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The Delicate Doll

Novel By: FunWriting

A doll... Created for a purpose she is unknown of yet but is just as happy to experience so many things that most people take for granted, yet she is the one who truly breaks easily View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 10, 2013    Reads: 76    Comments: 19    Likes: 9   

Creation Prologue

The first thing I saw was three giant white lights, that seemed to be blinding my vision but I never ceased from staring at them. I was amazed at these unknown lights that shined at me.


The first sound I heard, it sounded deep and gentle yet so empty.

A dark shadow then covered over those beautiful white lights and soon I noticed an unknown creature looking down at me.

"Can you talk?"

What is this thing talking to me, I wonder?

My vision began clear and I saw a dark figure emerge in front of me for the first time.

"..." I tried to make a sound but no noise came out of me, like that thing, is something wrong with me or is this thing the one that has something wrong with it?

"Don't force yourself, you are new after all." The noise went again, as if it understood my intentions.

But what did this thing mean by new?

What could I be exactly, is that what this thing calls me?

Soon I saw clear enough and the dark figure in front of me was recognisable, it showed a gentle looking face but rather odd black facial hair on his chin?... Hold on, how did I know it was a facial hair?

"Get up now."

I felt an unknown feeling after this thing spoke again, as if a pressure was pushing me forward.

I soon was swung forward where I was given even more amazing things to look at, "..." Still nothing.

"Nod if you understand what I am saying."

I nodded my head simply at him, still unsure what was happening exactly.

"Good, you understand me."

He then touched me again, my sight then looked down as if I was in control where to look and saw him picking up my hand.

That moment I became more confused, his hand was all together, a bit hairy but they looked at it they grew together but then I saw my own hands, they looked as if they were placed together. So what makes me and this thing's hand so different?

"You are a doll, I have installed data for you to understand this stuff..." I noticed him turning his head to a weird screen with odd text that I have never seen before, "It will be complete soon."

What did he mean doll?

Before I knew it I looked at the rest of me, seeing I was nothing like this thing beside me, my body was as if I was put together, I do not have the same things as this thing...


It then came to me, everything...

I'm an doll, something made by human hands just like this man beside me, so I'm not alive?

"Try talking again."

He spoke again looking curious as if I was just a thing to him, "...W-Why?" Sound finally left my mouth, but it was a struggle with little sound.

The man just smirked, "Good it worked..." He then grabbed my leg without hesitation to examine it, "The reason is something you don't need to know, so don't ask." Somehow this time I could feel the coldness in his speech.

"Am I alive...?" I wanted to know, struggling to place my words out, but this so-called data was helpful I guess.

The man took an unknown noise out of his mouth, was that a breath?

"You aren't, stop asking stupid questions."

If I'm not alive then why do I feel helpless and useless while this man talks to me? Am I really a doll who shouldn't feel anything and just listen to the one who created to me, like an emotionless thing?

I hope I learn this soon and I hope to experience more while I still have the chance...


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