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A man named Atlas goes on a conquest of revenge, duty, an retribution as he attempts to dissolve a plot to the kill his charge, the king of Erach. View table of contents...


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Ren paused for a moment, lost in thought.
"What's next grandfather?" Atlas asked eagerly.
"That day was when everything changed. Uran buried his pain, but Ren'el never forgot, and he never forgave...."

Uran walked out of the great hall and into the courtyard. Everything was peaceful. A still wind blew through the grass and the sounds of birds filled the air. The man strode across the courtyard, deep in thought. Two years before, when he took his oath to protect Arlan, he had expected more action. But the kingdom was peaceful and there was no action to be had. Ren'el left Erach, against the wishes of his brother and father, in search of the clan that killed Suña thirteen years.
Uran feared for his brother's safety and sanity. Ren'el had slowly fallen into an obsession over the event that had changed both their lives.
As Uran reminisced about his brother a knock came at the gates to the courtyard. The bodyguard came back into reality and moved to see who was there. Before Uran had even reached them the gates burst open with a flash of fire. When he recovered he was surprised to see not a sorcerer but his brother in the wreckage, wearing flowing robes and leather battle armour.
"I found them brother. I found the clan who killed Suña," Ren'el said viciously. "They were out to the west."
"Tell me you didn't," Uran pleaded.
"I did. I killed them all."
"Ren'el, revenge does not solve anything," Uran counselled. "You cannot punish an entire group for the wrongdoings of one member."
"Perhaps not, but I can bring justice upon one who has committed an unjust act," Ren'el countered. "As I have come here to do."
"Who here has committed an unjust act?" Uran questioned, attempting to calm his sibling.
Ren'el reared back his head and laughed. "Do you truly not remember that day thirteen years ago? The day when our sister was murdered?!" Ren'el's eyes went feral as his frenzy grew. "Do you not remember what Dalr, our FATHER, did to that man?" Uran took a step back in shock, leaving him too slow to stop the oncoming challenge. "Dale!" Ren'el screamed, the madness fully taking him. "Come out and face your judgement!"
The doors to the great hall opened and Dale stepped out of them. "Ren'el," he said. "What did you do to those people?"
"I gave those savages what they deserved. No more will they trouble is," Ren'el replied, quickly and proudly.
Dale drew his sword and stepped towards his son.
"Father!" Uran shouted. "He is my brother! Your son!"
"This man is no son of mine," Dale replied quietly but firmly. "Ren'el," he returned his glance to his challenger. "You have committed atrocities against the deities. Atrocities for which you will be punished." Dale's face stayed calm as a winter breeze. Uran couldn't believe his eyes.
"You are a fool Dale," Ren'el shot back. "The deeds that I have done have been rewarded by the deities. Just not yours." Ren'el's while figure began to convulse and then disappeared, only to appear a few feet left of where he had been standing moments earlier.
"What devilry? Where did you obtain this power?" Dale stammered nervously.
"Wouldn't you love to know?" Ren'el joked, striding towards where Dale stood. Dale raised his sword and brought it down on the approaching man, who blocked it with ease and then grasped Dale's throat. "Unfortunately for you, I'm not giving away any secrets." Ren'el's choking grasp tightened and Dale brought his dagger close to his attacker's body. In an instant the blade dissolved and Ren'el's face grew angry.
Dale screamed and gasped for air and a red hot flame seared its way through his body. The fire grew and encased the man, then it went out, leaving Dale dead. Ren'el let go of his father and let his body crumple to the stone pathway.
"No!!" Uran squealed, scrambling. Over to his father's body. "Why?!"
"I already told you why, brother. Now quit whining you fool," Ren'el spat.
King Arlan came out into the courtyard to find Dale dead and Ren'el standing over his body. "Rennie? What have you done?" He asked, astounded.
"Ah, Arlan. You are just the man I was hoping would show up. Let's get down to business shall we?" Ren'el laughed hysterically as he drew his sword and walked towards the king. "You see, Dale was an important man, but his death doesn't give off the same message that I want given off."
"Calm down Rennie," Arlan said gently, backing towards the door. "There's no need for more death."
"But where's the fun in that?!" Ren'el's face took on a frenzy of insanity and Uran knew that his brother was gone. He took the only action he could think of. Uran drew his blade in honour of his father and in honour of his king. He charged at Ren'el with a ferocious scream and swung his sword. The opponent shifted to the side and plunged his own blade into Uran's gut. "You should not have done that," Ren'el said. Uran looked into his brother's eyes and drove his sword into the chest of his twin. Ren'el and Uran staggered away from one another, looking at the swords in their bodies.
"I'm sorry Uran but this must be done. All of Erach shall know my power," Ren'el said wearily while pulling the sword out of his torso and sheathing it. Arlan had gotten inside the doors of the great hall. "Where are you going you coward?" Ren'el asked. Uran collapsed to the ground in pain. Arlan froze in his tracks and began to move towards Ren'el against his will.
"How are you doing this?" Arlan shouted at Ren'el.
"You see Uncle Arlan," the madman started. "For my assistance in killing the zealots of the west, a group of deities granted me powers beyond imagining. The powers if a sorcerer." Arlan knelt before Ren'el, unwilling awaiting his execution. Uran once again attacked his brother, trying to prevent what was about to happen. The blade came down and Ren'el spread his arms from his chest as the sword exploded into a shower of steel. Ren'el then turned his eyes back to his quarry. He raised his sword high above his head, point down, and forced it down into the neck of the king.


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