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When Autumn Falls

Novel By: Gadzookziie Spice 99

The Archangel is plotting against the Purest Soul and her Angels. Too close to the truth, Kyjakash falls... only to thrown into a forbidden love to a mere mortal girl... but they can never be...? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 14, 2010    Reads: 58    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

...God spared not the angels that sinned
but cast them down to hell
and delivered them into chains of darkness
to be preserved unto judgement...

The orchard was silent in the twilight, not even the footsteps of the man striding through the trees, dark eyes straying to the multi-colored sky, making a sound.
He pulled the tailored jacket closer around his broad frame.
His thoughts lingered on the freezing night air; he wasn't used to the cold. A bird's cry above him slashed his thoughts, he glared up, but it disappeared before he claimed its soul. His eyes tore from the bare spot in the sky, and narrowed in the direction of the form beside the river.
"You are late," the figure observed.
Lucifer leant lazily against the nearest tree, and his hand reached up to snatch a lemon from the masses of leaves.
His eyes rolled. "I am never late," he scolded quietly, but his voice echoed through the trees, "When time fails to exist, your accusations Ma'am are quite impossible." Lucifer watched in delight as the figure faltered.
"Yet there is time here." The voice richoetted around the orchard.
Again Lucifer sighed. "Perhaps, but I neither care nor have time for mortal reasoning. You have been watching them for far too long, Ma'am."
The figure shifted in the twilight. "You have no care for your humanity, but I still care for the remainder of mine."
"Humanity is weak." Lucifer observed dropping the lemon as it became rotten in his hand.
"They are strong," the voice corrected him.
Lucifer pushed away from the tree, sauntering forwards. The figure beside the water stiffened, and refused to turn to look at him. His hands, losing their warmth, reached out towards her, inches from her hair before his hand recoiled.
"They are weak. You and your annoying companions are pure." He paused, "And I am..."
He found himself smiling. "Perhaps."
It was Lucifer's turn to flinch now, and he took a step backwards. He said nothing, the anger flowing from every inch of his human body.
"Cat got your tongue, Lucifer?"
Lucifer bit his human lip. "You are so bitter, Lila. You were so pure and harmless, young and naive." He reached out, boldly touching the white braid running across her spine. "What happened to you?"
Lila stepped from his touch. "You haven't changed much, Lucifer."
He smirked, his dark eyes glimpsing red slightly. "Maybe not." He whispered, his gaze focusing on the moon staring sheepishly down at them. "But at least-"
"At least what, darling Lucifer?" Lila spat sarcastically, "You are bound? You will never be free?"
Lucifer's smirk vanished. "You forget, mon cherie, through no fault of my own was this consequence." He replied, his voice becoming as cold and as hard as ice.
"Young and naive, Lucifer. You said it yourself. A stupid little girl wanting to live, and not die in flame."
"I am alive. I did not die in the flames."
"You were born for the fire, Lucifer," She motioned to herself, "I faced sacrifice."
"Sacrifice." Lucifer smiled fondly at the mention of the word."Even in your blissful sacrifice you would have become mine." Lucifer pondered aloud.
Lila held her hand before her, the symbol scarred into her palm stared up at the moon, and the moon cautiously looked back. "Perhaps."
Lucifer blinked, his mind flicking back those years, remembering.
Watching. Lucifer's eyes changed, the dark being over ruled by the red that seeped into his pupils. He shook the memories from his mind. He couldn't think of them. He wouldn't.
"Why did you call me?" He asked, "I waited two hundred years..."
"And then you gave up hope of me." Lila finished, stooping to touch the water. "I have a proposition."
"You are jesting?" Lucifer frowned, rolling his shoulders in the cold.
Neither humanity nor one of his own had forged a deal with him in a long time. Perhaps they had finally learnt their pitiful lessons.
Lila lowered herself to the floor, crossing her legs into the water. Lucifer watched as the water flowed over her legs. "I don't jest, or have you forgotten?" Lila tilted her face to the moon."It is peaceful now, they have ceased their crying."
Lucifer hesitated before he answered. "You are causing something, little one, yet your cards are held closely to your chest."
"Still you mock me." Lila observed.
"I do not mock you," Lucifer replied, "I simply find joy in your disobedience. I presume he is oblivious to your deceitful antics?"
"This is a two way deal, Lucifer."
"You have avoided my question, ma cherie."
"As there are more important things to speak of. There is endless time here, but there are urgent matters above."
Lucifer frowned, rolling his shoulders. "This proposal? What is in it for me?"
Lila kept her eyes forward. "A broken Bound." She replied simply. She smiled, as she felt him jerk, surprised but almost completely willing.
"In return for?" Lucifer managed to keep his voice level.
"You need to help me make One Fall. And curse his soul." Lila answered levelly.
"Tell me what I need to do."


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