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Once A King

Novel By: Gary L owen

The King is dead. Long live the King.

He awakes to a world were he does not belong, a world of magic and monsters, fairys and dragons. He alone can hold back the darkness, he alone can master the magic of song... For he was born with the voice of God!

He is Elvis Presley... The King. View table of contents...


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Glory, glory hallelujah... Glory, glory hallelujah… Glory, glory Hallelujaahhhhhhh! The king marches on!

The smell of grass? Birds above? What is this? The traveller begins to awaken, straining against his bonds! What the hell, he thinks. Why can't i move? Traveller can not see but he knows he has been gagged and bound. Straining at his bonds he manages to reach a sitting position. Looking around his surroundings his eyes strain to focus. Vivid colours begin to make sense, shapes appear, large, long shapes. Trees? Then smaller details become apparent; leaves, rocks, twigs. A man with a sword. The stranger slowly begins to speak but his words fail to penetrate traveller's mind.

"My name is Kaleb, head mage of the Light Keepers. Servants to the queen of the fairy lands, protectors of the people whose name is unknown". Travellers eyes arch ever so slightly in recognition of this mans obvious madness. "I must apologize for your restraints but we could not risk you speaking in your unconscious state, being behind enemy lines. I hope you forgive us our caution. Now before I cut you lose there are things I must speak off. I know you must have many questions. Like how did I get here and such. They must wait for now!" Travellers mind begins to race. They did it those crazy bastards i told jimm to post extra guards on my house god dam cant belive i have been kidnapped. There is war in are lands. It started 25 years ago when a stranger like your self returned to the land from your realm. Even by are standards he was different. He learnt the lands power quickly and he uses it to corrupt and manipulate the minds of those he comes in contact with. You see, what you no as magic or the legend of magic in your realm, in our realm magic is real. We call it Will. This stranger had a will like no other and ideas to shape this new world as he tried to shape yours. At first it started small, a village here and there. Refusing to trade with forrest and cave dwellers. Cults sprang up in the south. no matter how many were vanquished more and more would spring up all preaching the same idea. That the world must change. We can no longer stand apart, be different, think differently. Then things changed. Pigeons from the south went silent and that silence stretched 5 years. Little did we no he was strengthen his position, learning the deep secrets of the Will and gathering his forces." The stranger stayed silent as this strange man continued his story. "Before I tell you more you must understand that our realm and yours are linked. Your realm overlaps our realm. We Fairy folk have the Will to enter your realm but only with the power of a collective Will and even then it is dangerous. It has been attempted only 5 times in are history and 3 of them were... unsuccessful. I tell you this so you may understand how difficult it was. You see this stranger was not called, he was not summoned. He returned on his own accord! And such power is beyond me... It is said he leant of the fairy realm in your world. He quested for power and knowledge in equal measure. And in his questing he discovered secrets. Secrets for his return to his natural homeland. The will is addictive in your world, for it is almost non existent. From the moment he tasted its power he would never stop until he forced his way into our realm. You knew this man as Adolf Hitler..." Traveller begins to laugh behind his gag. "Here his people call him Truth Speaker".

"There is more. Humans can never be born in our realm; the Will would crush them within seconds. But there are select cases were a fairy has been born in the human realm. Their will is so great that our goddess must cast there souls to the human realm. Your history is littered with such cases. Alexander the great, Achilles, Jesus of nazarus, Abraham Lincoln. Men of power, vision, violence. Their will was so great our world could not except them so cast them to a world were the Will is all but dead. Hitler is one such being and he has returned. His power grows. Soon our armies will fail to hold back his legions off Nazis. Soon he will have the power to challenge the goddess herself. You are the reason why we spent ten years trying to breach your realm. We new there was one such being of power left on earth, his Will was an earthquake in are minds if we but listened."

The strange man named Kaleb began to remove the bonds that held traveller. Kaleb, first mage of the order, a man off untold power and knowledge, stands back in anticipation and fear.

"You are the one we searched for. The Champion of Light, the Song Giver."

The strange man paused as Traveller removed the gag from his mouth.

"It must be you to lead us in this war. In your world you were King, it shall be the same in ours. Save us!"

Elvis Presley, the king off rock and roll, removed the last of the gag from his mouth.

"Go fuck yourself!" Was the kings first order.


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