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The River Styx

Novel By: FantasyDragon

WARNING: course language and strong sexual content

Charon has lived a life of death. Literally. Being the ferryman who aids souls across the River Styx is basically just the same everyday. Pick up spirit, row to whichever layer of hell it's headed to, drop it off and row back. And then of course, there's always those wonderful visits from Hades. But what happens when one spirit makes Charon's unbeating heart start racing? What would Hades think?

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I sighed as Hades lovely voice echoed through my chamber in the underworld. He sounded very happy this fine day. I arose from my bed and waited him to burst into my room which he did a second later.

"Charon you worthless peice of shit slave!"

"Master I..."

"Shut up!" Hades pulled a whip from his cloak and snapped it against the ground. "Take off your cloak, slave!" He snarled.

I did as he asked and turned my back to him, knowing what was coming. I got this beating at least three times each month. The whips cracked loudly and pain coursed through my body. My mouth stayed glued shut. Screaming meant weakness and weakness erged Hades on.

The whip cracked again.

Tears filled my eyes but I blinked them away. I would not let Hades see me cry. I would not let anyone see me cry. Ever.

The whip cracked five more times cause five more bloody wounds across my back. Five more hatefilled scars to come. I turned around to face Hades and got my coat thrown into my gut.

I groaned and held it in my arms. "May I ask why this time, mater?"

Hades sneered. "Just get out to the River and don't wait anymore of my fucking time." He turned on his heel and stormed out, whip in hand.

I put my cloak back on, ignoring the pain that shot through my open wounds. I had a job to do and Hades wasn't about to win his little game of making me weak. I went out to my boat on the River and got in the started rowing up to the top layer of the Underworld where I would start picking up spirits.

"Morning Char." The gate man greeted me. "I heard the beating Hades gave you. When he's pissed he doesn't understand quiet does he?"

I pushed my hood off my head and sighed. "You may want to watch what you say. He's in an exceptionally bad mood today."

"Of course he is. Persephone's coming home."

Of course she was. Hades always got pissed when Persephone was coming back because he felt nothing was perfect. And to him, evrything needed to be perfect for his lady. And of course, then he took his anger out of his victims. A.k.a, me.

"Got a soul coming your way Char." The gate man told me. I felt back for him. At least I had a name, though Hades rarely used it. The gate man was just that. The gate man. Hecame over and flipped the obol, which paid for the spirits ride, at me and waved the spirit to the boat. I put the obol in my pocket and quickly put my hood up.

"Third level. And hurry back." I nodded at the gate man and started rowing. This spirit was an elderly woman who must have been in her sixties when she passed. I felt bad for these spirits. They all died. They never stayed on Earth as long as they should. And I'd seen a lot of spirits over my lifetime. The worst was a young boy, no older than five who died from a bear attack.

"Charon?" The elderly spirit whispered brokenly to me. I looked at her and even though she couldn't see my face, I saw hers clear as day. "Μην σταματήσετε την καταπολέμηση." She whispered in greek.

I nodded at her and continued rowing. If only she knew the half of it. If only she knew the horrors I lived through everyday. The things I saw. The nightmares I lived. If only she knew how badly I wished I could fight. And if I could, how much I would wish to never stop.

But I couldn't. Never would be able to for as long as I lived.

And that, would be a while.

A/N: hey there anyone reading this! This is the first chapter of my new novel The River Styx. (Like that's not obvious) So I really hope you enjoy. I know this is short but I think it's okay for a first chapter because it explains what it needs to. The chapters will get longer after this! Promise haha. Enjoy and please leave me comments!! :D


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