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For the love of guys

By: Forthelove

Chapter 1, First book on here sooooo leave me some feed back! Based on real but with quite a bit added from dreams and wishes! Enjoy!

I walked into class and held my breath. I always got here before him and everyday it was the same. I couldn't dare to breath till I knew I would get to spend all period with him. My friends laughed and were happy I was finally crushing again, but I knew he was different. Connor was different. For one thing he'd dated my best friend. She said she didn't care but I knew she was pissed. He was just so amazing and he had NO idea. Then Noah walked in. I liked him too but he was different. No one understood why I liked him. he was a total loner and was so shy. But when he talked it was the most amazing feeling I'd ever had. He lit up the entire room and everyone listened. I felt like he knew so much and he shared just a little bit of it with everyone but you could see the rest in his eyes. Noah was amazing. I've never had a boyfriend, I'm not ugly and I'm not fat I'm pretty and relatively skinny but not a rail. I'm not vain or obnoxious and I know what I want. There's nothing wrong with me except I'm confident. Too confident for some people. I was completely sure of everything I said and I was stubborn to the last word. But I was nice and funny and a generally positive person. I wasn't perfect but I should've had a boyfriend. I was determined to make it either Connor or Noah.

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