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Cure: The Kiss Of Truth

Novel By: Gadzookziie Spice 99

Meet Ria. After her Mothers death and her Fathers long forgotten dissapearance, Ria is faced with the Truth. All her life she has grown up knowing abnormal things. And things aren't going to change anytime soon... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 25, 2010    Reads: 46    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter I
I slipped, almost silently, into the blissful quiet of the study. My hands pushed gently against the heavy door as my mind willed no sound to escape. The door slid into the frame with a sharp click; I hoped only I had heard.
Trying to relax my heartbeat and assure my mind that this was not breaking and entering, only entering, I moved forward, treading delicately as my head was suspicious of this building. The dark filled the room completely, even though the moon cast light through the French window.
I scanned the dimness with pale green eyes, oak desk in the corner with paperwork piled high, a bookcase, the contents arranged alphabetically. I moved forward, cautious, half of me believing the floor would collapse under me, toward the desk and the files. Hoping to whichever God or Goddess was listening that it was there, my fingers reached out towards the still paper.
I shifted around the desk and collapsed into the office chair tucked neatly beside it. I felt it sag with my weight. Swiftly, I began to run my fingers along the untidy stacks.
Apprehensively, my ringed fingers closed around the top file. Flipping open the lid, my heart leapt into my throat. Nothing. Disappointment flooded my mind like a waterfall filling a pool.
Temper rising I dropped the papers back into their habitat and carelessly dropped it to the floor. If it wasn't here I was wasting my time. If it was? Then I could take it back with me. Find out. Learn. Gain knowledge. What I needed.
I scattered more files angrily onto the floor. I shifted my weight on the chair, my limbs becoming numb and sore. Roughly I grabbed at another folder, the material feeling cold and rough in my palm.
Slipping up the cover, I peered with tired eyes into the abyss of paper. Closing my hand around the unbound sheets, I tugged, exposing them to the gloom. A cold chill swooped over me, like a hunting bird of prey. My heart skipped a precious beat as my eyes brushed the title.
I slipped the paper back into the file. Tucking the folder inside my bag, I stooped to the floor picking up the scattered documents. Piling them quickly on the desk, I swung my bag over my head to let it hand loosely at my side.
My booted feet carried me back to the door. I turned the handle quietly, as not to disturb the silence that suffocated the building. The click was hardly noticeable, so I slid between the heavy door and the frame.
The window was closed slightly, as I had left it. Gloved hands pushed the sliding window up, allowing cool night air to flood into the landing. I ducked, swinging the left half of my body outside. Tapping the roof for steady support, I shrugged out of my bag.
I forced myself out into the blackened night. Sliding the window shut I grabbed the bag, before free falling into the gardens of the Gayte House.
"Piece of cake." I muttered, before sprinting out towards the road, covered protectively by darkened shadows.


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