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Broken Angel.

Novel By: ForgottenROse

Tags: The, Frozen, Winter, Wind, Burned, My, Bare, Legs, Leaving, Them, Raw, And, Red, Skin, Beneath, Black, Lace, Tights, That, Clung, To, Me, Whipped, Midnight, Hair, Into, Face, Making, It, Sting., I, Leaned, Head, Against, Bars, Blocked, From, Ledge., Looked, Down, At, Dangling, Horror, Love, Romance, Sad, Fear, Fanasy, Feet, Distance, Ground, Seemed, Get, Higher., Slid, Gaze, Horizon, Scanned, Taking, In, Every, Detail, Of, Shape, Figure, Pasted, By., Each, Time, Heart, Leap, With, Blazing, Joy, Then, Drop, Despair., Un-controllable, Tears, Started, Flowing, Past, Green, Eyes, Cheek, A, Path, Behind., Flutter, Flew, Across, Sight, View, Landed, On, Ledge, By, Raven, Stared, Back, Piercing, Invited, Join, It. , Numb, Body, Moved, Itself, Swing, Icy, Metallic, Me., Balanced, Thin, Concrete, Where, Bird, Stood, Staring, Glazed, Over, Eyes., Next, Hands, Tighten, Around, So, Tight, Small, Trickle, Blood, Dripped, Off, Tips, Falling, Splatters, Streets, Bellow., Snowflakes, Began, Fluttering, Sticking, Eye, Lashes, Hair., Large, Clock, Tower, Chimed, Reminding, Reason, For, Being, There., Sob, Creped, Lips, Rembering, Empty, Promises, Once, Believed, In., Throat, Tightened, As, Chimes, Grew, Fainter, Slowly, Left, Low, Ring, Ears, Humming, Vibrated, Hand., Bright, Violet, Cell, Phone, Glistened, Moon, Light, Lifted, Ear. “…hello…?”, Asked, Phone. “imp, Sorry…, Just, Can’t, Do, It…, I’m, Sorry.”, Voice, Whispered, Back. The, Smashed, Bellow, Thud, Pieces, Scattered, Throughout, Street., “i’m, Sorry, To...”, Whisper, Towards, Broken, Phone. , Myself, Up, Griping, Behind, Facing, Lifeless, Street, Quietly, Curious, Look, Its, Turned, Smiled, Through, Tear, Filled, Glorious, Beautiful, Glow., Spread, Arms, Out, Wide, Letting, Go, Leaped, Night’s, Brisk, Air, Never, Glowing, Spear, Above, Slow, Plummeted, Spraying, Tangled, Sky., Was, Thrown, Sudden, Darkness, Split, Second, Before, Impact.

Alice, is betrayed by her best friend Jake. She is so heart broken she tries to commit suicide, but something un-expected happens that she would have never guest in her wildest dreams. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 25, 2012    Reads: 29    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Chapter:2 . Strange room.

The darkness swirled around me and I stood looking around a endless black abyss, I opened my mouth to scream but no matter how loud I tried no sound came out. My knees caved beneath me and I looked around in without hope for an escape, but a sliver of light shined through a crack.

I raced to the light with all my might it seemed to get farther away with every step I took, but I forced my feet faster. As my bony hand reach towards it,the light embraced me in warmth and filled my soul to the brim with joy, and then suddenly I was thrown back into darkness. My eyes fluttered open and I awoke with a jolt, I looked around to find myself In a dark room. I clutched the blanket that was tucked around me and made out the shapes the room had only a bed and three doors, one door had light streaming from the bottom. Outside the light barring door whispers crept into the room,
"...Yeah she's still a sleep" a young mans voice said almost familiarly.
"Tell me the moment she wakes up." a older women said in a soft tone.
Low clicking foot steps started and slowly faded away, I guessed the woman was leaving. The door handle rattled lowly and I flipped my head against the cool pillow and closed my eyes making my face emotionless. Foot steps grew closer until the stop next to the bed I lied motionlessly on, the bed vibrated as a weight was applied the man sat at the edge of the bed. I could feel the mans eyes on me, a familiar and content feeling stirred in me.
His hand slid across my mess of hair scattered upon the pillow pushing my hair against me neatly, I felt as if I would hear a smile crease on his lips. Warmth bubbled through my body but keep my eyes shut and my face blank.
"I hope you wake up soon... Hurry Arabella, everybody's wait for you."
As the mans foot steps faded confusion swept over me,
What happened?
Who were those people?
Where am I?
And Who is Arabella?


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