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Broken Angel.

By: ForgottenROse

Chapter 1, Alice, is betrayed by her best friend Jake. She is so heart broken she tries to commit suicide, but something un-expected happens that she would have never guest in her wildest dreams.

Chapter-1. The suicide.

~The frozen winter wind burned my bare legs leaving raw and red skin beneath my black lace tights that clung to me and whipped my midnight black hair into my face making it sting. I leaned my head against the bars that blocked me from the ledge. And looked down at my dangling shoe-less feet, the distance from the ground and I seemed to get higher. I slid my gaze the horizon I scanned it, taking in every detail, of every shape and figure that pasted by. Each time making my heart leap with blazing joy, then drop into despair. Then un-controllable tears started flowing past my green eyes down my cheek leaving a frozen path behind. A flutter of black flew across my sight of view and landed on the ledge by me, a raven stared back with green piercing eyes that invited me to join it.

My numb body moved by itself, swing my legs past the icy metallic bars that blocked me. It balanced on the thin concrete to where the bird stood staring at me with glazed over eyes. My body slid next to the raven and my hands tighten around the ledge so tight a small trickle of blood dripped off my figure tips falling in splatters to the streets bellow. Snowflakes began fluttering down sticking to my eye lashes and my hair. A large clock tower chimed in the distance, reminding me of my reason for being there. A sob creped past my lips rembering the empty promises I once believed in. My throat tightened as the chimes grew fainter and slowly left a low ring in my ears, and then a low humming vibrated from my left hand. My bright violet cell phone glistened in the moon light as I lifted it to my ear.

“…Hello…?” I asked into the phone.

“Im sorry Alice… I just can’t do it… I’m so sorry....” A voice whispered back.

The phone slid from my frozen hands and smashed into the ground bellow with a thud, the pieces scattered throughout the street.

“I’m sorry to...” I whisper towards the broken phone.

I lifted myself up griping the bars behind me and stood facing the lifeless street bellow, the bird stared quietly with a curious look in its green eyes. I turned my face up towards the moon and smiled through tear filled eyes at its glorious and beautiful glow. I spread my arms out wide letting go of the bars and leaped into the night’s brisk air, never taking my eyes off the glowing spear above me. Time seemed to slow down as my body plummeted down spraying my tangled hair around me in the night’s sky blending into the darkness. Then I was thrown into sudden darkness a split second before the impact with snow covered ground.~

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