I climbed up the stairs, I couldn't help but smile, even if Connor was going to be very, very mad.

* * *


I froze.

I hated what I saw. I knew it had to be done for the vampires to survive - for us all to survive - but seeing my brother be bitten made my blood boil, it made my body shake in fury as I held back the urge to grab a sharp object and stabAlphain the back with it. My brother didn't look like he was in pain, in fact, the look of pleasure shocked me so badly that I almost fell over a cluster of clothes piled in the corridor - damn Roxy for forgetting to do the laundry!

Normally bites weren't supposed to be pleasurable, more painful then just... normal. It was only pleasurable if-

I banged the door so hard against the wall that it reminded me of the explosion - that made me wince. Nathaniel Mason (my twin brother, minutes younger then me) jumped, his haze of pleasure thinning as he shoved Alpha off of him - Alpha, the gay vampire. Oh, I was positively boiling with anger.

"How dare you!" I began to yell, not able to contain the anger that bubbled deep within my gut. My heart was locked in a position of pain and pure fury, tempting me to punch Alpha (a badass vampire) right in the face. Oh God, I was just itching to do it. My knuckles tightened, as I stepped closer in to his bedroom. They weren't even supposed to be in the room, they were supposed to be in the corridor, inspecting the windows and walls. "I'll rip your fucking fangs off and feed them to you, you di-"

I couldn't finish my threat, because I was suddenly slammed against the wall. A wave of pain shot up my spine, cackling my senses and causing my head to scream danger, danger! Alpha's blood red eyes were threatening, wide, and full of no mercy. He was as pissed off as I was, but I knew it wasn't just that, it was also bloodlust. He wanted to rip me apart, to give in to the monster that was itching right beneath his skin - the one that held me against the wall.

"Alpha! No!" Nathan yelled, running towards me, my vision swimming with black dots as my head swam and the room span around me.

My stomach turned, my heart turning with it. As if I'll go down without a fight! I fought against the heavy feeling to just give in to my suddenly heavy eyelids, as I swung a foot towards his stomach. He didn't even flinch, just accepting my kick like it was nothing - which it probably was to him.

Nathan was now batting furiously at Alpha, trying to distract him as his gleaming, red eyes stared at me with pure satisfaction. He opened his mouth, his fangs sharp and long, gleaming at me. My body tensed, my heart whirling and fear prickling at my stomach, making it lurch. I hated being so pathetic and weak, hated not being able to defend myself.

"Let her go!" Nathan continued yelling as loud as he could manage, but Alpha ignored him, too lost in the monster that had clung to him and enveloped him.

He brought his mouth down to my neck, his hot breath caressing my neck, his cold hands pinning my shoulders as I froze on the spot. His nails dug in to my shoulders, his fangs meeting my skin. When they pierced skin, when he let his fangs sink in, I could feel everything slipping away. I had already lost a lot of blood from Connor (he was my vamp partner) since he had fed on me only days before, so having another vamp drink from me... It was too sudden, especially when he wouldn't stop. He just kept drinking and drinking...

"Let her go!" A different voice roared, a voice that plummeted through my black haze as my eyelids began to close and my weak body collapsed in to Alpha's strong hold.

From that voice, I knew that I'd be safe when I eventually awoke...


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