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Stephanie Brown is an average American teenage girl with the usual worries and problems that one might have at sixteen. With all of the drama she puts up with day by day--her parents' continuous bickering, her best friends' troubled love life, and worst of all, 'the populars' at school--she is about ready to explode. As if that wasn't enough, she is introduced to a new distress call, when time is at its darkest, from a mysterious figure known as 'the guy.'

Stephanie doesn't know what to think about 'the guy,' however; for he insists that the place he comes from--her dreams--is a magical place, a place where peoples' desires really do come true. Could she be going absolutely bonkers, or could 'the guy' be telling her the complete and honest truth all along, where an opportunity has come at last with a release from her harsh life? With a hard decision to make, Stephanie must first figure out what is real to her from what is right.


I hope you enjoy reading this! Please comment your thoughts and opinions at the end, whether good or bad advice, anything will suffice! Who knows, you might even like it! :D

Thank you!
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"The Guy"

Chapter One:

Another morning, and another boring day in the life of Stephanie Brown. She was in a rut, with no plans on escaping out of it any time soon; it probably wasn't even possible. Yet again, she was woken up before her alarm clock sounded for school by her parents who were going at it. They were always fighting, every moment they came within a few feet of each other and about the dumbest things sometimes--Robert! Why can't you close the toilet seat after you have finished using it?! or, Lisa! I told you not to move my things! Why would you move them after I have told you not to--it was irritating and because of it, Stephanie's parents ignored her day in and day out. This time, was one of those times.


"Lisa! Did you set the alarm for an earlier time like I asked you to?!" Robert shouted with his morning voice. He was so loud, that Stephanie wondered if the neighbors had any trouble hearing her father.

"Huh?! Yes, I did!" Lisa said in her equally loud and annoying voice. She sat up to read the time on the clock. "It must not have gone off this morning! It's only five-thirty!" She twisted her torso to look at her husband. Robert had an early stage of salt and pepper hair. His hair was actually thinning in spots faster than it was turning over in color. In fact, the top of his head was completely bald, and the only signs of hair left, were on the two sides and back of it. His eyes were already cloudy from sleeping, but the silver and black mixture--matching his hair and the cause for Lisa falling in love with him in the first place--combined with his rage, looked like storm clouds that were about to dump a flood.

"What do you mean, it didn't go off?! If you set it, it would have gone off! I should have been up at five! Now, thanks to you, I'm going to be late for work! I have a meeting this morning, Lisa! Do you care?!"

Stephanie's parents clearly didn't care about the racket they were creating, even after she had banged on the wall, the two bedrooms shared, making it vibrate violently.

Lisa propped her two pillows against the headboard before laying her head back down on them and pulling the bed comforter up under her chin for warmth. "Do I care?! Tell me, when was the last time you were on time to work?! Too busy having a coffee or something like that last time I checked!"

"It's because of you I'm late every day!" Robert argued back, while getting out of bed, to organize his clothing and work equipment for the day.

"Whatever! You better go before you're late for your meeting!"

Robert kept quiet and instead, scowled at his wife. Lisa had brown hair that was currently scattered all over her fluffy white pillows. During the day, however, the long strands flowed down beautifully to the small of her back which she liked; on the other hand, she wished that it were more curly, rather than straight. Every time she attempted to curl her hair a bit, she would stop in defeat because her hair would never hold those curls--never. Her lids had closed shut--after her husband's departure to go take his shower--over her almond shaped eyes. They were hidden from view from her bangs that extended down, but before, their brown glow had glared at Robert with much envy.


Stephanie, meanwhile, didn't understand why her parents never filed for a divorce if all they knew how to do was to argue; they surely didn't love each other anymore. Perhaps it was because of her, Stephanie didn't know, but in truth, Stephanie didn't care where their relationship went; she was fed up with their bickering. At least some of them didn't last as long.

Without anything better to do, Stephanie got up from her bed, turning her alarm off and headed for the bathroom just outside her room in the hall, to freshen up. She wasn't like most girls her age. She didn't care about her appearance in the least bit. What was the point in trying to fix your hair every morning for two hours, just to look cute? Stephanie's thick brown hair was a tangled mess each morning, sticking out in odd angles all over her head--much like her mother's--it was a waste of time. She also never wore make-up, with another two hours right down the toilet. Besides, what did she have to cover up? Her acne? It was nothing to be ashamed of.

Stephanie hopped into the shower immediately after she heard her father's bellowing again, which meant he was out and she didn't want to hear her parents fight about who knows what. She liked to take her showers in the mornings because the warmth from the water really woke her up, that, and how the water rinsed the odor away from the previous day making her feel refreshed and brand-new when she finally stepped out into the steamy air of the bathroom.

Fashion was another detail, Stephanie didn't bother to worry about. As long as she was comfortable, she was happy. She grabbed a pair of black sweat pants that were soft to the touch and a T-shirt from her closet. After throwing them on, she searched for her glasses so that she could wipe away the dust that had collected, before putting them on. Contacts were the style those days, but they irritated her eyes whenever she watched somebody else putting them in. It seemed so tough, and definitely not something she would want to try anytime soon.

After a half an hour of work, Stephanie finished her morning routine by brushing her hair out past her shoulders and putting it up in a messy bun atop her head. Her eyes, she inherited from her mother, were magnified just a little behind the frames of her black specs, with the light overhead, causing a glare in the mirror. She admired herself; that was the best she was going to get.

Looking at the time, she saw that she had an hour until her best-friend, Leanne Jones would be picking her up for school. Stephanie didn't have her license yet because her parents were too busy with their own business that they had forgotten she had turned sixteen over the summer. They were six months overdue. So, since the beginning of her and Leanne's junior year of high school in August, Leanne was considerate enough to pick Stephanie up. Leanne understood all the problems Stephanie had to put up with daily, but Leanne could get bigheaded sometimes.

It all started at the end of their sophomore year when Leanne had picked herself up a boyfriend. His name was Jake and like all couples, they had their ups and their downs. Yippee for Stephanie because it was she who had to deal with it for the most part. Leanne couldn't stop talking about their relationship--how happy she was or how bad it was going for them at certain points--it was a typical teenage love story and Stephanie didn't want to listen about it anymore. Though she would never reveal her feelings to Leanne like best-friends should, she felt selfish deep down, but enough was enough.

At seven, Stephanie retrieved her school bag and waited outside for Leanne to arrive, hoping that it would be just her and not Jake. Things seemed to be so awkward when it was just the three of them together--more so for Stephanie than anyone else. Stephanie never knew what to say, especially since Jake and Leanne usually locked lips for most of the time. For the most part, Stephanie did her best to avoid all get-togethers involving Jake, with the classic, I'm too sick to hangout or I have too much homework to do. Leanne knew better, but Jake could care less; he had more time with Leanne which was all he wanted in the end.

Stephanie had no clue where Jake lived, but she knew that Leanne's house wasn't too far from hers. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Leanne to be late, but after twenty minutes of standing in the driveway, Stephanie became worried.

She better not have forgotten me. Stephanie thought to herself, taking out her phone in the meantime to check for any texts. There were none, no texts or miscalls. Just to make sure, Stephanie called Leanne's phone. After listening to the constant ringing over the line, it finally went to Leanne's voicemail. What was wrong? Surely, she would text or call me if something was up. If not her, then her mom.

The voicemail ended with a beep, signaling the start of the message. "Hey, Leanne, where are you? I have been waiting for almost twenty-five minutes. The bell rings in twenty... Call me back as soon as you get this." Stephanie ended her call and threw her phone back into her bag. She would give Leanne until seven-thirty before bothering her mom.

Seven-thirty came and went with no sign of Leanne or Jake. Now for the fun part.

"Mom!" Stephanie shouted through the deserted great room. "Leanne hasn't come yet! I need you to take me to school!" Stephanie practically ran to her parent's bedroom, barging in on her mother sleeping. Her father had already left for work while she was in the shower. "Mom!"

"What do you want?!" Her mother grumbled, waking up five minutes later than Stephanie needed. "Shouldn't you be at school?!"

Stephanie repeated what she had yelled in the foyer. "Class starts in fifteen! Hurry up! Let's go!"

Like a child, Lisa took her time getting up out of bed. In the end, Stephanie had to push her mother to force her to walk to the bathroom. This was ridiculous and the last thing Stephanie needed right now.

Her mother had remained in her pj's, stepping into fuzzy bunny slippers for shoes as she sat in the passenger seat of their minivan, allowing her daughter to drive. She was in no shape to drive safely, being way too out of it--as if she were drunk--to pay any attention to the road, let alone to Stephanie's driving. Stephanie might have never made it to school if that were the case. To Stephanie, she thought it was a waste of her time that she had to bring her mom along in the first place. She had been driving for a year and a half now--with her learners permit--and was practically perfect at it, but she still needed her mom, who presently had drool sliding down the side of her face that dripped into her lap, forming a tiny puddle. Stephanie wondered if her mother would be okay enough to drive back home on her own. Sorry, mom, but that's the least of my worries right now! I got to get to school before I'm late! She thought to herself.

Stephanie made it to school with five minutes to spare. Rushing to her locker, she grabbed all of the necessary things for her morning classes. Luckily, her locker was organized, allowing her to find everything with ease and throw them into her bag. She slammed her locker door shut and hurried off to her first lesson, which was English--her favorite class.

When Stephanie found Leanne, she would kill her. Leanne had better have a reasonable explanation as to why she didn't pick Stephanie up that morning. otherwise, she would be dead meat! Stephanie's mind was racing through all of the events that had happened just that morning. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going. It was like her feet were directing her to where she was headed as if they knew exactly where her classroom was.

All of a sudden, she dropped her bag, spilling all of the contents from inside out onto the tiled floor. Stephanie thought her bag had ripped, which was totally capable of happening with the heavy load inside of it, but strangely enough, she didn't find a tear at all.

"Watch where you're going, nerd," came a voice from above Stephanie. She was too busy lost in her own thoughts, she didn't even notice that she had ran into the last girl she wanted to see on earth: Liah Nelson.

"I'm sorry, Liah, I wasn't paying attention... It won't ever happen again, I promise." Stephanie didn't even look up at Liah. She continued to put everything back into her bag.

"Whatever, freak. Let's go, girls," she called to her posse. The four other girls followed in her wake. "Looks like somebody will be late for class." Liah said loud enough for Stephanie to hear her. Liah just laughed.

Stephanie disliked Liah with a passion. Ever since grade school, Liah liked to prove that she was better than everybody else, especially those like Stephanie. Stephanie didn't ask to be treated that way, it was just because she was such an easy target, being shy and all.

The three things that got under Stephanie's skin the most, had already done so that day and she hadn't been awake for more than two and a half hours yet. It was going to be a very long day. And as if that wasn't enough, Liah's prediction had come true, the final bell had rung, and Stephanie was late. Her perfect attendance record was no more. Great, she thought.

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