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Madalyne is your typical girl until the day she is thrust away from everything that she knows and into not just one world but multiple worlds where she has to adapt or die. What will happen to Madalyne in her travels and can she survive. View table of contents...


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"Lyne get your ass back over here. This drama queen act of yours is getting old. You know I only told you a million times that you needed to get you act together before I shipped you off. Now you want to sit here and act like you never knew. Madalyne Phaedra Phoster get your ass back in this house before I kick it all the way back."

I closed my ears then, those sounds had become all to familiar of late. My mother had lost her marbles when it came to me. I was in my rebelious years and the more I fought the louder she got. She never took anything out on my other two sibblings, no, of course not on my perfect sisters who could do no wrong. For the middle child though, I was nothing but a hassle to her. I tried for the longest of times to do what she wanted only to have it thrown back in my face that I could never do it right.

I walked out the door with my bag on my back with just the essentials that I would need to get me by, then set out to who knew where. As I walked I remembered the bad things that had happened to me lately, my abusive ex boyfriend (who thought we were still together), my mother who used to be my hero and I looked up to her so much, and then of course there was the fact that the only saving grace from my mother (my father), up and left us without a word. I sighed as I walked until I heard a familiar sound pull up next to me. It was Culver's truck and I knew that I was in for it. I kept walking like I didn't hear until I felt pain radiating in my arm.

"You know Lyne, when I tell you to stop moving, you listen. That is what a girlfriend is supposed to do. Now be a good girl and get in the truck before I have to hurt you. You know I don't like to do that Lyne."

I froze. I didn't want to go with him, I didn't want to get in that truck for fear that I would never be seen alive again. I felt his hand leave my arm and I took my chance, I ran. I felt each step as my feet slammed hard into the pavement trying their hardest to propel me forward away from my certain death. I didn't look back as I ran, but I knew that if I could make it to Jenn's house I would be safe. I stumbled and knew that I wasn't going to make it the next six blocks. I felt the tears run down my face as I tripped and knew that he would be on me in mere seconds.

"Lyne, if you would have just listened I wouldn't have to do this. I will teach you to listen to me like you are supposed to." I felt a kick on my side and knew that he had cracked something. The onslaught continued until I blacked out.

It was times like these that I wished I was already dead.

It seemed like just moments had passed from the time that I had passed out, but I knew better. I was sprawled out on the all to familiar bed and knew that he was just waiting for me to wake. I tried so hard to pretend that I was still unconcious, but I was scared, horribly scared even though I knew what was coming. I moved slightly and pain shot through every inch of my body. I heard a snicker come from behind me and quickly shrank into myself.

"You know my dear, from this angle you look more alluring that you usually do. I could have any woman I want, screw the ass off of anyone, and yet here I am with plain old you. You should be happy that I took pitty on you, of course in that time I have come to love you so I won't lose you Lyne. Now be a good girl and do for me again what you did last week, that was something special.

Hours later he was asleep and I was sore. I forced myself out of the bed quietly and put my clothes on. I grabbed my bag and made my way out of the house. I wasn't going to stay there any longer. After I quietly closed the door I walked as fast as the pain would let me. I was done, broken and tired. I walked to the bus stop and waited. Each noise I heard made me jump until I was a raging ball of nerves. As soon as the bus got there I hopped on and sat as far away from everyone as I could. I knew at this point what I had to do, the one thing that would make everyone leave me alone.

I pulled my Zune out of my bag as I waited for the bus to make it into the city. The trip was long and I prayed that Culver wouldn't wake so I could make my final escape. As soon as the bus pulled to my stop I launched off and headed for my final destination, the one place that would set me at ease.

Skyscrapers loomed in front of me and as I passed each one I knew that my course of action was the correct one. As I reached the tallest of the skyscrapers I walked through the front door and smiled at the security guard. I had been there so often that they knew me. I took the steps this time, enjoying the feel as each step led me to the roof. I could smell the fresh air before I even got outside, feel the cool night breeze like a comfort across my skin.

As soon as my hand was on the door I smiled. It would be the last time that I got to do this, so I was going to enjoy it, revel in the fact that as this was my last night on earth, I was in the only place I had ever called home.
I opened the door, took in the fresh night air, pulled the bottle of water out of my bad and drank deep before I moved over to the edge of the building. I looked down at all that was around me and smiled. It looked so small and insignificant, just like my life had become. I took that final step off of the ledge and felt myself fly as I fell.

I waited for the pain of the impact, but it never happened. I opened my eyes and looked around to see that, well for lack of better words, I wasn't in Kansas any more. I waited for the air in my lungs to come back when I felt something sharp pressed to the back of my neck.


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