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Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

Novel By: Grimga

This book is intended to show the world and how I see the fantasy rather than twilight or other garbage stories or books. If people like it I will write more :)

This book is about the prince of Darkness protecting the 13 Goddesses of the Zodiac.

If people like I will always write more :)


Grim, The prince of Darkness from the Abyss was sent from his world to protect the 13 goddesses of the Zodiac , he Is assisted by the Ice God Wintry, and the Half breed angel and demon Hellster to protect the world before it is over come by Lucifer and before he can steal the power of the goddesses away. View table of contents...


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The shooting of the demons hovering above had stopped. As the light around Grim and Hellster wore off, there was only one being out of the light now. This being looked like Grim but had red eyes and white hair like Hellster. "Oh my God, what just happened." Boo said. Wintry got out of his meditating stage and took off the barrier around them. "It's a fusion this is Grim and Hellster together. Let's just hope they can do this." Wintry said. The being looked behind at them with a devious grin. The girls all dropped their jaws, they were attracted to the charm of the new being. "He is so hot." Boo said as her eyes lit up. "State yourself. Who are you. What is your purpose here." Wintry said. "I am Grimga, Divinity of all three worlds. My purpose to destroy all evil and those that stand in my way. I am here to Guard over the Goddesses of Thirteen, their divine beauty that cannot be unmatched by any other. I am a slave to the Goddesses I serve none other but them." Grimga said, "I see." Wintry said crossing his arms. "Well Grimga I know that you only serve the Goddesses of 13, but hear me out. The demons above you and around you are here to take them and make them slaves of Satan for eternal power and that man over there in the Crimson armor with the Girl." Wintry said. Grimga looked around with that devious smirk of his. Staring at each demon. Then he looked back at Wintry. "Consider it done my friend. I will do anything to keep the thirteen I love safe." Grimga said. Grimga took a few steps and stopped looking at the demons above. "Come on you pieces of shit. Show me what you got." Grimga said smiling evily The demons inhaled like before and shot down a storm of ice onto Grimga. "Man their entity is just like Hellster it's a rather bit annoying" Wintry said. "But he is hot, I won't lie" Boo said.

The demons shot down over and over again for about two minutes and then they paused. There was a icy breeze in the air. Once the air had cleared Grimga was standing perfectly wiping ice shards off his shoulders. He smirked again and started to clap. Hyouga was in shock. "Not bad, Not bad at all. Now it's my turn" He said. He used Thanatos and turned him into a small floating throne that only floated a few inches off the ground . He sat with her right elbow on the arm of the throne and his hand on the side of his face. He swiped his hand and one hundred ravens started to circle around him. "I like to call this. The Throne of Ravens." He said in excitement while smiling. The Ravens created a formation around him. They then started to shoot beams towards the demons and changing their postion every three seconds. Grimga sat on his throne and just watched as the demons were slowly oblitirated by his swarm of Ravens. Hyouga cloaked Mari with his cape and held on tight to her. "We have to get out of here this is too dangerous and I can't afford to lose you." Hyouga said. Mari pouted. "Fine" Then the two Vanished into thin air.

Wintry was astonished. "This is amazing, so much power they have together, it even gives me some fear." Wintry said. "Why? He is helping out." Lena asked. "It is because even though he is wiping them out light nothing this form of theirs is almost psychotic. This is probably the least of his ablilities. He is so destructive yet so heroic." Wintry said.

Grimga started to laugh, louder and louder with excitement. "Those cowards left, look at them they fleed. Destroy them, destroy them all teach them true pain and suffering" Grimga said. Grimga continued to laugh psychotically. The demons around were getting wiped out like nothing. Like a human stomping on an army of little ants. "Is that all you fools have to offer this isn't even fun at all, I'm basically wiping my ass with you imbeciles." Grimga said as he guffawed. Most of the group was wiped out now. There was only 5 demons left they started to shake in fear. "Oh look a few of you imbeciles left." Grimga said. He lowered the the throne and got up. Thanatos went back into a hoodie form. The Ravens all swarmed back to Grimga but they looked as if they went through his body as he put his hand out. Grimga then put his hand up and absorbed the souls of the demons floating around. Wintry opened his eyes in shock. "When he absorbs the souls I feel his power raising uncontrollably. This is very.very interesting." Wintry said fiddling his fingers on his chin. The other demons started to flee. Grimga jumped up and Thanatos made the form of wings. Grimga quickly shot up and threw a bunch of compressed blasts. They followed the remaining 5 demons. The demons were oblitirated by the blasts that had touched them.

Grimga slowly hovered down to the ground. As he touched the ground he looked back at Wintry. "Easy as can be, I can sense you are strong maybe even stronger than me. Why didn't you finish off these bafoons" Grimga asked Wintry. "Common sense. I am Ice so me throwing ice or fighting with ice would do nothing to them it would be like trying to throw fire at fire. Nothing would happen nothing would get negated. Surely I could Throw the ice at them but then I would only look stupid." Wintry said. Grimga walked towards Wintry and the girls. Grimga looked at the girls sniffing each one of them. Lena, then Boo, and Lastly Vivian. Grimga enjoyed the scent of Vivian He sniffed her hair over and over. "This is creepy." Vivian said looking at Grimga. Grimga softly gripped onto Vivians face. Vivian was shaking in some fear. Grimga looked Vivian in the eyes and licked his lips seductively. He moved towards her neck licking it up once. Vivian was in so much shock. Grimga smiled at Vivian. "I love your scent and the way you taste." Grimga said. Grimga moved slowly to Vivian's face for a kiss. As he moved forward he noticed a gleaming light around him. He let go of Vivian and looked at the light. "What the hell is going on here?!" He said in shock. "Your time is up Grimga, I am sorry." Wintry said. "What do you mean my time is up. I am infinite, I am powerful." Grimga said. "You are just a entity of two, you don't really exist, you are just the thoughts of two people made up into one" Wintry said. Grimga smirked. "Is that so then? I guess i'll play arround with you guys another time. Grimga winked at Vivian.Vivian started to blush. The light around Grimga became brighter and blinding. The light split into two, the light then begun to fade off.

I could see the world again I was no longer in that darkness. I felt as if I was in a dream. I was panting Heavily and so was Hellster. The energy in me was alot higher than usualI felt ten times more powerful than usual. Me and Hellster looked up and could see the sky was clear of those demons. "What the hell happened" Hellster asked. Wintry started to laugh a bit. "Well we will just say you guys became a entity, that acts like Hellster, Looks almost like Hellster, rude like Hellster, and likes to sniff girl's hair like a weirdo. I wonder if he gets that from Hellster too" Wintry said laughing out loud. "Hey I don't do that, that's weird." Hellster said. "He sniffed my hair and licked my neck what a weirdo, I think he got that from Grim." Vivian said. Grim glared at Vivian. How about I burn your hair off with your own fire." Grim said. "I was just kidding relax" Vivian said. Vivian touched her neck "Oh my God everytime I see that guy I will be scarred for life." Vivian said. We all laughed at her. I however turned my attention to the humans that were knocked out and bleeding. "What do we do about the humans there?" I asked. Everyone looked at them. "Call the ambulance and we have to quickly get out here, and my best guess is to take the airplane today. We don't have time to spare at all." Wintry said. "B-but that means I leave my home and everything" Boo said. "If you want to be stronger and fight til the end and become a Goddess none of these earthly things should matter. To reach higher goals. You must first learn to shed your humanity. If you cannot you will never learn to grow." Wintry said. All the Goddesses looked in shame. Lena took out her phone and called "911" She spoke to a operator. After a min of talking she took the phone from her ear and placed it near the bodies. "After a while they can trace the phone. I don't need it, I need to shed my humanity right" Lena said with a sweet smile. "Let's go now." Lena said looking sadly at the bodies. We all started to run into the red line station downtown.

All of us payed our fares and walked into the station some humans were looking at us oddly. Might have been the ones that were there when the battle started but we ignored them. We walked to parkstreet because it was easy to in downtown station. "We can take the green line and transfer to the blue line which will get us to airport station" Boo said. "Airport station, how original" Hellster said with sarcasm. The girls giggled. One of the green line trains arrived at the station and we all got onto the train. It was pretty packed guessing because it was the weekend for humans. There was no seats so the girls stood around us. The train started to move and it took one minute. We all got off, Lena and Boo guided the way as we followed along. I was really starting to get bored, it felt like we were repeating the same process over and over again. We arrived at where the blue line train was, the area was alot more emptier than that other lines we rode on. We all stood around for a bit the girls playing with their phones besides Lena. I felt kind of bad for her. I pulled out my phone and opened a puzzle game for her, I was really into puzzle games, I never understood why. I walked over to Lena and handed her my phone. "Here play this" I said. As I handed it to her see seemed to thrilled to be using my phone. She smiled at me and grasped onto the phone. I explained to her how to play the game because she couldn't read Abyssian. I watched her as she got lost into the game, so focused. I stepped back from her and let her continue playing the game. I looked at Wintry, he seemed to be pondering deeply. "What are you thinking about?" I asked Wintry. "I am just still questioning that entity that you guys formed into. That entity could even absorb souls, that is a high level technique, and he used your cape Thanatos and turned him into a throne chair. I just don't get it, how could something that just came out know so much? He used some technique called Throne of Ravens. I have never seen that before." Wintry said. I looked at him in shock. "Throne of Ravens in Abyss is a forbidden spell. It is way too destructive, the higher the level the more Ravens you can summon. My mother showed me it once but me and her kept it a secret, but on the other hand she only summoned one Raven to show me what the power is and why I should never use it. How many did I summon?" I asked. "Around one hundred" Wintry said. I was surprised deep down inside. "Wow that means it was only a low level version. Usually the higher skilled people can summon one thousand but it drains the hell out of you." I said. Wintry looked at me. "I get it now, Grimga is a Fragment of you and Hellster's past memories and what you were taught. The throne of Ravens skill mixed with the soul absorb made it easier for him to destroy without losing much energy. I guess most of his skills comes from you and his attitude comes from Hellster but at the same time he was quite feminine I just wonder where that part came from." Wintry said. I laughed "Maybe from Hellster" I said as I started to burst out laughing. "How about you shut the hell up" Hellster said. Wintry chuckled.

The train started to pull into the station. As it slowly pulled in there was a sign of the destination and it said "Wonderland" Hellster didn't seem too please I could feel him about to make a sarcastic remark. "Are you fucking kidding me? The fuck is this? Wonderland? This place is no where near wonderland. Maybe if you do drugs then get on the train maybe it will seem to be wonderland. People, fucking people man." Hellster said. The three girls bursted out laughing. The train had fully pulled in and opened the doors by now, we all quickly rushed on. Wintry looked at the map on the train that showed all the stops. "Four stops. This will be quick." Wintry said. The train was empty also, we were the only six on that train car to be exact. We all sat down, the girls still were playing on their phones.

We went by stop by stop, train still very empty, soon enough we arrived at the Airport station. "Come on girls" Wintry said as the train doors opened. The girls looked up and realized we were at the station and they quickly got up out of their seats. In this station it had alt of glass around it and there was a large stair case in front of us. The girls walked towards the escalator and we followed behind them. Hellster started to yawn. "Man this shit is boring me, Can't wait to get out of here. Boston is too much of a dead city to me." Hellster said.

We continued to walk for a few minutes and arrived at the airport. "Here we are finally" Hellster said. We all walked into the airport looking at the signs on where to buy a ticket. Lena and Boo walked ahead I guess they knew the way. We stood at the ticket stands there was quite a bit of a line we all stood and waited. "God damn humans slowing us down"Hellster said. "Patience" Wintry said to Hellster, The girls giggled.

The line moved faster than we thought it would. We approached the counter. "Hello how may I help you today?" The ticket agent asked. "6 for France, most soonest time please." Lena replied. The cost was close to $8,000. The Ticket agent asked for our passports we handed the agent our passports. She quickly analyzed our passports and handed them back to us. We then handed her the money and she printed our tickets. "All set" the agent said. We all looked at our tickets to see what lane and flight to get on we all walked to the lane the next flight was about thirty mins. I walked along with my head down thinking. "Oh metal detectors" Hellster said. I then put my head up and looked at the line in front of us. The girls were first they emptied their wallets and such into a bin and walked through the detector like instructed. They walked through fine. The same with Wintry. Now it was Hellsters turn. As he walked through, the detectors went off. They used a smaller detector and scanned his body. It beeped near his waist. "Sir please take off all metal belongings." The security God said anxiously. "Relax Relax I know you want to this serpent, it's just my belt." Hellster said sarcastically. The girls blew up with laughter. Hellster took off his belt and walked through again. He was all set. I took off my belt before hand and put it into the bin and walked through. I was all set also. We all walked to the lane we needed to go to.

We arrived at the lane and boarded the plane. There was rows of three seats I decided to take the Window seat Lena and Boo sat next to me and on the other side Vivian at the Window seat with Hellster to the Left of her and Wintry on the far left. There was a few annoucements the basic things but nothing important. Wintry closed his eyes and relaxed. I am going to nap I haven't slept since I got here on earth, wake me up when we arrive." Wintry said. I stared out the window with my hand under my chin. The girls were playing on the phones still. Soon enough after that the plane took off.


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