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Status: First Draft

WARNING: coarse language and strong sexual content

Min Monroe wanted nothing more than a normal life and what did she get instead? Wings. Big, beautiful Faery wings she can't get rid of. But when things get complicated at her new private Faery school, she has to keep her head up, her wings high, and deal with it. At least, until love gets in the way.

Oh and some credit needs to go out here to my friend Ophelia Autumn for helping me come up with some of the names of the characters and all that :)

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Chapter 1

I sighed and threw the last of my clothes into my suitcase then closed it and zipped it up.I couldn't believe this. Me, leaving everything I knew to go to some stupid private school in the mountains. With my luck, my phone wouldn't have any service and there would be no internet so I'd never be able to talk to my friends again. Just dumped at this new place and forced to... ew... socialize.

When I first found out, I basically screamed, slammed a couple doors, and stormed off. Then I snuck out later that night to see my friends after my parents were asleep. My way of payback. But now I had no choice of storming off and sneaking out. My parents were keeping an eye on me to make sure I didn't try to get out of this.

Then, a couple hours later, I was strapped into the backseat of our car, speeding up to the mountains. I could hear my suitcases rattling around in the back as we drove through the curvy canyon.

"Are you excited Min?" my mom said, turning around in her seat. "You'll get to see where I went to school. My second home, so to say."

I sneered. "If you love it so much, why don't you go back?"

My mother just laughed. "Because, silly. I already did my time. Now it's your turn to learn some magical things." She fluttered her fingers as she said the word magical.

"Come on, Min. Cheer up. This is a great opportunity for you." My dad said.


"Well..." He glanced over at my mom then back to the road. "It just is." He pulled into an almost deserted parking lot and stopped the car. "We're here."

I got out and looked at the building in front of me. This place looked like it hadn't been touched in years. If mom and dad weren't smiling like lunes, I'd have reason to believe it was haunted.

"Clara! Oh darling, I was wondering when you'd get here." A tall woman wearing an electric blue pant suit, hideous, purple,four inch stiletto heels - probably why she was so tall- and red hair in a messy bun came out the door and walked up to us.

"Hey Gillian! Been a while dear." Mom smiled. I looked at the woman before us. Gillian... It fit.

"Oh Clara, you've changed so much!"

"Well it has been, what, fifteen years?"

"Indeed it has. Oh!" Gillian looked at me. "And this must be your beautiful daughter. Oh she looks so much like her mother!"

I raises my eyebrows. Usually it was that I looked like my dad. I had his eyes and his hair. The only thing of my moms I really got was her nose.

"Yes Min is our little jewel." Mom pulled me in for a hug but I squirmed away.


"You should never be ashamed of hugging your parents, Min. One day they will be gone and you will regret pushing them away." Gillian told me.

"Oh Min, by the way, this is your new principal, Gillian White."

I almost choked. Her? This insane woman standing before me was this schools principal? What was wrong with these people? She didn't look even remotely qualified to be an educator in a school full of kids. In fact, she looked like she just stepped out of a bad eighties magazine.

"Ms. White was mine and your fathers principal when we went here."

Wait, hold the phone. "Dad went here too?"

"Of course I did kiddo. It's where I met your mother. We were high school sweethearts." He wrapped his arm around my moms waste and pulled her close. I wanted to gag.

"Wait a moment, Todd? Todd Monroe is that you?"

"Hey there Gill."

"Oh how could I forget you? You spent more time in my office than any other student!"

Dad leaned down and spoke quietly into my ear. "I was a bit of a jokester in high school."

"A bit?" Mom laughed. "Remember when you lit off that firework in the cafeteria for the Forth of July?"

"Hey you can't go wrong with the classic firework bit."

"You were suspended for a week!"

All three of them started laughing and I just stood there waiting for them to get done with their old memories fest.

"Oh, Min, we should get you into the school. Show you to your room, introduce you to your roommate and get you ready for your first day tomorrow." Ms. White said, a smile beaming on her face.

I sighed. "Yeah I know.... wait roommate?"

"Well, yes. Everyone here has a roommate."

Fan-fucking-tastic. Ms. White and my parents took me into one of the buildings off to our right which must have been one of the dorm rooms.

"Welcome to our girls dorm, Min." Ms. White said, giving in to my suspicion. "This is the main room where a lot of people hang out to do homework, watch TV, so on."

"Yeah I figured." I said looking around at the people doing their homework, watching TV and so on.

"Min be nice." Mom said from behind me.

"Why don't I take you up to your room and you can start getting settled in while your parents finish some paperwork?" Ms. White asked.

"Yeah, okay."

I followed Ms. White up the stairs and down the hall of the third floor. When we got there, it wasn't a normal hallway I saw. It was like Wonderland or something. Everything was messed up and colors ran together creating a beautiful yet confusing sight. I almost got turned around and I'm sure if Ms. White hadn't been there, I would have.

"Wh... What is this?" I asked, looking around in awe.

"It's an Enchanted Hallway. All the hallways in the dorms have them."

"Why does it look like Wonderland?"

Ms. Whiter laughed. "Because you're new. As soon as you get a little more used to this school, it'll turn into whatever you want. Like, for example, see those girls sitting on the floor studying? They probably see a library. And those boys tossing the football back and forth down there? They probably see a professional football field."

"Oh... What do you see?"

"Well, I've been here so long, I don't really see anything but a normal hallway anymore." She stopped outside a door and turned to me with a smile. "Here's your room. Have fun and I'll be downstairs with your parents." She walked away.

I sucked in my breath and knocked on the door, it opened a couple seconds later to reveal a girl with dark brown hair pulled back into a messy French braid. She wore a Blood on the Dance Floor tank top, jeans and converse. "Hi. Are you my new roommate?"

"Yeah I guess. I'm Min."

"Beylie. Come in." she smiled and stepped aside letting me into the room.

"Thanks." I went in and saw someone had already brought my stuff up and out it on the empty bed. "I like your shirt."

She looked down at it and smiled. "You a fan of BOTDF?"

"Some of their stuff. Most of it kind of freaks me out."

Beylie laughed. "Yeah understandable." She got down on the floor and looked under her bed then got up and put a box on the bed.

"What's that?"

"My box of Faery stuff." She pulled out a jar of this silvery must stuff and opened it. Okay, so she hopped on the crazy train at some point and believed in fairies. Cool? At least I thought so until this pair of huge, bright blue wings popped out from her back. "Ah nothing like stretching the wings out." She threw some of the silver mist over her shoulder onto her wings.

I screamed and backed away from her. "What are those!?"

Beylie looked over her shoulder at her wings then back at me. "Wings, duh."

I screamed again.

"Why are you screaming? You have them to."

"No! No I don't! You're mad!"

There was no way in hell this could be happening.


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