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Amber wolf

Novel By: Fyregx

(COMPLETE) Annabelle was always the lonely one, no friends. she is 16 and never once had a boyfriend, but suddenly she meets this amazing boy but there is something so very strange about him.

100 years ago a 16 year old boy went missing, he was never found and assumed dead.

Raven; The Perfect Angel, Yet There Is Something Missing, Something Special. He Is Different To The Others, But If There Was A Definition Of Perfect In A marginally Human Form He Would Be It. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 30, 2009    Reads: 583    Comments: 26    Likes: 16   

I ran, my entire speed racing through my limbs as I sprinted faster then a cheetah, I ran so fast I wasn't there. I moved smoothly through the woods dodging the trees without even trying but I was trying to run and I was trying to run fast; faster than I had ever run before.My legs were complaining my legs, this was new to me I never got tired, I could always run and I could always run faster and now I was breathing heavily out of pure habit but it was slowing me down. I closed my mouth and stopped my breathing, my speed increased by an inch quicker, and an inch of valuable time.
My legs were hurting so much it was taking all of my pain tolerance training not to stop and sooth them. It would waste time, it would waste my time.
I gritted my teeth and kept concentrated on the run, my legs were distracting me and I could not allow them too, one slip and it would be over.
So I pushed it to the back of my mind and kept running, running like my life depended on it was the one thing I could do, and I could do it damn well.
Everything about my body was designed to run, the shape of my legs, the muscles in my legs, arms and chest even my eyes were designed to quickly fix onto new objects to avoid, I was the perfect running machine. So when someone wanted to catch me it was next to impossible, and that's what puzzled me now; because the person chasing me now was behind me and damn were they close, I had to be running at least half the speed of light, so how were they so close?
To run is like to live the words echoed in my mind, and to live is to run, I added on. And now my life would end very shortly if I didn't run. How ironic.
My whole body was aching everything I was getting distracted again, but I couldn't not be distracted the pain was intense but some how…refreshing. I was going nuts, a bad sign; then my viewpoint fell. I froze in pure shock but then quickly began to run; I had lost time again.
My view point was very low up to my knee but I was still running and that's all that mattered to me; my legs didn't hurt, nothing hurt I felt fresh and ready to run around half the world, twice. My smell had dramatically increased, I could smell everything the smell of pine overwhelmed me momentarily and my sight was shockingly good, and I thought I had good eye sight before, I picked out small details while running, ants scuttling on the tree's, under my paws- wait my paws?
In place of my feet were two beautiful amber coloured paws, they were slender and powerful looking. I must be going faster than before but I could see the tree's with such detail it was amazing; they were no longer blurs; it was if I was strolling through the woods, pointedly memorizing the unique patterns on each tree.
I was running faster than I had ever done; but I wasn't me it was a magnificent creature with fur like flames, and damn did it run fast if it was chasing me I wouldn't stand a change, it was superior to me, to every creature that prided itself on speed, it could strip away the ego of Olympic champions any day and me.
I stopped running, I could no longer hear a pursuit; I had lost them, for good. Without thinking I raised my head into the air and howled; it sounded like souls screaming together like victory, like gratitude like defeat. Some thing near me moved and my howl instantly turned into a growl, coming from deep in the back of my throat threatening and low, this creature I possessed was truly wonderful mastering speed, sight and smell, it even sounded like a god of speed (or what I imagined a god of speed sounded like)
I relaxed my muscles returning to normal as I picked up the scent of a rabbit; no danger. I surveyed my surrounding a clearing surrounded by tree's bushes and shadows each shadow would normally be a threat but with this eye sight I had no trouble seeing. I was on my own. A sudden loneliness engulfed me.
I howled; this time it was a howl tainted with despair.


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