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The Fairy Knights and the Sword of Philarus

Novel By: FairyKnightKing

On his fifteenth birthday, Freddie Kilmer expects nothing more than to hang out with his cousin Rodney Fenelly and their friends, Anna and Jared Richards. Until they met a stranger named Zeke who said that all of them are members of a guild called the Kilmer Clan or the Fairy Knights – a group of people, under the Power of God & the blessing of the Fairy Queen who swore to protect the worlds from any evil activity. Zeke also reveals to them that Freddie is the grandson of the Fairy Queen, Nemiel, who is an Archfairy, and has the ability to control water; that Rodney is an Elf prince from another world called Eruderath; and that Anna & Jared’s mom was really an angel who wanted to have a temporary life on earth.
The reason why Zeke revealed these things to them is that because of a prophecy that tells of a coming demon who wants to destroy the planet with ice and darkness, and it’s up to Freddie to defeat her. But to do that they need to journey to the Undead world of Philarus to find the Emeth Sword or the Sword of Faithfulness. As they went through many dangers and trials, they found the sword in the once great city called Philatropolis. There, the spirit of life, Terra, is imprisoned by the sword. Freddie has to free the sword from the stone in order to free Terra and restore the land back into life. When they returned to earth, no time has passed while they were gone. Finally the demon Glaciesa appeared and proclaimed the planet to be frozen without electricity and the light of day. Now it’s up to Freddie to save the world before his birthday ends. View table of contents...


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It was three in the morning and five cloaked teenagers stood at the bank rocks of the Lake in Central Park in New York City. Since no one (except probably the homeless) is in Central Park at this time of the day, it is a perfect time to do something malevolent.

Eris, the one in the middle of the group, stood forward and opened the book she was carrying. The book was hard covered with varnished leather and a red symbol embossed on the front. She opened it to the page marked by a bloodstained bookmark garter. The page was bordered by miserable snowflakes and had an incantation of an indistinctive language, handwritten in an icy calligraphy. When she got there, she began to read it in a whisper.

And as she did so, each of the other four came forward and dropped something into the water. Loki came forward first and dropped a handful of small little diamonds, the size of grape seeds. Next Isis came forward, who carried a vial of cat blood, and poured it onto the water. Then Samael came forward and dropped three coins from a dead man's pocket. Then last Thanatos came forward and dropped a strand of hair from his classmate in English.

After that, she gets to the part when the incantation starts to have an effect on the wind and waters. The waters began to glow, right where they dropped the items and began to form a small whirlpool. At the same time, the clouds swirled right above the whirlpool and as it did so, as Eris reached the end of the incantation, a lightning stroke from the sky to the water. After a fraction of a second, the lightning vanished, and both the sky and the water were still. But the water was still glowing and rippling.

Then suddenly, a tall pillar of water was rising. It was smooth at first but soon it took shape. It took the form of a great lady, so tall that Loki's head (the tallest of the five) was on the level of her chest. She had a flowing hair and a blurry body dressed in a fluttering dress. As the water become flesh and the soft glow decreased, she opened her glowing eyes and glared at them.

The five teenagers knelt down and Eris said in the indistinctive language, "Hail Glaciesa, daughter of Our Father Below."

The figure walked towards them. She walked on the water gently and gracefully. Each step came ripples from under her feet. As she touched the ground, the glow in the water, in her body and in her eyes faded and the five teenagers stood up.

Eris said in a whisper in the same language, "Milady, welcome to the human world. We have done our job to summon you. We wish no part in joining nor going against your plans; because our youthful human strength and speed cannot fulfill your desires. Just grant us that no harm will come upon us."

"I understand, my followers," said the figure. Her voice was feminine and icy. "I guess you should help me find hosts for my two children then."

Jack and Jill Tennyson, twin college students, walk together alone in a dark alley on their way home from the club with their friends. They walked close together because suddenly they felt cold. They didn't wear any jackets because it was very warm when they left and went to the club.

As they were walking, they suddenly felt a slight breeze from behind them. When they looked behind them, they saw a fog. It was moving towards them but not for them. The fog passed by them and encircled them. They held each other close. Then they heard a soft cracking sound. Then they felt something cold on their feet. They saw it was frost. Living frost. Frost that was crawling on them. They tried to move but the frost kept their feet glued to the ground. The siblings hugged each other. The frost entered their pants and entered their skin. And through the internal organs, the frost was racing itself towards the siblings' hearts. They were screaming and crying for help. But none can hear them.

They felt the cold in their chest and in their head and their whole body till they felt frozen. But really they're not frozen. Someone else has taken over their bodies. And these possessors made an effect to the bodies they "borrowed". The siblings' faces changed from tan to pale whit that was almost blue. And their hair turned white and icy and spiked like icicles. The color and appearance of their clothes changed from casual spring wear to cold blue and gray winter outfits.

Once their transformation was complete, the frost on their feet disappeared into their pants. And out of the fog were the great lady and the teenagers who summoned her. The lady said to them, "Thank you my followers. You may go back to your ways."

The teenagers bowed and left as the fog disappeared. And as it did, the lady and the two were gone the alley was empty. It began to rain.


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