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The Inferan Stone

Novel By: EstrellaNenFletxa

- Contest Entry! -

Devanti stole a precious necklace from the Inferan pack. The Iferan Stone. The werewolves weren't going to give in so easily though. Dawn - the fastest wolf in the pack - managed to catch him before anybody could and drag him back to the cabin.

But what happens when all hell breaks loose? The Vampire has friends that none of them knew of and what happens when his friends come for him? Will a war break out? Will he get the Stone? Can Dawn get it back again or is their precious stone gone for good this time?
- Sorry rubbish summary because it's ME Vicky! xD - View table of contents...



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Chapter 1 (Star Reader)

My ragged breathing wasn't the only thing I could hear. Even if my heart was speading so fast I was sure it was going to leap out of my chest I couldn't stop running. On all fours my glassy green eyes stared at the object I desired the most. The one thing that meant everything to my family. He wasn't going to have it, that leech wouldn't be able to take it. I'd die first.

My eyes narrowed, my mind thinking a thousand thoughts at once but the only thought I was listening to spoke loud and clear.

Faster! You can't let them down!

The crisp night air filled my lungs, my throat had gone tight and it felt like sandpaper. I seriously needed something to drink. The moonlight washed down on my silky, light brown fur. The wood's dusty floor was cold and hard beneath my paws but it was mostly covered with crispy autmn leaves. Autumn. My favourite season. The night air is so addicting, it's like a drug, and the leaves are always so colourful and eye catching, I find myself staring at them for hours.

But at that moment I couldn't stare at the naked trees or the dying leaves that surrounded me. Only one thing caught my eye and he had it clasped in his pale hand. I was going to kill him; he wasn't going to win this. He was definitely dead, especially since my pack members surrounded me and that's what comforted me the most. Even if someone had allowed our most prized possession out of their sight the pack pulled together strong and eager, ready for the kill.

I was in the lead. I had always been the faster runner and I wasn't about to let them down. My breath was a cloud in the air, I couldn't feel the cold thanks to my thick coat. I was growing closer by the second.

You can do it. Run like you've never ran before!

The encouraging voice in my head caused me to pick up my speed. My heart was beating so fast I was sure it was ready to burst. I was breathing so heavily I almost couldn't hear the thumping of the blood rushing through my veins.

It was shaped like a wolf. It was a delicate and it was a beautiful stone. The colour of silver to match the carressing moon. Did us werewolves change by a full moon? What nonsense have you been reading? No. We changed when it was really needed, in a situation like this we can transform easily. Is it caused by an emotion like that twilight crap? Kinda. I guess. It was mostly caused by eagerness, the eagerness to get it back. The eagerness to feel the wind combing at your fur. The eagerness to sink our sharp teeth into some vampire flesh.

The golden chain that held the necklace gleamed from the moonlight. The necklace was more then just a necklace, not only had it been passed down our family for generations but it held a secret. It had the power to cause the worst pain. The pain I felt every once in a while. A pain so agnosing and long that only we could handle it, if any human got hold of it it could rip them apart.

The vampire did something so stupid I almost stopped running altogether. He clipped the necklace around his neck. Not only did it not suit his dirty blonde hair, deep red eyes and pointy fangs, - yes, I noticed that out of all things, sue me - but his smug grin began to dissolve before my very eyes. We both stopped running. The sound of paws tapping against the floor stopped. Nobody really knew what to do because there was nothing we could do.

He began to twitch slightly. His back arched and his breathing became thick and heavy. I hated watching it happen to my friends, I hated experiencing it. I knew what he was feeling, I could almost feel the agonising pain rush up my spine. I could almost feel the firing burn as my claws sprouted through my fingers. I jumped back in fear when he let out a scream thick with pain. His pupils shrunk, he appeared weaker then I imagined him to be.

There's no sympathy for enemies, Pip (the leader of our pack, Inferan) glared at me with his black eyes. His eyes were so black you couldn't see his pupils, but they weren't frightening, they were actually quite comforting.

I hung my head like I was ashamed as I examined my dirty paws, he's feeling our transformation. It will tear him apart if we don't get the necklace off.

You've gone soft, Pip allowed himself to let out a low growl when he stared at the screaming vampire.

I insisted, I've not gone soft.

Just bring him back, Pip's sandy fur ruffled from the howling wind and he himself howled. It was high pitched and a sign that we had captured something. I hated how everyone else instantly howled along whilst I sunk my teeth into the Vampire's wrist.

He cringed and spoke for the first time, "you're not making this any easier for me."

I bit harder in response, almost drawing blood. Their blood was different to human blood though, their blood was thicker and darker. It made my stomach turn.

The Vampire cringed slightly and unhelpfully introduced himself, "I'm Devanti."

Let's get him back to our cabin, Pip cocked his head towards the deeper part of the woods.

I blinked at him and felt like moaning about it. I had to pull him all the way to the cabin. Once he had opened his mouth it seemed the blood sucker didn't really want to shut up, so as I dragged him along and he cringed in pain, he talked in between though. Who knew vampires talked so much?


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