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The Lexitorium's

Novel By: Fyregx

Tags: Chapter, 1, (43) If, They, Could, Not, See, The, Real, Me, Know, That, Anyone, Wanted, To, Or, Not , ~, 4, Years, Later, ~ , ~jake, Lexitorium~ , I, Glared, At, Him, In, Disgust, Who, Hell, Did, He, Think, Was, Coming, Into, My, House, Like, That?, Walked, Straight, Past, Seemingly, Blind, Presence;, I, Followed, Slowly, As, Entered, Living, Room, Where, Mother, Was., Hung, Back, Door, And, Watched., She, Sitting, There, Crying, Had, Been, Doing, For, Week, Christian, Dead, Said, It, An, Accident, Knew, Wasn’t., Man, Sat, Down, Next, Her, Put, His, Arms, Around, Shoulder, Still, Unresponsive, A, Moment, Even, Tears, Stopped. “raven?”, Croaked, Voice, Sore, Soft, Sounding, Caused, By, Fluent, Running, Non-stop, Face. “yes”, Answered, Itself, Weak, But, Saw, No, Reason, Be, Unless, Cared, Hurt, Fact, Crying…but, Lovers, Except, Christian…or, She?, Alice, Otherwise, Told, Stories, About, Sounded, Wild, Adventurous, Least, Some, Of, True, Other, World, Taken, Before, With, Bit, Active, Love, Life, More, Cloudy, Than, Others, Refused, Talk, Mention, Name, Raven, Would, Quickly, Busy, Herself, Avert, Eyes, From, Everyone., So, This, Raven?, Examined, Pale, Skin, Pitch, Black, Hair, Handsomely, Carved, Body, Face, Certainly, Possibility, Liked, Should, Wings, Front, Bore, Anything, Extraordinary, All, Eye’s, Never, Heard, Pure, Eyes. He, Whispered, Mothers, Ear, Quietly, Here, Suddenly, Felt, Intruding, On, Something, Reasoned, Cradled, Porcelain, Doll, Apparently, Objections., Slipped, Away, Up, Stairs, Thinking, Over, What, Seen, Perhaps, Get, Married?, Surely, Soon, After, Fathers, Death...i, Shook, Head, Ridding, Mind, These, Thoughts, Glanced, Out, Window., Dark, Storm, Clouds, Raced, Each, Horizon, Water, Pelted, Windows, Hear, Faint, Rumblings, Thunder, Today...not, When, Tried, Broadcast, Message, Ignored, Almost, Here., Sighed, Opened, Window, Waiting, Entrance., A, Minute, Baby, Dragon, Flapped, Through, Landing, Floor, Slammed, Shut, Behind, Raised, Eyebrow, Coal, Coloured, Now, Perched, Precariously, End, Bed., Size, Hand, First, Found, Just, Bigger, Thumb, Year, Grown, Keep, Growing, Till, Twice, Me., Bed, Pulled, Onto, Lap, Stroked, Warm, Scales, Made, Strange, Cooing, Noise, Smile, Lips. “obsidian, You, Come, Didn’t, You?”, Murmured, Twitted, Response, Flew, Light;, Rolled, Her. “i, Mean, Want, Right, There’s, Guy, Downstairs, Mum”, Remained, Second, Longer, Falling, Dropping, Staggered, Few, Paces, Under, Weight, Then, Fell, Safely, Laughed, Prised, Flustered, Turned, Chest, Watching, Brilliant, Silver, If, Look, Smug, Obsidian, Off., Kneaded, Comfortably, Rubbing, Above, Took, Flight, Time, Squished, Collided, Pillow, Sunk, It., Smiling, Crawled, Across, Me. “aww, Don’t, You!”, Exclaimed, Tickling, Chin, Worked, Purred, Cat, Way, Accepting, Apology., Joyfully, Vision, Flashed, Red, Stopped, Tracks, Frozen., Happen, Always, Caught, Off, Guard. “obsidian, Go!”, Rising, Panic, Hopelessly, Breaths, Gasps, Effort, Heaved, Open, Soared, Immediately, Lost, Storm., Collapsed, Curled, Myself, Ball, Awaken, Glance, Bedroom, Flung, Landed, Gracefully, Outside, Ran, Why, Hunt, Last, Night?, Of…i, Arrived, Forest, Have, Enough, Control, Make, Another, Miles, Reach, Roary, Safest, Instead, Public, Picked, Trail, Deer, Hungrily, Spotted, Foal, Licked, Lips, Perfect. , Pounced, Ever, Ripped, Neck, Foals, Leg, Seconds, Two, Carcasses, Littered, Greedily, Drank, Blood, Foal., Thirst, Quenched, Relaxed, Breathed, Heavily, Looked, Disgusted, Killed, Foal?, Satisfy, Kill, Why…, Monster, Though, Young, Mercy, Such, Matters. I, Yelled, Anguish, Killing, Innocent, Fast, Towards, Getting, Within, Home, Someone, Growled, Angrily, Observed, Rest, Shut., Growling, Annoyance, Locked, Break, Scare, Mum, Do, Fragile, Any, Human, Knocked, Twice., Kept, Pushed, Surprisingly, Strong, Expected, Let, Go, Much, Further, Grabbed, Arm, Spun, Round, Him., Stepped, Ablaze, Mistaken, Regret, Hurt., Stormed, Door., Mirror, Opposite, Understood, Backed, Away;, Sharp, Amber, Colour, Dried, Hands., Mad, Anger, Veins, Bloodthirsty, Couldn’t, Himself, Creature, Deserved, Slaughtered… I, Door;, Corridor, Bathroom., Sink, Washed, Were, Fading, Their, Original, Brown, Traces, Traced, Eye., Wet, Forgotten, Went, Outside;, Temperate, Difference, Eyeliner, Applied, Wore, Hide, Not. I, Admittedly, Handsome, Boast, High, Cheekbones, Jaw, Either, Side, Family, Eye’s., Despite, Looks, Girlfriend, One, 11, Garden, Miserably, Holding, Squirrel, Hadn’t, Got, Quick, Vampire, Must, Humans, Wrong., Desire, Human?, Part, Being, Spared, Complete, Loss, Hunting, Curse, Aware, Unable, Stop, Urge, Date, Afraid, Might, Injure, Them, Constantly, Long, Fed, Fine, Forgot, Feed, Time?, Control?, Close…?, List, Endless, Full, Risks, Willing, Take;, Good, Bad. Other, Things, Hated, Strength, Speed, Healing, Annoyed, Particularly, Extra-careful, No-one, Notice, Powers, Wasn’t, Thing, Most, Idea, We, Swimming, Noticed, Scars, Thighs, Wrists, Very, Reluctant, Answer, Eventually, Self-harm, Never., 15, Punched, Boy, Annoying, Since, Nursery, Broken, Rib, Cage, Whole, School, Against, Teachers, Parents, Moved, Everything, Handle, Stole, Kitchen, Knife, Drew, Wrist, 5, Wound, Healed, Left, Staring, Completely, Cutting, Same, Place, Again, Leave, Scar, Hence, 10, Stunningly, White, Lines, Adorned, 30, Cuts, There., Working, Every, 50, 70, 90, Enraged, New, Ways, Only, Half, Needed, Food, Starved, Talking, Mute, Tortured, Efficient, Starving, Which, Regularly, Punish, Drinking, Alive., Freak. My, How, Thin, Nothing. I, Small, Raged, On, Inside, Well. Amber, Wolf Fyregx Aris Sex War Planet Rukar Sequel, Wolf Jake, Is, Teenage, Problems… Did, Big, Problems? His, Father, Died, Already, Moving, Has, Struck, Friendship, Popular, Girls, School… Except, Doesn’t, Friends Oh, Top, Best, Friend, Werewolf, Hates, Himself. Rukar, Samulioa, Princess, Opaylop, Mixed, Version, Earth., Flowers, Taste, Flesh, Beauty, Defined, Weapon., Can, Possibly, Fall, War-coordinated, Men? She, Takes, Planet, No-name, Search, Friendlier, Lifestyle., Imagine, Far, Impressed, Her. Can, Escape, Wrath?, Emo Wrath, Hate, God

Jake Is Just Like Any Other Teenage Boy, Just With A Few Problems…
Did I Mention They Were BIG PROBLEMS?
His Father Just Died, His Mother Is Already Moving On And He Has Struck Up A Friendship With One Of THE Most Popular Girls In The School…
Except He Doesn’t Want To Be Friends
Oh, And To Top It All Off His Best Friend Is A Werewolf And He Hates Himself.

Rukar Samulioa Is The Young Princess Of Opaylop, A Mixed Up Version Of Earth. Where Flowers Have A Taste For Human Flesh And Beauty Is Defined As A Weapon. How Can She Possibly Fall In Love With These War-Coordinated Men?
She Takes To The Planet With No-Name In Search For A Friendlier Lifestyle. As You Can Imagine Her Father Is Far From Impressed With Her.
Can She Escape With Wrath? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 (43)
If They Could Not See The Real Me They Could Not Know The Real Me, Not That Anyone Wanted To Know Me, Real Or Not
~ 4 Years Later ~
~Jake Lexitorium~
I glared at him in disgust, who the hell did he think he was coming into my house like that? He walked straight past seemingly blind to my presence; I followed him slowly as he entered the living room where my mother was. I hung back at the door and watched. She was sitting there crying, as she had been doing for the past week, Christian was dead, she said it was an accident, I knew it wasn't. The man sat down next to her and put his arms around her shoulder, she sat still and unresponsive for a moment, even her tears stopped.
"Raven?" she croaked, her voice was sore and soft sounding, caused by the fluent tears that had been running non-stop down her face.
"Yes" he answered, his voice itself was weak but I saw no reason for it to be, unless he cared for my mother and was hurt by the fact she was crying…but my mother had no lovers except Christian…or did she? Alice had said otherwise, she had told me stories about my mother, they sounded wild and adventurous but I knew at least some of it was true, the other world, that was real she had taken me there before with Christian, but the bit about her active love life was more cloudy than others, she refused to talk about it, but at the mention of the name Raven she would quickly busy herself and avert her eyes from everyone. So this was Raven? I examined him, pale skin, pitch black hair and eyes, handsomely carved body and face, certainly a possibility that my mother liked him more than she should, but Alice had said he had wings and the man in front of me bore no wings, or anything extraordinary at all, except his eye's I had never heard of pure black eyes.
He whispered in my mothers ear quietly, I could not here him, suddenly I felt like I was intruding on something, I certainly was I reasoned, Raven cradled my mother in his arms like she was a porcelain doll and apparently she had no objections. I slipped away from the door and up the stairs to my room, thinking over what I had seen, perhaps they would get married? Surely not so soon after my fathers death...I shook my head ridding my mind of these thoughts, I glanced out the window. It was dark and storm clouds raced each other over the horizon, water pelted the windows, I could hear the faint rumblings of thunder, no not today...not when he was in the house, I tried to broadcast this message to her but she ignored it, she almost here. I sighed and opened my window waiting for her entrance.
A minute later and a baby dragon flapped through the window landing on the floor, I slammed the window shut behind her, and raised my eyebrow at the coal coloured dragon that was now perched precariously on the end of my bed. The dragon was about the size of my hand, when she had first found me she was just a bit bigger than my thumb, in a year she had grown, and she would keep on growing till she was twice the size of me. I sat down on the bed next to her and pulled her onto my lap, I stroked her warm scales and she made a strange cooing noise, a smile pulled at my lips.
"Obsidian you had to come now didn't you?" I murmured to her, she twitted in response and flew from my arms to my light; I rolled my eyes at her.
"I didn't mean I didn't want you here but right now there's some guy downstairs with my mum" I told her, she remained up there a second longer into falling down and dropping into my arms, I staggered back a few paces under her weight then fell onto my bed, her safely in my arms, I laughed and she prised herself from my arms flustered, then she turned and sat on my chest, watching me with her brilliant silver eyes, if a dragon could look smug Obsidian had just pulled it off. She kneaded my chest comfortably, rubbing in the fact she was above me, I rolled over and she took flight just in time as not to be squished, I laughed at her as she collided with my pillow and sunk into it. Still smiling I crawled across my bed and pulled her from my pillow, she refused to look at me.
"Aww Obsidian don't be like you know I love you!" I exclaimed tickling her under the chin, it worked and she purred cat like, her way of accepting the apology. I laughed joyfully then my vision flashed red, I stopped dead in my tracks, frozen. I knew it would happen, for some reason it always caught me off guard.
"Obsidian, go!" I told her, my voice rising in panic, she flapped around my room hopelessly, I staggered over to my window my breaths coming in gasps, with an effort I heaved it open and she soared out, almost immediately she was lost in the storm. I collapsed to my floor and curled myself in a ball, I knew the storm would awaken me, with a glance at my bedroom door I flung myself from my window and landed gracefully on the floor outside, I ran from the house quickly, why didn't I hunt last night? I knew I should of…I arrived at the forest, I didn't have enough control to make it another few miles to reach Roary forest where it was safest to hunt, instead I entered the public forest and quickly picked up the trail of a deer, I followed it hungrily, then I spotted it, it had a foal next to it, I licked my lips, Perfect.
I pounced before the deer ever knew I was coming, I ripped it neck with my right hand and caught the foals leg with my leg, in a few seconds it was over, two carcasses littered the forest floor, I greedily drank the blood from the mother, then from the foal. When my thirst was quenched I relaxed and breathed out heavily, I looked at the dead deer disgusted with myself, why had I killed the foal? The mother had enough blood to satisfy me, why did I have to kill the foal, why… I was a monster, even though not even a monster would kill the young, I had no mercy of such matters.
I yelled out in anguish of killing an innocent then ran as fast as I could back towards my house, getting away from the kill, within seconds I was home, but someone had shut my window, I growled angrily and observed the rest of the windows, all shut. Growling with annoyance I tried to open the front door, locked, I could break it open but that would scare my mum, I didn't want to do that she was fragile enough as it was, so I did what any human would do and knocked the door twice. After a moment Raven answered the door, I kept my face down so he could not see my face, I pushed him, he was surprisingly strong but he had not expected it and let me go past, before I could go much further he grabbed my arm, I spun round angrily and glared at him. When he saw me he stepped back his eyes ablaze with, if I was not mistaken, regret and hurt. I turned back around and stormed up the stairs I slammed my door shut behind me and sunk to the floor, my back to the door. I looked across at the mirror opposite me and understood why Raven had backed away; my eyes had turned a sharp amber colour and blood had dried on my lips chin and neck, I put my head in my hands. A mad anger of myself raced through my veins, I was a monster, a bloodthirsty monster who couldn't control himself, a creature that deserved to be killed, slaughtered…
I picked myself off the floor and opened my door; I walked down the corridor and into the bathroom. I stopped at the sink and washed the blood off my face, my eye's were slowly fading back to their original brown colour, but traces of amber traced the outside of my eye. I glared at myself in the mirror, my hair fell down over my face, it was wet from the storm that I had forgotten all about when I went outside; temperate made no difference to me. The eyeliner I had applied was now running down my face, I wore it to hide my face from the world, if they could not see the real me they could not know the real me, not that anyone wanted to know me, real or not.
I was admittedly handsome, but I did not boast about it, I looked like Christian, high cheekbones, a strong jaw and pale skin that could come from either side of the family, my soft brown hair was from my mother and so were my eye's. Despite my looks I had never had a girlfriend, at first I had wanted one but then when I was 11 Christian had found me in the back garden miserably holding the dead body of a squirrel that hadn't got away quick enough, he then told me what I was, a Vampire, but I must not kill humans, that was wrong. And I had no desire to, why would I kill a human? I was part human, being spared complete loss of control when I was hunting, but that was more of a curse, I was aware of what I was doing and unable to stop it. So I had no urge to date someone from then on, afraid I might injure them, even though Christian and constantly told me as long as I fed I would be fine, but what if I forgot to feed one time? What if I lost control? What if they got to close…? The list was endless and full of risks I was not willing to take; I would not kill a human, good or bad.
Other things that I hated about myself, my strength my speed, my fast healing that last one annoyed me particularly, I had to be extra-careful as not to hurt myself so that no-one would notice my extraordinary powers, but that wasn't the thing that annoyed me the most, I had got an idea from my mum, one time when we went swimming I noticed scars on her thighs and wrists, she had been very reluctant to answer but eventually had, it had been self-harm, she told me never to do it, never. But when I was 15 I had punched a boy who had been annoying me since nursery and I had broken his rib cage, the whole school turned against me, even the teachers, so my parents moved me. But before they had moved me everything had got to much, I just couldn't handle it so I stole the kitchen knife from my mother and drew it across my wrist, it had worked, for about 5 seconds then the wound healed and I was left staring at completely healed skin, I had found a way around it, if I keep cutting the same place over again as fast as I could it would at least leave a scar, hence 10 stunningly white lines adorned my wrists, each took about 30 cuts with a knife to keep it there.
I looked down at my wrists now, as I had grown 30 cuts stopped working every thing healed, I tried 50, 70, 90 it still healed I couldn't stop it, I was so enraged with myself I found new ways to hurt myself, I was only half vampire I still needed human food, so I starved myself from it, I stopped talking to my parents, so that I felt mute tortured, but the most efficient was starving which I did regularly to punish myself for drinking blood, for being alive. I sighed, I was a freak.
My mother never noticed how thin I was, no-one did, except for Obsidian, but Obsidian was only a baby dragon she could do nothing.
I looked out of the small window, the storm still raged on the outside,
On the inside of me as well.


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