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Black Sommers *CrimsonDawn* (Complete)

Novel By: Gadzookziie Spice 99

This is my entery for CrimsonDawns Challenge. I needed to write a tragic love story in 9 chapters!! Hope you have fun reading! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 7, 2009    Reads: 140    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

I sat in the toilet cubicle crying. My mascara running down my face, and my eyes puffy and red. Why did that just happen? My raven black hair fell over my face acting like a protective veil of shame. I never meant it to happen, but it did and now my popularity scale would decrease so rapidly.

My life was practically over.

I unravelled the tissue from the Kelly-Clark loo roll holder and wiped my eyes. I really needed to re-do my make up. His words echoed in my head, like knives jabbing at my heart a thousand times over and over again. It felt like I was about to die, feeling as terrible and as distraught as possible.

I shuddered as his voice spoke to me inside my head; 'Your such a slut, Katie Black.' I sobbed harder then stopped abruptly when the bathroom door opened and the familiar click-clack of high heels reached my cubicle.

'Katie? Are you okay?'

'Obviously.' I lied. I imagined her rolling her eyes at me the other side.

'Show me then.'


'Let me see your okay.'

'I can't.' And then I started sobbing again.

I remembered all the times Alice had been there for me. All the times that I'd gotten lost in first year, all the times she'd helped with my homework. Without Alice, but I'd never admit, I would be nothing, just another girl with a pretty face trying to be popular. Alice rapped on the door but didn't say anything.

I heard her unzip her Handy Bag, then her pale hand with manicured nails passed me a mirror, a wipe and a mascara. I smiled.

'So, what happened then?'

'He called me a s… slut.' I whispered.


'I should rot in hell because I was a little rich bitch who would never stop being a little spoilt cow.'

'There's more?'

'He hates me.' I whispered.

'Well, you don't have udders, right. And, Katie, you are rich, and you may be a little bit spoilt. You don't rot in hell, you burn.'

'I guess, but I… everyone hates me now.'

'So, get your face beautiful and brush your hair out.'

'Alright, but my life has officially ended forever.'

Alice sighed. 'Hurry up. I'm late for history and your late for your chemistry class.' I nodded and applied the make-up she's passed me. I unlocked the door, took a deep breath and stepped out. 'I'm alive. Its Showtime.' I muttered.

Alice hugged me, dragged me out of the bathroom and pushed me towards my next class.

She pointed at the door, I regained my composure, and walked away. Here I come chemistry. Oh My God!!! Mr Bailey has paired me with Kacey Sommers! I can not do this. We have to work together inside and outside of school. Apparently, but I refuse to do it. With him.

He's annoying, and self centred. And a retard. I hate him. I'm popular and gorgeous, and he's really hot to...NO! He isnt. He's just stupid!


'Pardon, Ms Black?' Mr Bailey asked bemused, 'Are you saying "no" to me?'


'So your not going to work with Mr Sommers?'


'Well then, I'll see you at four thirty tonight at detention.'


'Your saying "no" to me again? Ms Black do I have to send you to Mr Jones?'

'Errr,' I muttered. 'I don't want to work with him because he's a retard.'

'A retard?'


'Mr Sommers?' he looked at the mop-haired boy, 'Are you a retard?'

'Not intentionally.'

He turned back to me, his grey hair making me laugh. I covered it up with a cough. 'Something funny? Ms Black, you are not helping yourself at all. The detention if from four thirty to six thirty. Be here.'

'I cant come.' I lied. I had no idea what I was doing.


'I have to go to the orthodontist.'

'You have braces?'

'Errrm, my little brother does?'

'Ms Black. The detention is the detention. Your doing it. End of. Sit down and begin the work!'

I sat down next to Kacey Sommers, sighed and held back the tears.


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