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Madalyne is your typical girl until the day she is thrust away from everything that she knows and into not just one world but multiple worlds where she has to adapt or die. What will happen to Madalyne in her travels and can she survive. View table of contents...


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When I woke I felt refreshed and so much more alive. I stretched and took in a deep breath. When I looked around I saw some clothes set out for me with a note attached.


A new image to start your new life, a gift from the elders. I hope they are your size, if so I will find you some more. When you wake search out Evayne and shew ill fix up that long hair of yours. Afterward come join me on the practice field to see what you will be learning.


I smiled and stood up. Beside me was a basin of water and I used it to wipe off the accumulated dirt and sweat. When I felt moderately clean I put on the clothes. They fit wonderfully and moved with me. I had never owned clothes that fit me so well. I put on my socks and sneakers before I let my tangled mass of hair down and ran my brush through it. Once I had the tangles out I noticed that my hair was a lot longer than it had been back in my world. I walked to the common area outside, but I couldn't find Evayne anywhere. I walked back to the tent that I shared with Ky to see Evayne worried and out of breath.

"I am so sorry I am take, I overslept. On such an important day too. I'm sorry. Ky told me to make sure that your hair didn't come loose while you were training, so sit while I work this out."

I sat down in front of her as I giggled at her apology. I didn't mind in the least that she was late. "You don't have to worry, I'm not had, not at all. Things happen and I think I woke a bit early this morning."

It took about an hour for her to do my hair and for as much as my head hurt I knew it was tight. I smiled and thanked her as I ran out to the training grounds. Her face looked stricken and it worried me. I had a low image of myself to begin with but the look on her face didn't help any. I made haste to the grounds as people stopped to stare at me. I felt more uncomfotable by the moment, I was starting to think I was a freak. As I reached the training ground I had hoped that they wouldn't look at me oddly, but I was wrong.

Ky came over to me and bowed her head in respect and I did the same. Her voice held a note of awe and it shocked me. "Wow Lyne, you clean up well. You look stunning."

I scoffed at her remark. "I think you are mistaken, I seem to be a freak of nature, everyone has stared at me like I am some kind of monster."

She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to the bank of the creek. "Look," she told me and what I saw was a stranger looking back at me, a stunning beautiful stranger. I was awed by what I saw before me. I moved my hands to my face to be sure and her movements mimicked mine. I looked at Ky.

"That can't be me. I have never been this pretty." The disbelief in my voice made Ky laugh.

"Of course you have, you have just been hiding it well. You have worked so hard to go unnoticed that you forgot what was hidden underneath."

I looked at myself a moment longer before I nodded and headed back to the others. "Alright I am ready."

I watched each demonstration carefully and felt my mid and body breaking down the movements. It was an amazing feeling and I knew I could do it. I felt confidence spread through me like a wildfire. I smiled and stood up The two fighters stopped immediately and looked to me. I moved forward and bowed to each of them.

"Do you mind if I try?" They both looked at me skeptically for a moment then over at Ky. She nodded with curiosity in her eyes. I smiled to her as one of the fighters left the field. "Don't go easy on me, I doubt any of my enemies will."

She got into position and so did I. I watched her carefully, each small movement of her body was a clue. As the signal to start came, she rushed me trying to surprise me. I blocked her and moved in for the attack. I used all of the moves I had seen until I finally had her pinned on the ground. She must have looked shocked as I felt, but it felt so good to not be helpless.

Ky came over to me with a similar shocked expression. "Alright, explain. The first day you couldn't even block me and now you fight like you have done this all your life."

I looked at her for a moment before I grabbed her arm and pulled her aside. "Remember when I passed out?" She nodded so I continued. "She gave me a few gifts that day. One of them was the ability to learn and master by watching. She figured it would speed my training along."

Ky looked at me surprised. "Why didn't you tell me?"

I looked at her for a moment. "I am already a freak by being here, I didn't want to add to the oddity that has become my life. I think you are all great, but I should get too attached if I am leaving."

Ky nodded. "I have to agree with you there, but you are doing wonderful so how about I show you group combat and then we start on weapons."

I smiled and hugged her, glad she understood.


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