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The Spirit World

Novel By: FunWriting

This world is full of people who have been bestowed the animal spirit that is from within, there are the common types of animals and then their are the rare ones who become the most dangerous - The wide world version from the idea of "Spirit Love" short story I wrote View table of contents...


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Just one glance to this spirit world and you would understand...

Each and everyone who lives here has an animal spirit sleeping within and the proof is the fact each one of them have ears and a tail of the certain animal or an unique symbol somewhere on their body.

There are common ones here like dogs, cats, mice, horses, cows, pigs and others who are known as the 'Common Race'.

There are the more uncommon ones like the sloth, monkey, peacock, deer, bat, crow, dolphin and others that are the 'Uncommon Race'.

Then there are the lions, tigers, white tigers, leopards, black panthers, wolves, crocodiles, cobras, bears and others that are the fighting type who are more feared known as the 'Rare Race'. Not many are bestowed these spirits since they are dangerous and have to be fully ready to grasp the nature of the predators.

Then in the 'Super Rare Race' there is only one race which is a legend among legends in this world since only three exist and two of them are still sleeping which is a common thing for this rare since they are the Dragons. A spirit that will soon become instinct in this world. They are spirits that no one has set their eyes on but the rumors say that this race has ears that slide back across their head with horns following beside, a long scaly tale which would shine in all the rainbow colors once the suns rays hit it, which has the strength to squish anything in its grasp.

These animal spirits are unknown to us, as they live in their own worlds which our physical bodies are unable to go...

The problem with this world is the danger of the higher race animal spirits, with the common ones just like anyone else, the uncommon ones lead their lives slightly better with the abilities to helps others, then the rare ones are the most problematic since they either are high up the chain in businesses, a killer, a fighter or even worse...

But the last race has no title, no one even knows if they actually exist since they haven't heard anything about them in over a hundred years... Until now...

This dragon was beauty no one could compare to, she was the white dragon the purest and deadliest species of the dragons and the only female one left. With her white fur that caressed all over her body, her golden eyes that shined like the sun, the number of wings that surpassed the average amount and the white pearl teeth that were sharped to the max.

Her eyes opened one day, to see the world as it was today...

Reaching her hands up to her ears feeling the white fur that covered them and the golden horns that stayed to the side, she was in her human form as she stood up out of a nest made of bones, covered over by the darkness of the cave.

Stepping forward feeling the sudden breeze that blew her white long hair back to fall against her back, her golden eyes looked around, "How long has it been?" She questioned herself as clothes began to appear on her snow white skin and even covered over the golden tattoos over her back of six wings that spread out seeming as if they were about to peel off to become real wings.

She took more steps till she reached the end of the cave and pressed her toes against the edge, feeling the hard touch of the stone cave. As her hands risen up to lift her hood to cover her distinct dragon ears and her white scaled tail then hid in her clothes without getting touched by the sunlight....

Soon her head raised as she looked up to the blue sky without a cloud in sight and before long she crouched down till her head faced downwards to the thousand meter drop from the cave that was located on the highest mountain in the spirit world.

Pressing her white slender fingers onto the edge besides her toes and seconds later she gave herself a push till they both released from the edge and soon had her falling.

She pointed downward for the wind to flow her hair back that caused her hood to slide off, but she kept her eyes open to look down at the ground beneath, "Time to stop, I guess..." She thought as she turned her body to point her toes downwards to the ground.

As the ground came closer and the speed of her falling increased, she took a small breath whiles closing her eyes. Soon revealing her eyes again as they glowed like the sun and that moment a gust of wind wrapped around her lower body which slowly slowed down her falling until her toes touched the ground softly.

"Still rusty..." She comments as she felt the warm feeling of the grass that pressed against her feet.

She felt her hair fall back on her as she landed and soon raised her head to where she was while raising her hood up again...

Noticing she was in a forest, "Wolf territory..." She recalled as the whiff of wolf stench surged through her nose that moment.

But after a second more of hesitation she began to walk through the forest, unknowing on what will happen next...


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