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Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

Novel By: Grimga

This book is intended to show the world and how I see the fantasy rather than twilight or other garbage stories or books. If people like it I will write more :)

This book is about the prince of Darkness protecting the 13 Goddesses of the Zodiac.

If people like I will always write more :)


Grim, The prince of Darkness from the Abyss was sent from his world to protect the 13 goddesses of the Zodiac , he Is assisted by the Ice God Wintry, and the Half breed angel and demon Hellster to protect the world before it is over come by Lucifer and before he can steal the power of the goddesses away. View table of contents...


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I felt a beam of light touch my face. I opened my eyes slowly as I unraveled myself from under the blanket. I looked to my side and saw Brad sleeping on the other couch beside me. I moved my hair fixing it because I knew I had bed head hair. The house was peacefuly quiet. I looked at the clock next to the television it was "11:28 AM". The time in the human world was so much faster than my world guess I am going to have to adjust to this. I stood up and put my sneakers on, then grabbed Thanatos and put him on. Left the zipper half zipped like usual. I walked downstairs to the portal.

The house in the Abyss was rather quiet too. I walked up stairs to see if anyone was awake. I walked by Vivian's door but didn't bother to knock because I assumed Hellster was in there sleeping with her. I walked to the next door not knowing who was sleeping in there. I knocked quietly and heard someone moving on the bed and a bit of a "hm" I waited for 5 seconds and heard "come in" I slowly pushed the door open and Lena was laying down with her hair everywhere and half naked. She was laying on her stomach with a blanket mostly over. She kept her head down, Sorry just wondering who was awake, didn't know you were undressed." I said. Lena slowly moved her head up and yawned, covering her mouth. 'What time is it?" Lena asked in a tired voice. "11:30ish, I just woke up a few minutes ago." I said. Lena got up and wrapped the blanket around her chest. She then rubbed her eyes and yawned again. "I'm going to get up, are we leaving soon?" Lena asked. "I'm not too sure. Hellster will probably tell you when. I am going to let you get dressed, I'll be outside if you need me." I said. I walked out of Lena's room and closed the door quietly.I looked to the last door assuming it was Boo's but I didn't bother to knock she was probably sleeping too and Lena would have woken her up. I turned the other way and walked back down the stairs.

As I walked down I saw two people sitting in front I could only see the back of their heads but it was a male and female, judging by the color of the male's hair it was Wolfe and by the back of the female I could tell it was Amy, those two are always together. I wondered what they were doing here. I walked outside "Wolfe, Amy" I yelled. They both turned and looked at me with a smile. "Hey man what's up" Wolfe said as he got up. Then Amy got up me and Wolfe shook hands, and Amy gave me a tight hug like always. "How did you guys know I was here?" I asked. "Well Emily gave me a call last night and said you were here hanging with some girls? She sounded pretty pissed and jealous." Amy said. Wolfe bursted out laughing and I snickered a bit. Amy just smiled and shook her head. "Well Emily doesn't understand those girls are only Goddesses." Wolfe said. "Emily also has to realize she can't be jealous because what she did in the past. Everything isn't the same between us. I know she tries to seduce me and get what she wants but I can't give her what she wants so easily. She needs to just listen in relax" I said. Amy Shrugged. "Well Emily is Emily" Amy said.

Wolfe analyzed the house, "Who lives here? Looks like a mansion, looks nice." He said. "Well this is the house of the witch Sadonia. She used to know my mom and knows my whole family oddly." I said. Wolfe and Amy's eyes enlarged. "Sadonia..." They both said at the same time puzzled. "Sadonia is one of the most powerful witches around, I would never mess with her" Wolfe said. "She is a very kind woman though and very laid back" I said. "Grim are you telling me you never knew about Sadonia before? The way you talk about her is so careless. She is a legend. You should read up about her." Wolfe said. "Why read when I basically hang out with the woman" I said smirking. "So how many Goddesses have you gotten in the time so far?" Amy asked. "Well three so far and tommorow, human time we are going to fly to France. There is a Goddess there." I said. Amy's face lite up "France is amazing I have been there so many times." Amy said. "How did you get to the human world..." I asked as me and Wolfe looked at Amy. "Let's just say I snuck by securtiy a few times", Amy said with a mischevious smile. Me and Wolfe had nothing to say we just looked blankly with a smile. "Who is that?" Amy said looking over my shoulder. I looked behind me and I saw Lena come out yawning with her hand over her mouth. "Oh that's one of the Goddesses..." I said. "She looks like a normal human" Amy said looking at Lena confused.

Lena looked at all of us confused. "Lena these are my friends, Amy and Wolfe." Lena waved with a smile. Wolfe and Amy said "Hello" at the same time. Lena looked around. "Lena why don't you go wake Brittany up and Hellster we have to get ready soon." I said. Lena Smiled and said "sure" and walked back into the house. "Wow those girls must have really lost their memories, I feel bad for them." Amy said. Wolfe pulled out his phone and looked at the time. "Amy the Kitsune festival is going to start soon we should start going" Wolfe said. Amy put on a big smile "Oh my we do have to do" Amy said. Amy ran over and gave me a tight hug and started to walk away. Wolfe then gave me a bro hug "Be safe man, Promise me you will come back in one piece" Wolfe said. "Of course I will come back in one piece, I promise." I said. Wolfe let go and ran to Amy. I looked at their direction with their backs facing me. I really did start to miss my friends and now seeing them makes me happy but at the same time sad I can't be around them or even enjoy the festivals because I have a job to attend to. I stared at the sky for a bit. "Those are your friends?" Wintry said as he slowly walked up behind me. I turned around "Yes, Very good friends of mines" I replied. "I was watching them the whole time from the library I thought they were your friends that why I didn't do anything, but regardless I don't think they would have done anything." Wintry said. Wintry and I looked around in dead silence. "This place is very quiet and peaceful, I enjoy it very much." Wintry said. I smirked, "You don't even know the half of this place, It is some what like the human world. There is alot of partying and raving, but I haven't had any issues like I have in the human world." I said. Boo and Lena walked outside. "Morning guys" Boo said. We look at Boo "Good morning" Me and Wintry said at the same time. Boo looked around. "Wow this place looks so nice in the day time, wish I lived here." Boo said. "Is Hellster or Vivian awake?" Wintry asked. I shook my head. "I am going to wake him up then we have things to do and we are on a limit right now," Wintry said as he walked back into Sadonia's Abyss house. I Sat down on the ground and stared up at the sky above. Lena and Boo sat beside me. "So... Grim who is that Cat girl from yesterday." Lena asked. I sighed heavily. "I guess you can say she wasmy first love but I don't really get into discussion about her. It's a long story." I said. "Well since we aren't leaving for a while why don't you tell me I would like to know." Lena said. I then sighed again but with a smile. "Are you jealous of her Lena?" I asked with a smile. Lena turned her head with a blush. "No no no, I'm just curious" She replied nervously. I laughed a bit. "Alright I'll tell you."

"When me and Emily were younger we were the best of friends, but we got attached to each other and ended up dating. We fell in deep love, spent alot of time together we dated for a long time until she moved to a further area of Abyss. We broke up and within time she found someone new. I was upset, angry, and jealous. I learned to get over it but I never tried to get back with her. The guy she dated he was jerk and she tries to come back to me till this day and I refuse. Deep down I really do care but I am not sure if I am ready to let her back in, or anyone for that matter." I said. "Wow, I know how you feel hard to know who will break you and who will stay there. I guess maybe she has some doubt in her heart. That's why she gets jealous when she saw me and Boo. I wanted to punch her face in." Lena said. I started to laugh a bit. "I'm sorry Lena but the way you are now, you wouldn't be able to take her on, you don't even have powers yet and we need to give you some training. Emily is a very fast fighter, I sometimes have trouble keeping up with her." I said. "So you and her fight each other?" Lena asked in confusion.I laughed again. "No no no,we spar. See my world is different we see everyone as equal, those that are really on top prove themselves rather than mouth off. Humans I generally see like to pick on those weaker than them but we don't do that here." I said. "Oh I get it now" Lena said. "So your friends, what type of abyssian are they?" Lena asked. "Well Amy is a Succubus and Wolfe is a werewolf." I said. "This world is really something else. I guess it is all the fantasy and myths people have made really exist." Lena said. I smiled "If you see it that way Lena" I said. Boo looked confused.as we were talking.

Hellster walked outside fixing his hair. "What's up guys?" He said. Everyone was quiet. "Well we need to get you girls packing soon, come on." He said as he waved his hand indicating for them to get up. Lena and Boo got up. "You coming kid?" Hellster asked. I got up as well. We walked towards the door and Vivian was there. "I'm coming too!" Vivian said in a obnoxious voice. She clung onto Hellster's arm and we continued to walk. Wintry was at the portal. "You coming too?" Hellster asked Wintry. "Hm, why not" Wintry said. We all walked through the portal together. As we got back into the house Sadonia was sitting at the table in her robe again drinking her tea. "You guys going to take the girls to get their stuff now?" Sadonia said. "Of course" Hellster replied. Sadonia smiled. "Be safe boys and girls" Sadonia said cheerfully. We all said "bye" and waved as we walked out the door.

"So what station do you girls live near?" Hellster asked. "Well close to Newton Highlands on the D-line. Can we stop and grab something to eat im hungry as hell" Boo said. "Fine,fine. We will stop by downtown first." Hellster said. We all continued to walk to Broadway station the six of us. I could feel the spring breeze and the sun beaming on my face. It was a nice refeshing feeling all I could do was smile because the feeling was that nice. "Why you smiling Grim" Lena said as she giggled. "Oh nothing, this breeze is just oh so nice" I said Lena giggled again. "That's cute" Lena said. I blushed a bit and continued to walk. We got into the station and payed our fee and not even ten seconds later the train pulled up. The girls sat down and us guys stood up and grabbed on to the poles. The doors closed and the train started to move. We all stayed on the train in awkward silence while Vivian played around with Hellster and pulled him closer. I stared through the windows into the dark tunnel listening to the rustles of the train as it moved faster and faster along the rails. We stopped at south station and the doors opened again people rushed out and in. The doors closed again and the train continued to move again. We then finally arrived at downtown. All the girls stood up then we got off the train. We walked up a set of stairs and ended up downtown. There was many people like before walking around. Cops sitting on their motorcycles having a conversation.

"Let's go to Mcdonalds!" Boo said happily. We all followed behind Boo and Lena because they knew the way. All three of the girls were walking so happily and conversing. "Boy girls do love too eat" Hellster said streching his arms behind his head. "I guess it is because they still are close to human when they have gained the rank of their Goddess forms they will not hunger anymore." Wintry replied to Hellster. We arrived in front of the McDonalds. The girls seemed happier once we arrived there. "I'm so hungry I could eat the whole menu" Boo said. "Oh my God me too" Vivian said. Lena laughed a bit. We were the next in line waiting for the customer in front of us. The three girls stared at the menu, I could see them about to drool. The cashier gave the woman in front of us a receipt and she stepped to the side. "Next" the Casier said. The girls walked up the the cashier still confused about what they wanted. The girls stared blankly for 10 Seconds. Lena started to place her order and the other two placed their order. Vivian gave the Cashier her debit card. "I'll pay you back" Lena said. "No no no. It's fine" Vivian said with a smile.Vivian was handed a receipt and stepped to the side waiting for her order. The girls quickly glanced back at us. Hellster put his hands behind his head carelessly and sat at a empty table. I followed behind him while Wintry stood like a statue and waited for the girls. "God we were suppose to get the stuff a while ago did these girls forget about the demons running around looking for them." Hellster said as if he was annoyed. I laughed a bit, I looked over Hellster's shoulder. and saw Wintry and the girls heading towards us with a bag of food. The girls sat down happily reaching in the bag grabbing the food. Lena was munching on some fries and she looked at me with her mouth full "Want some" She asked. I went to reach for one and she stole it from my hand and fed it to me. She gave a strong smile and watched me chew the fry down. Hellster nor Wintry seemed interested in any food, they seemed more so annoyed as if they wanted to rush and get the girls clothing. "Guys relax you seem a bit tense" I said. "We are fine, we just want to get their stuff we don't have much time" Wintry said. Boo turned her head and smiled at Wintry "Nothing to worry about as long as you guys can protect us right" Boo said. Wintry soon became quiet and looked at Boo "I suppose" He said.

The girls continued to converse and eat cheerfully for about 15 minutes. The girls looked satisfied as they crushe all their garbage and threw it into one bag. Vivian wiped her mouth slowly. "Okay let's go" Hellster said impatiently. We all got up and Boo threw the bag of trash into the bin. Then we all walked out the door. I quickly stretched and yawned. The other were a bit ahead of me so I quickly walked towards them. "No more pit stops." Hellster said glancing at the girls. "Yeah, yeah, Whatever" Vivian said in a spoiled voice. Hellster's face looked a little angry but he shrugged it off and we continued to walk. We got towards the center of Downtown where the corner mall is. Wintry suddenly paused and turned around. Me and Hellster stopped also and looked in the direction Wintry was looking. "What's wrong Wintry" Hellster asked in concern. The three girls looked back at us. "Are you guys alright." Lena said. "Do you guys sense that" Wintry said. "No not all" Hellster and I said. Then we saw a mysterious figure a man wearing red crimson armor with a dark blur scarf around his neck and a piece of armor covering his mouth and a black cape flowing behind him. He was holding a long sword with one hand. His hair was Crimson almost like his armor and his eyes black as night. There was a girl walking beside him with straight bangs and the rest of her hair touching almost her waist. Her eyes were a deep purple. She was wearing a mix between a Japanese school girl outfit and a lolita dress with a red ribbon in front. She also had on laced thigh highs and long black boots up to her knees. "Looks like another battle guys. Time for some real action" Hellster said. Wintry looked at the girls. "Come close I need to protect you in case anything" Wintry said as the girls approached him. We kept our pace as they walked closer. There was still two cops conversing and they noticed the two figures also. "Excuse me sir, you are carrying a illegal weapon put it down sir." The first cop said. The mysterious man glared at him. Both cops pulled out their guns. In a blink of a eye the mysterious man slashed both of the police men cutting their guns in half and cutting through their chests. "Hm Humans, so fragile" He muttered. The cops were highly injured on the ground heavily bleeding unable to move. The two continued to approached us. I could see the girls shaking in fear. Everyone in downtown started to run for their lives.

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Hyouga, but you can call my Cloud Red. This girl with me is named Mari." The girl gave a sweet but decieving smile. "I am the right hand man to Satan, Lucifer, The Devil. Whatever you all call him. I am here just to collect the Goddesses. Hand them over and there will be no problems." Hyouga said. Hellster laughed loudly and flashed into his armor. "How about you shut the hell up because the only thing you will be collecting is your teeth when i'm done with you." Hellster said. Hellster started to move forward a bit but I also thought this man's name is "Hyouga" which in Japanese is, Glacier. So he must be Ice or water of some sort. Hyouga got into a stance. "Fine so be it we can do this the hard way." Hyouga said. Hellster dashed faster. Hyouga stabbed his sword to the ground and a small mount of ice came out. Hellster backed off as if he was scared. "Whao whao whao" Hellster said moving backwards. I looked at Hellster. "Is there a issue?" I said. "Well see, I kinda..." Hellster said stuttering. "Hellster is weak against ice" Wintry said. Mari laughed "You talked all that shit and now you backed off. Maybe I should throw some ice cubes at you" She said with a wink. Hellster became a little enraged. Mari opened her hand towards Hellster and started to charge energy in her hands. It became a ball of darkness almost like mines. She blasted it towards Hellster and the Goddesses. The Blast stopped in front of Hellster it was like a gravity force it was sucking the girls and Hellster in like a black hole. Hellster couldn't seem to pull away from the force. The girls were screaming and Wintry wasn't sucked in he could only keep his stance. Mari looked at me "Why isn't he moving" She said as she pouted. I took both hands and charged a blast of Darkness. Mari's eyes opened in shock. I threw my blast at her's and her Blast was Negated. "Guess we use the same powers" I said to Mari with a smirk.

Mari started to become enraged "I'm going to wipe that smirk off of your face when I get my hands on you." Mari said. Hyouga took a step forward. "Interesting." He said. Hellster got up "Thanks kid I owe you one." Hellster said. "Mari handle the guy with the white hair I'll handle the emo looking boy. If I fight the one with the white hair it wouldn't be any fair. If you faced the emo looking kid it would be a never ending stalemate between you two." Hyouga said. Wintry made a ice Barrier around himself and the girls. Hyouga ran towards me I made the double pentacle and pulled out my sword. Hellster then started to dash towards Mari. Hyouga and me started to swing continously at each other's blades. He was faster than I, I admit but I was barely keeping up. We then clashed blades. We stared each other in the eyes. "So what is your name" Hyouga said aggresively "My name is Grim." I said. "Ah so you must be the son of Azrael and Victoria." Hyouga said. I then became in shock and used my force to push him back. He then held the hilt of his sword tightly. The blade started to glow he swiped it towards me and shards of ice shot out. I deflected them with my sword. "Nice try" I said. He then dashed forward towards me faster than he was before. He jumped above and went to strike his blade down I then put my blade up. He landed on his feet "I hope you know I am only toying with you right now" He said in a very conceited voice. I looked to my side and it also looked like Mari was toying with Hellster.

"Damn" I thought to myself. If he is ice I have to do the same between him in Hellster I have to become the opposite element but how? I then remembered Vivian I can kiss her and get the power of fire. I then started to run back to where the girls were and Wintry. Hyouga started to run behind me. I ran faster to get back to them. As I reached them Hyouga must have gained a little speed because he was ahead of me. Wintry looked as if he was meditating to keep the barrier up. "Wintry let me, I need to use Vivian's powers to crush these foes." I said Telepathically. "I can't it's too dangerous for the girls, get him out of the way first." Wintry replied. "Going somewhere?" Hyouga questioned me. I then smirked and thought of an Idea. "Thanatos move this imbecile with your fist please" I said Hyouga looked confused. Thanatos then became a fist over my shoulder and punched Hyouga directly on the left side of his face. Hyouga flew few feet over but landed on his feet. Wintry quickly opened the barrier and sealed it. Hyouga ran towards the barrier. He slashed the barrier over and over again but the barrier was harder than stone. He eventually gave up and went to help Mari. I looked towards Vivian. "Vivian I need your power again please." I said. "Hell no" Vivian said. "You think my kisses are just thrown out." Vivian said in a rude voice. "Vivian seriously I need the power to defeat them." I said in a voice almost like begging. Vivian shook her head. "Do you want to be free and become a Goddess again or become the devil's slave Vivian? If you want to truly become a Goddess let Grim kiss you." Wintry said telepathically. "Come on Vivian" Lena and Boo said. "Fine!" Vivian said in a annoyed tone. She then pulled herself to me and pierced her lips to mines. I could feel my body warming up again. Vivian then pushed me off and wiped her lips with her sleeve. Lena looked a bit jealous. "Thanks" I said to Vivian and I walked out of the barrier again. I put my sword away. I could see Hellster getting team attacked by both of them.

I charged my blast to the highest I could.and shot it forward. It became a wall of fireballs and shot towards them. Hyouga quickly looked back and grabbed Mari by her waist and put her under his arm while putting his cape over her deflecting my blast. Hellster jumped back to me "Thanks kid I owe you two beers" Hellster said. "I don't like beer" I said. Hellster said. "Interesting Grim, you have the powers of my lord, the Mimic ability." Hyouga said. The demons stayed hovering above us. "Really minions this is all they had? Piece of Cake." Hellster said. Hyouga and Mari stood in the background. Mari was holding on to Hyouga. She gave this cute but evil smirk."Time for them to destroyed." She said cheerfully.He then raised his sword in the air. Legion move out and destroy these insects." Hyouga said. Then out from the sides of the buildings around us. Demon's that looked like grapes started to move out but these ones were blue and laughing almost like a hyena. They started to swarm more and more.The demon's continued to laugh. Then they spoke in some language I have never heard and the laughing stopped.

They then looked like they were trying to inhale. At that moment they then shot out shards of ice. Hellster didn't look too happy about this. Hellster started to dash and dodge. I however abused the time of fire I still had. I threw balls of fire slowly taking down demons but at the rate I was taking them out it just was not fast enough. Hellster not being able to do anything made it even worse. "Hellster,Grim. Stop I read a book about fusion techniques you are the same Zodiac sign this works best. You two must hold onto each other and focus." Wintry said telepathically. "Hell no I'm not holding his hand, I don't float that boat" Hellster replied. "Wait Hellster if what Wintry says is true become a raven again and stand on my head." I said. Hellster then turned into a raven and quickly flew to me. Hyouga and Mari looked very confused about what was going on as they observed. One of his wings was then shot with ice as he flew to me and he couldnt fly. I ran to his raven self dodging and rolling from the shards. I Then slid on the ground and picked him up. "Him wintry what now?" I said. "Focus. Become one soul. This form will cancel each others weaknesses out and becoming more powerful than usual. The fusion is only for a short time though about fifteen minutes." Wintry telepathically again. Me and Hellster closed our eyes and focused, focused on becoming one.

I felt a energy sucking me in, I wasn't who I was again and there was a bright light surrounding us, blinding almost like the sun I could feel myself. Changing.


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