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The Dream Keeper

Novel By: forbidden secrets

The lake holds the unfathomable secrets of the town. Yet the elders make sure that no one ventures off into the depths of the murky lake water that they fear so much, but could the lake be hiding a more menacing force than just the secrets of the town? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 4, 2013    Reads: 41    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Bodies sprawled with fleshy dead limbs intertwining one another, blood scribbling the once pure linoleum floor. Color has all but been drained from the deceased eyes with somber expression eternally staring blankly beyond these walls. Stillness pierces the room allowing this perfect scene of destruction to play out all too well as a tale of murder when in truth it is a tale of sacrifice. Each body is crumpled just as a used napkin. With hazy vision I scan the outlines of one body, reminiscent memories flooding their way into my head filling me with unspoken thoughts.

A sense of numbness cut through the very being of the girl, leaving her body lay in tatters, she was nothing but tatters. Her voice was weak coming from an unrecognizable far away place. Whispers of dreams perhaps filled the air around her, dreams tossed into the ever changing lake. Each dream churning in the lake waters, without any hope of returning to its rightful owner. Stories hushed by parents prying ears told only behide safe havens, those of closed doors of course tell of the lake, of the dream stealers. The lake was a known mystery leaving penetrating fear to take hold of the adults. A fear that was well placed among all who knew too well of these fathomed tales about the lake. Of what horrors the lake held in its firm grasp.

Eyes that had been all too willing to scrutinize fell upon the girl without my knowledge. From the depths the feeling of her weary soul carried over to me dragging me down along with it. Her delicate figure looked as if it was being tossed about in a fit of wind passing over her, just as baby bird struggling to fly in the wind. Yet taking flight into the air would be her only savior, alas her body stood rooted to its spot. Empty words of her own are hurtled into the air, only allowed to be carried off with the wind just mumbles. Meaningless all of it was meaningless. Her numbness would be the doom of her alone if nothing else.

The malevolent hunger began to grow inside me as I could feel my own emptiness, willing me to be the very bane of her existence. Too close was the idea now of emerging from the depths, the elders would certainly see me that was clear. Panic alone would drive them mad, maybe even mad enough to hunt us. Alone that chased off the ravenous hunger I had never known until that day. My hunger had left in its wake trailing ideas strung together by the same purpose, of willing the girl towards me. One by one those ideas fell into my head towering higher leaving endless possibilities open. Scattered all around the ideas had cluttered up any previous desires. For in that instant my only desire was to erase the gnawing hunger. A final thought eased carefully into my mind, the girl will be the perfect sacrifice.

A/N The majority of the novel is going to be taking place in a flashback. So anytime you see italics we're still in flash back and when I return to the present I will no longer be using italics.


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